Wit'ch Gate

Wit'ch Gate Best Read || [James Clemens] - Wit'ch Gate, Wit ch Gate In a spectacular feat of daring and magic Elena and her army of outlaws and rebels have defeated evil s minions and released the mystic secrets of the Blood Diary But the malevolent Dark Lord has unl
  • Title: Wit'ch Gate
  • Author: James Clemens
  • ISBN: 9780345442642
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback

Wit'ch Gate Best Read || [James Clemens], Wit'ch Gate, James Clemens, Wit ch Gate In a spectacular feat of daring and magic Elena and her army of outlaws and rebels have defeated evil s minions and released the mystic secrets of the Blood Diary But the malevolent Dark Lord has unleashed the Weirgates black wells of ferocious energy that are his greatest source of power Now Elena s bravest allies are sent to find and destroy the Gates as windships caIn a spectacula Wit'ch Gate Best Read || [James Clemens] - Wit'ch Gate, Wit ch Gate In a spectacular feat of daring and magic Elena and her army of outlaws and rebels have defeated evil s minions and released the mystic secrets of the Blood Diary But the malevolent Dark Lord has unl
  • Wit'ch Gate Best Read || [James Clemens]
    472 James Clemens
Wit'ch Gate

About Author

  1. James Clemens Aka James Rollins was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1961 With his three brothers and three sisters, he was raised in the Midwest and rural Canada He attended the University of Missouri and graduated with a doctorate in veterinary medicine in 1985 The lure of ocean, sun, and new horizons eventually drew him to the West Coast, where he established his veterinary practice in Sacramento, California, eventually settling for good in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.He is the author of The Banned and the Banished series The Wit ch War Saga and The Godslayer Chronicles.

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  1. I know this book is next to the end and it s mostly a build up to the finale but the action and adventure is non stop I thoroughly enjoyed this one even though with each page I read, it gets closer and closer to the end.

  2. Wit ch Gate The Banned and the Banished 4 , James ClemensIn a spectacular feat of daring and magic, Elena and her army of outlaws and rebels have defeated evil s minions and released the mystic secrets of the Blood Diary But the malevolent Dark Lord has unleashed the Weirgates black wells of ferocious energy that are his greatest source of power Now Elena s bravest allies are sent to find and destroy the Gates, as windships carry the fight north to the frigid woodlands, south to the burning dese [...]

  3. Reading the Wit ch series, previously my only real frustration had been the proliferation of apostrophes and perhaps ould take note here that searching for Witch Gate doesn t give you any hits, only Wit ch Gate does Having just finished Wit ch Gate in the space of two evenings, I must say that I ve put the stuttering effect of apostrophes aside, and will joyfully dive into this series again.The cast of characters seemed swollen to capacity with the last book in the series, and you re in for a ro [...]

  4. Que vous dire Un gros pav mais je savais que j allais passer un super moment On ne s ennuie absolument pas Ce tome est plein de surprise et de rebondissement Plus qu un tome pour mettre fin cette s rie Toute les bonnes choses ont une fin

  5. This is definitely my favorite of the books So far I have one left Which is ominous considering how this one ends A complaint about the writing which goes for all the books in this series but, somehow, stands out in this one so much exposition I mean, jesus It s unreal how many info dumps there are in this series It s one of my favorite series, but this shit makes me angry A few exposition scenes are expected in any novel, especially ones in series that deal with multiple groups of characters i [...]

  6. First and foremost, this book is miles better than the prior ones in the series The writing quality has hugely improved and someone clearly got on his case about of the suddenly s that were the bane of my existence while reading I noticed within the first few chapters and held on to the vague tattered notions of hope that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn t descend back into mediocrity I wasn t disappointed, thankfully I m both impressed and pleased for Clemens that Wit ch Gate really pulled through. [...]

  7. I first read this series many years ago when I first got into digital reading and was the proud possessor of a Palm VIIx with, if I recall correctly a 256mb Compact Flash card in it that I stored apps and books on Damn those were the days In any case to show you just how compelling these books were, I read all five of the quite lengthy tomes on the minuscule screen of that Palm Pilot device They were in the Palm.PDB format and were acquired from the then fledgling, now departed it has since been [...]

  8. Belle suite.Tr s belle suite, mais il faut dire qu ce stade de l aventure, on a fini par tre habitu au style narratif Les surprises sont moins au rendez vous Il y a toutefois des r v lations int ressantes et l histoire reste aussi addictive qu auparavent.Bref r sum Une s rie de hasards am ne les h ros se s parer pour se diriger vers diff rents points strat giques pour des raisons diverses et vari es.Il se fait au passage que ces destinations doivent leur permettre d acc der aux points faible pot [...]

  9. Another griping entry in the Banned and the Banished series In this entry, Clemens splits the party even than in previous books, telling the story of three separate groups of the heroes as they race to destroy the Weirgates and prevent the dark lord s plans for them At this point in the series, the heroes are powerful enough that their challenges are often on an environmental scale or dealing with internal conflicts of how to deal with nearly impossible choices The themes of the series continu [...]

  10. In de eerste 3 delen van Verboden en Verbannen is het al duidelijk dat we te maken hebben met een goede schrijver en dat het potentieel voor een goed verhaal er is Het komt echter te weinig uit de verf en Clemens gaat zich af en toe flink te buiten aan het tot in bijna misselijkmakend detail beschrijven van het kwaad dat deze wereld in verschillende vormen teistert In Het Boek der Poorten heeft Clemens me eindelijk te pakken Het gebrek aan richting van de eerste boeken wordt hier opgelost door e [...]

  11. Alweer het vierde deel van VV uit En om maar gelijk met de deur in huis te vallen hij was weer geniaal Ik kan me op dit moment eigenlijk ook geen negatief puntje herinneren, dus dat zegt ook wel wat De verhaallijnen waren nu in drie n gedeeld, waardoor het, behalve soms heel spannend, ook overzichtelijker werd Elke groep met zijn eigen missie, en de verdelingen waren weer heerlijk gedaan De schrijver wisselt steeds op het juiste hoogte punt naar de andere lijn, waardoor het altijd spannend blijf [...]

  12. This review may contain spoilers.As much as I really do like this series, this book wasn t quite as good as the others I noticed that there wasn t much of the book given to the minor characters who formed romantic relationships And I didn t find Tyrus feelings for Mycelle all that believable I don t think I did on the first reading through, either, but I can t remember for sure.I do like the way Elena s and Er ril s relationship has formed through the books Tol chuk remains my favourite characte [...]

  13. Ich liebe die B cher von James Clemens ja eigentlich immer, dennoch musste ich diesem Band leider einen Stern abziehen, da es stellenweise etwas langatmig war Das Buch hat drei Handlungsst rnge und diese wechseln sich immer ab Der Handlungsstrang meiner Lieblingsfigur h tte, wenn es nur diesen gegeben h tte volle 5 Sterne bekommen, da dieser vor Spannung und Magie nur so gestrotzt hat Die anderen beiden Str nge waren auch gut aber nun mal nicht so gut wie der andere Deshalb muss ich leider einen [...]

  14. Un Tome 4 qui en pr c de un 5e, mais qui pour moi, conclue parfaitement cette super s rie de Fantasy Des rebondissements, de l action, de la surprise, des personnages qui voluent norm ment Je regrette juste quelques longueurs dans le texte, la longueur de ce livre apr s d j 3 tomes, quelques personnages un peu transparents au final, ainsi qu une r partition un peu in gale des r v lations mon sens Mais dans tous les cas, je recommande cette s rie les yeux ferm s le T2 tant mon pr f r Un vrai conc [...]

  15. This, the fourth book in the Banned and Banished, is full of suspense and action Tons of magic and mayhem It s a page turner top the fullest extent and there s no much chance of putting it down or turning away because it certainly keeps your attention But it ends with that same feeling of unfinished business SO much left to be done, so much to finish, and you can t wait to continue on To read about the characters you love, mourn those that are lost, and FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

  16. This was another good book in this series I will say I didn t think it was quite as good as the second and third books It didn t feel as suspenseful you really knew where everything was going to end up The one thing that I really did not like was the scene towards the end that was completely ripped out of LOTR It was obvious and unnecessary and quite jarring It just didn t fit in the plot Still, I enjoyed the book and am looking forward to the fifth and final book of the series.

  17. So, I haven t read these in years, but I remember loving them at the time I still have yet to read the final book, but feel like I would need to start the entire series over since it s been so long, which I m not opposed to doing, since I enjoyed it so much the first time This was my first experience with this type of supernatural Sci fi reading, and I really enjoyed it I like anything Witch related.

  18. The story of Elena, wit ch, and her companions continues in this 4th book of the Banned and Banished series The small group of travelers including Elena are successful in destroying part of the evil that threatens to overtake their world, but suffer the loss of several companions and many supporters The book ends with a note of hope, encouraging the reader to read the last book of the series Good read, great character growth.

  19. Brilliant I seem to use that word a lot with this series, but they really are well written and have been moving the story along at such a pace that I m hanging on to every word and have to resist jumping ahead to see what s coming up Taking a break to build the anticipation, but I only have one book left

  20. I was honestly expected a lot characters to die in this book, given it s the penultimate title in the series The outcome of all of the prophecies introduced throughout the beginning novels have reached their conclusions, and not one of them was in the way the characters and sometimes I thought they would Definitely a good thing I m excited to start listening to book 5.

  21. Wit ch Gate was amazing Filled with twists and turns, Clemens weaves yet again another novel worthy of praise I believe that the cliffhangers that the author places in his book are fewer which is good but I really don t like the way that he switches characters from book to book I hate adjusting to another story plot when the prior story plot had just reached its climax.

  22. The beginning of the book didn t hold my attention very well, I found myself reading other books and returning to this one finally I made myself read this book about 1 4 of the way through the book my interest was peeked and I found that I couldn t stop reading it I am glad I stuck it out and have already started reading the final book and am already intrigued

  23. Ik vond deze n van de minst interssante boeken van deze reeks Het begon allemaal veelbelovend met verschillende verhaallijnen naar alle uithoeken van Alesea om een weerpoort te vernietigen.Hier en daar wel wat nieuwigheidjes en originele zaken, maar dat gaat snel vervelen.Ik was blij dat dit boek afgelopen was en hoop het beste met het laatste deel.

  24. The companions have all split up to try and find and destroy the Weirgates that seem to be the source of the Dark Lords power Of course not much goes right for our friends, several die, crappy stuff happens tbh I think I was getting a little tired of the series by this point because I couldn t really keep focused on it

  25. While I enjoyed the book it took a lot longer for it to get interesting It was a slow start and I for the first 15% of the book I didn t want to keep reading So happy I made myself cause the rest of the book was great I m so sad the next is the last one.

  26. Ook van dit deel heb ik weer genoten Net als de andere delen val je van het ene spannende moment in het andere Het laatste deel laat waarschijnlijk ook niet heel lang op zich wachten ik ben namelijk heel benieuwd hoe het afloopt.

  27. Wonderful series I lived and breathed these books for years I loved the plot, the story, the details.It are the books that got me into reading again.These are definitely books with a lot of memories for me.

  28. This may be my favorite book in the series Thigh a few of the plot developments seem abrupt, some of the writing issues diminished, and the action seemed right for ally hat has happened so far I can t wait to finish the series.

  29. Het vierde en voorlaatste boek uit de Verboden en Verbannen serie van Clemens En weer een mooi verhaal Maar toch vond ik dit een beetje minder Misschien wordt het toch een beetje teveel van het goede

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