The Bitter Kingdom

✓ The Bitter Kingdom ✓ Rae Carson - The Bitter Kingdom, The Bitter Kingdom The champion must not waver The champion must not fear The gate of darkness closes Elisa is a fugitive Her enemies have stolen the man she loves and they await her at the gate of darkness Her country
  • Title: The Bitter Kingdom
  • Author: Rae Carson
  • ISBN: 9780062026545
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover

✓ The Bitter Kingdom ✓ Rae Carson, The Bitter Kingdom, Rae Carson, The Bitter Kingdom The champion must not waver The champion must not fear The gate of darkness closes Elisa is a fugitive Her enemies have stolen the man she loves and they await her at the gate of darkness Her country is on the brink of civil war with her own soldiers ordered to kill her on sight Her Royal Majesty Queen Lucero Elisa n Riqueza de Vega bearer of the Godstone will leadThe champ ✓ The Bitter Kingdom ✓ Rae Carson - The Bitter Kingdom, The Bitter Kingdom The champion must not waver The champion must not fear The gate of darkness closes Elisa is a fugitive Her enemies have stolen the man she loves and they await her at the gate of darkness Her country


  • ✓ The Bitter Kingdom ✓ Rae Carson
    223 Rae Carson
The Bitter Kingdom

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  1. I write books about teens who must do brave things I m originally from California, but I now live in Arizona with my husband, who is the smartest and therefore sexiest man I know My books tend to contain lots of adventure, a little magic and romance, and smart girls who make mostly smart choices I especially love to write about questions I don t know the answers to.

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  1. Goddamn Rae Carson, you are a genius A genius among geniuses If you only promise to write books that are this good in the future, I will raise a pedestal in your honor No joke The Bitter Kingdom is damn near perfect Hell, it probably is perfect but since I m too blinded by the perfection that is Hector, I m unable to call anything else perfect in comparison to him swoons Top 5 Reasons To Read The Bitter Kingdom In case you needed any convincingwhich you HOPEFULLY don t because if you do, you are [...]

  2. This book, while technically perfect and a highly enjoyable read fell a bit short of my expectations I ve enjoyed the other books in the series, but I don t knowI can t exactly pinpoint it, but this book just didn t leave me completely satisfied it just feels like I didn t enjoy it as much as I should have I said it was technically perfect, and I meant it The writing is great, the plot is quick paced, and action filled character development was well done It does have its faults, but they are min [...]

  3. HECTOR Hector has quickly become one of my favorite YA book boys I m not even sure what s so swoony about him, besides the fact that he s marvelous If you ve read the books, you know You just know Once he shaved that moustache, it was one big swoonfest every time he stepped into the scene.I also really loved the new setting in this book Girl of Fire and Thorns had a desert feel to it, and Crown of Embers had of a tropical thing going on But Bitter Kingdom is definitely set in a cold, snowy worl [...]

  4. You look beautiful, Alodia says I startle at the compliment Then I smile I m beautiful to the one person who matters She nods Hector s mouth is going to drop open when he sees you I hope so But I meant me I m beautiful to me This trilogy definitely holds a special place in my heart.The characters are so wonderful,especially Elisa who develops so much as a character and Hector who shows us what an unconditional love is.I ve never been prouder of a book character before as much as I m proud of Eli [...]

  5. This book This series Wow There are few books that have left me waiting anxiously for what seems like a long time to not end in disappointment I couldn t imagine, when I started this book, how it would all turn out I speculated and dreamed up my own ending while waiting to get my hands on this and for once, the book was so much better than anything I could dream up on my own.Very rarely do books like these end in a way that I thought was just darn perfect Usually there is something in the ending [...]

  6. Usual heroine You steal the man I love Well, I m going to cry in the corner for half a book, feel sorry for myself and then just do my best and try to get to you while being stupid once in a while to make the book exciting Elisa You steal the man I love Ha I will first get a backup plan for my kingdom and then follow you saving lives, yours included, being totally badass, relying on the intelligence of my beloved, and acting like a true warrior Seriously though When everything is taken from Elis [...]

  7. 4.5 Stars A fantastic ending to an amazing trilogy Elisa s character development was phenomenal She started out as this character with so much self doubt and fear and ended with so much confidence and bravery Elisa is one of my favorite female heroines of all time I had to take away 1 2 a star because I probably should have read this sooner It took me a little longer to reconnect with the story and the characters, but once I did I was just so engrossed.Also, I was just freaking swooning over Eli [...]

  8. I am queen of Joya d Arena and bearer of a living Godstone I kneel to no one Final books are always the hardest for me to write about It is the end, and I know that there wouldn t be any sequels and things will stay the way they ended At some point I am relieved how everything ended but some resolutions left me disappointed.The plot The crown of embers ended with Elisa and Co on the run They must save Hector, find out the truth about Godstones, and then Elisa must again prove to be the ruler of [...]

  9. 9 2 2017On reread, I m bumping this up to 5 stars The relationship is perfection Elisa has come so far from the shrinking violet we met in the first book, and it s awesome to see an overweight character a get a happy and loving relationship with a guy who thinks she s perfect as she is, b lose weight through running all over the continent as part of her story, but still talk about how her thighs rub together when she walks and how her arms are chubby and how her legs are now muscly but not skinn [...]

  10. I need this book like Bella needs Edward in a totally inappropriate, co dependent and life consuming way.2013 I want of my Hector now.After reading4.5 stars Incredible.

  11. A trilogy that started with superb worldbuilding and atypical characters in The Girl of Fire and Thorns and continued with court intrigue and an epic love story in The Crown and Embers deserved no less than a stellar conclusion It was with no small amount of trepidation that I picked up Bitter Kingdom into my shaking hands, afraid but eager to learn Elisa and Hector s fate In Crown of Embers, we left Elisa and Hector in a dreadful situation, apart and with far too many obstacles between them, wi [...]

  12. I m a good leader, but you re a great ruler I am strong enough man enough to be subject to you.I know that it took me long to finally finish this amazing trilogy but I don t regret it one bit It s always such bitter sweet sorrow for me when reading the final in a Fantastic read All the characters we great I will especially miss Storm, Elisa and Hector These three specifically made this read a roll coaster of gratifying pleasure I love Carson s style of writing and the lead heroine Elisa was amaz [...]

  13. Just finished 2 and ohGLOOOOB ___ HECTOOOOOR, OUR LOVE When everything was getting SO GOOD Oh, Rae Carson, you know how to push all of our buttons Thank you much Who s the damsel in destress now D

  14. Definitivamente uma das melhores s ries que eu j li at hoje A parte fant stica n o a melhor de todas, mas a protagonista maravilhosa Ela se desenvolve de uma forma cr vel e no final voc fica desejando ter a metade do autoconhecimento, perseveran a e intelig ncia que ela tem.O romance uma parte pequena da s rie, mas o mais equilibrado e bonito que eu j li em um livro de YA Os dois se respeitam como pessoas e amantes N o nada daquele esquema preciso te proteger , morrerei sem voc , blah blah blah [...]

  15. You look beautiful, Alodia says I startle at the compliment Then I smile I m beautiful to the one person who matters She nods Hector s mouth is going to drop open when he sees you I hope so But I meant me I m beautiful to me When I started Fire and Thorns I definitely did not expect it to become one of my favourite high fantasy series of all time, and yet here I am absolutely loving it The first book was enjoyable enough, it was the second two instalments that made me fall in love with all the c [...]

  16. After a bit of dragginess in the middle, this book redeemed itself with a worthy confrontation with the villain, and a perfect character arc and body acceptance arc for Elisa This is definitely one of my favorite trilogies.

  17. Before Reading This book can not come out any sooner can it I NEED IT LIKE A DROWINGNG MAN NEEDS AIR You all know where I got that from I ve got to wait till August After Reading I think sometimes when we find love we pretend it away or ignore it or tell ourselves we re imagining it Because it is the most painful kind of hope there is This is a very quick and horrible a review because I have procrastinated and I never want to right a review after I ve read another book said book being Anyway, he [...]

  18. 3.5 stars Spoilers Mostly enjoyed it, the action, characters and romance kept me hooked However, I was disappointed that the majority of The Bitter Kingdom was basically a long journey I hate it when a story mainly consists of a journey, I don t find it imaginative or particularly entertaining One of the best aspects of the series was the character growth of the heroine, Elisa She started off fat and useless and transformed into a confident leader It was refreshing to read a YA heroine who was a [...]

  19. This book was so good I think this was my favorite out of the whole series maybe I loved Elisa throughout the whole book and how she just grew into her own character I loved all of the friends she made along the journey too Honestly, they were hilarious and I couldn t stop laughing so much that I was starting to cry I seriously loved Storm throughout this book too and I was just wanting him and Elisa to get together throughout the entire book screw Hector Ugh Speaking of Hector, he was just so [...]

  20. 4 STARSI think sometimes when we find love we pretend it away, or ignore it, or tell ourselves we re imagining it Because it s the most painful kind of hope there is It can be ripped away so easily By indifference By death.Well that was certainly exhausting.Two things that this book is not but should be a videogame in the Final Fantasy tradition and the finale of a six or seven book series Unlike in Crown of Embers where I found the climax a bit of a head scratcher and the build up to it too int [...]

  21. 5 Stars Magically enchanting, and wonderfully addicting, THE BITTER KINGDOM delivers an explosive conclusion that will leave you breathless and yearning for From it s rich lure of fantasy blend, and it s thickened plot, to it s breathtakingly hypnotic romance, and non stop action and adventure, and magical background that solidifies this series to it s fullest THE BITTER KINGDOM was one hell of a finale that I am utterly satisfied with, but drastically needing I am speechless after reading THE [...]

  22. What a great seriesI honestly didn t think I would this in the beginning but I was pleasantly surprised with how this series turned out Even though it is tagged as YA this book is great for all age groups

  23. It was not perfection, but it was perfect Elisa may not have been talking about this book, but it is fitting nonetheless.

  24. There s so much I want to say about this series because for two weeks it s all I lived and breathed, and honestly, my review is not going to do it any justice It s been a while since I ve been so thoroughly enthralled with a series, and I m so happy I gave the Fire Thorns books a try because this series is going down as one of my top 5 favorite trilogies Everything about these books was pure perfection from start to finish In fact, I thought these books only got better and better as the story pr [...]

  25. SERIES RATING AND SPOILER FREE REVIEW Book 1 The Girl of Fire and Thorns 4 STARSBook 2 The Crown of Embers 5 STARSBook 3 The Bitter Kingdom 5 STARS How to sum up this trilogy The Girl of Fire and Thorn has rich world building, adventurous atmosphere and remarkable character development Author also has great storytelling skills It is so nice to have in detail planned out plot without any plot holes or disruptions of the flow of the story To be honest, writing and story wise I have nothing to rebu [...]

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