Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories

[PDF] Download ✓ Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories : by Alice Munro - Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories, Hateship Friendship Courtship Loveship Marriage Stories In the her tenth collection the title story of which is the basis for the new film Hateship Loveship Alice Munro achieves new heights creating narratives that loop and swerve like memory and conju
  • Title: Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories
  • Author: Alice Munro
  • ISBN: 9780375727436
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ✓ Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories : by Alice Munro, Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories, Alice Munro, Hateship Friendship Courtship Loveship Marriage Stories In the her tenth collection the title story of which is the basis for the new film Hateship Loveship Alice Munro achieves new heights creating narratives that loop and swerve like memory and conjuring up characters as thorny and contradictory as people we know ourselves A tough minded housekeeper jettisons the habits of a lifetime be [PDF] Download ✓ Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories : by Alice Munro - Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories, Hateship Friendship Courtship Loveship Marriage Stories In the her tenth collection the title story of which is the basis for the new film Hateship Loveship Alice Munro achieves new heights creating narratives that loop and swerve like memory and conju

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories : by Alice Munro
    117 Alice Munro
Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories

About Author

  1. Alice Ann Munro, n e Laidlaw, is a Canadian short story writer who is widely considered one of the world s premier fiction writers Munro is a three time winner of Canada s Governor General s Award for fiction Her stories focus on human relationships looked at through the lens of daily life She has thus been referred to as the Canadian Chekhov She is the winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature Arabic Persian Russian Cyrillic Ukrainian Cyrillic Bulgarian Cyrillic Slovak Alice Munroov Serbian Alis Manro

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  1. My reaction to almost every movie I watch is to announce loudly to the room after finishing it, WELL, I LL NEVER GET THOSE TWO HOURS OF MY LIFE BACK I get peevish and resentful after sitting through bad movies, and I usually need to read a new book or watch Colin Firth as Mr Darcy emerging from the lake in his wet, white shirt before I can shake other bad movie images from my mind.So, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Hateship, Loveship with Kristen Wiig, and I not only liked it, I kinda [...]

  2. I sometimes get into conversations with people who have a hard time connecting with the short story format they say that they hardly have time to muster an emotional involvement in the characters and events, before the story is over To those readers I might recommend Alice Munro True, I have only experienced one of her collections, but the stories in Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage are nothing if not emotionally affecting or crushingly tragic, I suppose, if you want to get sp [...]

  3. LA NORMALIT PIENA DI MISTEROL ordinario straordinario.Arrivato alla terza raccolta di Alice Munro, potrei aver gi detto tutto.Ma credo che non sia cos , con una scrittrice di questa bravura si trova sempre qualcosa da aggiungere Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage che la traduzione italiana sintetizza in Nemico, amico, amante e a me sembra che a entrambe le versioni manchi la parola Betrayal contiene i pi bei racconti di Munro che ho letto finora Piccoli grandi capolavori Mobili [...]

  4. This collection of stories by Alice Munro is typical of much of her work The stories are populated by people leading what looks on the surface like humdrum lives But just underneath the surface, strange feelings boil, ready to erupt when events occur which make this possible Munro has a lot of knowledge about the various types of relationships between men and women, how they can be built, twisted, broken and remade These are not happy stories in fact, some of them are disturbing But the narratio [...]

  5. Reading Munro is daunting at first you can t read her stories like other people s I thought I could get through at my usual 75% concentration, skimming past the details of the cousin s wedding and blah blah other accessory nonsense But with Munro, nothing can be taken as accessory You ll read for three pages, realise you haven t been paying attention and that Munro won t throw you a pronoun other than she , and you re like, Who is she Ahhh, I ll keep reading for a few pages and pick it up , and [...]

  6. Una caleidoscopia dell intimo, principalmente femminile Nove racconti soffusi splendidi Eccellente tratto d autore tanto garbato e naturale da risultare perentorio Pi che su un banale risentimento di ruolo , qui tutto ruota intorno al mistero della percezione del s , centrale al punto da togliere importanza, con progressione inavvertibile, alle vicende, volutamente ordinarie, di cui si narra con ariosa tranquillit descrittiva Ci che all inizio della lettura appare come una sorta di minimalismo e [...]

  7. Four or five stars for the skill and power of the writing, three stars for my overall enjoyment of the collection Alice packs plots other authors would spend novels unraveling in short stories built with astonishing linguistic economy I ve seen it noted elsewhere, but Munro demands her readers attention and you can easily become lost in her time hopping, name dropping narratives if you aren t keeping up with her Some of these stories span whole lives, others whole relationships Her stories feel [...]

  8. Ci che le tocc attraversare fu un susseguirsi di ondate di intensa memoria Nove racconti con nove voci di donne cos diverse per et , ceto, carattere Eppure sembra di respirare la stessa aria come di chi tiene in mano una piccola fotografia che non ha cornice ma libera di trascinare nei ricordi del passato C , difatti, un continuo movimento di tempi e spazi, tra queste pagine Tornare indietro con la memoria significa rintracciare un momento in cui si sono prese decisioni o gli eventi hanno deciso [...]

  9. If this book had been a novel, I would have put it down after the first 50 pages However, because it is a collection of short stories, I convinced myself that maybe the next story would be interesting if I didn t keep reading, I might not be giving Munro a fair chance.Alas, I reached the end of the book and felt nothing but relief relief that it was over Munro is a lovely writer, with a good command of language, but her choice of subject matter, story development, and characters was uninspiring [...]

  10. V i 9 truy n ng n, Munro v n l m t i s ng s v kinh ng c tr c kh n ng g i t n nh ng c m x c m con ng i kh th n o n i ra b ng l i M t th nh t u y s l cu n s ch u ti n t i ang c d dang m ph i cho 5 sao li n ngay l p t c, kh ng ch n ch do d C ng c nh ng truy n ng n c a Munro, t i l i c ng tin ch c r ng b kh ng ch s ng v i t c ch l m t nh v n B s ng nh m t ng i mang g ng, tr ng ra tr c b t k ai th nh t m mu n n v i b v ng m b n th n m nh trong , r i run r y tan ch y tr c kh ng gian v t n c a t m h n [...]

  11. Alice Munro n 1931 Adoro contos dio, Amizade, Namoro, Amor, Casamento 2001 um livro com nove contos escritos pela canadiana Alice Munro n 1931 , Pr mio Nobel da Literatura em 2013, uma especialista na narrativa curta, apenas com um nico romance publicado em 1971 Vidas de Raparigas e Mulheres.Os nove contos que comp em dio, Amizade, Namoro, Amor, Casamento s o narrados na primeira e na terceira pessoa, todos protagonizados por mulheres relatam hist rias do quotidiano, do t dio e das rotinas di ri [...]

  12. Donne in un mondo difficileEccellente questa raccolta di Alice Munro, di cui non avevo mai letto nulla in precedenza A prescindere dal Nobel che ha ovviamente richiamato la mia attenzione sull autrice, dopo questa ed altre raccolte lette recentemente Saunders, Wallace, McLiam Wilson , non posso pi affermare che il formato racconto non mi appaghi.Quello che mi resta tuttora difficile sviscerare l origine di tale appagamento le storie della Munro, ad esempio, penetrano nella mente in modo sottile, [...]

  13. Kelime tasarrufuna dayanan k sa yk ye al m biri olarak her biri bir novella ya da bir k sa roman boyutundaki bu upuzun yk leri biraz yad rgad m do rusu, ama yine de keyif ald m Bu derece s k r lm y lerde, k sa yk de i ini b y k bir keyifle doldurdu um oyuklar, gedikler yoktu Bunun yan nda hakk n vermek laz m, karakter ve durum analizleri olduk a ba ar l.

  14. Una delle pi grandi voci della letteratura ci fa entrare in un mondo in cui le emozioni sono di volta in volta pi tangibili come se con questa raccolta di racconti la Munro ci prendesse per mano mostrandoci la paura, il dolore, l a, i ricordi Con lei attraversiamo l animo umano mettendoci in contatto con i suoi lati pi intimisti Le donne, protagoniste di questa raccolta e di tutti i racconti della Munro, sono donne che, nonostante siano state messe a dura prova dalla vita, non si sono mai piegat [...]

  15. Fra pochi anni , chiunque vorr parlare di un bellissimo racconto , o di una sottile accortezza narrativa , o di una visione del mondo tanto ricca quanto inafferrabile, dir Mi ricorda un libro di Alice Munro.Lo legger subito Piero Citati Ma mai possibile che ultimamente debba imbattermi in un giudizio di quest uomo su qualsiasi libro io legga Sar che abbiamo gli stessi gusti In questo periodo mi sono fissata con i racconti Non che di solito sia diverso, ma in questo periodo ne divoro una raccolta [...]

  16. My ambivalence about Alice Munro is reflected well in the fact that I ve been reading this book which contains no than nine stories, averaging 30 40 pages each off and on for something like six years, and only just this late afternoon finished it On the one hand, her stories seem like such weak tea to me so little happens, the characters are never than gently amusing, it s all so dull, mundane, Ontarian When I take one up in a reading mood that s hungry for escape and speedy excitement, or per [...]

  17. Sei mesi per leggerlo Perch si creato uno strano meccanismo Ecco come andata letto il primo racconto, sono passata al secondo Poi ho ricominciato Ho proseguito Arrivata al quarto racconto sentivo nostalgia del primo e ricominciavo Arrivata all ultimo racconto non volevo abbandonare il libro, quindi l ho riletto tre volte E anche allora non sono riuscita ad abbandonarlo e ho iniziato a leggere i racconti a caso Per tante notti Sembrerebbe un po contorta la cosa, ma il punto che la Munro ha una sc [...]

  18. ng l ch c Alice Munro m i c th vi t n n c nh ng truy n ng n nh th n y, nh ng c u chuy n th m th a n i bu n c k b ng m t gi ng v n th u su t v tinh t c a m t nh quan s t cu c s ng b c th y V ng l c ng ch c Alice Munro ch nh n gi i Nobel V n ch ng 2013 m i c th vi t n n c nh ng truy n ng n ph ng ph t s ng ng ng c a nh ng i u kh ng l ng tr c ng m c l a v nh ng o n m u c a 9 truy n ng n trong Gh t, Th n, Th ng, Y u, C i , b i Ms Munro lu n c c ch c a ri ng m nh d n d t ng i c n v i nh ng cu c i kh c [...]

  19. Nove racconti, nove donne diverse che si affacciano alla nostra mente, snocciolate lentamente come gli anelli di una catena Donne rudi come Johanna, a volte un po svampite come Lorna, che lottano con forza nella vita e che afferrano piccoli momenti di felicit come Jinny e Meriel, testarde come Nina.Calate in atmosfere un po stantie o in mezzo alla natura rendono la quotidianit straordinaria Hanno qualcosa di incompiuto che le lascia sospese, un disegno a matita discontinuo ma ben abbozzato I mie [...]

  20. T ng truy n ng n trong t p s ch u khi n g s u th m b n trong t i ch n ng, Alice Munro qu th c l m t nh v n r t i phi th ng B n m b t nh ng kho nh kh c h t s c tinh t , c i gi y ph t khi n cu c i ta thay i m i m i, c i t ch t c khi n ta nh n ra ngh a th t s c a cu c i, c i suy ngh tho ng qua v l i d u v t ch ng th n o t y xo , c i quy t nh khi n ta lu n lu n nh v d kh ng c m nh s l m kh c i.B khi n t i l t l i t ng trang c a cu c i nh l i t ng kho nh kh c y, c gi y ph t n o t i l t v o c i b y s [...]

  21. Masterpiece.A pagina cinque ti pare l ennesimo libro sopravvalutato A met del primo racconto rimani a bocca aperta.Usando personaggi comuni e un linguaggio apparentemente banale la Munro costruisce storie profonde e raffinate una vera artista del cesello verbale.La sua maestria sta nel creare intrecci e delineare figure in parallelo usando uno stile piano e sottotono, togliendoci con garbo ogni possibilit di intuire, immaginare, cosa riserveranno finale e personaggi.Anzi talmente brava da farcen [...]

  22. These stories The intimacy and the overwhelming, heartbreaking tenderness to these stories seem exactly catered to me as a reader There is so much love and beauty and generosity in these stories that this collection absolutely blew me away Unlike other reviewers, the first and titular story was not my favorite I quite enjoyed it it s masterfully accomplished and the shifts from perspective to perspective were stunning But during other stories I found myself holding my breath, marveling at her tr [...]

  23. Forsooken but not forsakenIn a time of either careless abandon or generous inclusion of any literary technique ever thought of, Alice Munro still manages to surprise the reader, not only with her deceptive narrative perspective or her sly manipulation of the timeline, but also with the unexpected development of well known themes, the powerful recreation of places and people and the plethora of significations I read so many volumes of short stories, including one of hers, but I can hardly recall [...]

  24. When I read Alice Munro I m always left with that special private surprise of finding thoughts and epiphanies I ve never been able to put into words And because of these moments, I feel like she s writing just for me Munro has the power to make me forget I m reading a collection of short stories Each one is organic and vast in a way that I can never predict There s always a delicate fear that time will quickly alter the path of each character, but when it does there is satisfaction, no matter th [...]

  25. Non ci si aspetti di trovare qui echi di quelle scritture di donne lievi e tremanti come ali di farfalla impigliata negli ascosi recessi dell anima e non ci si aspetti di trovare qui tracce di Figlie Devote, Belles Dames sans Merci, Vittime Designate, Angeli Scesi a Miracol Mostrare, Dame Ricci e Capricci, Zitelle Acide, Innamorate Perse, Dark Ladies, Madri Esemplari, Fanciulle Fragili, Ragazze Terribili o Gigli Infranti.Me se le donne vi interessano, se non siete di quelli che non devono chiede [...]

  26. Gostei do 1 muito mesmo, foi uma hist ria muito bem pensada Mas o problema com contos que quando entramos no enredo, j acabou, o que contribui para uma classifica o baixa Houve contos que n o me disseram grande coisa e houve outros que, n o sendo t o bons quanto o 1 , tamb m tinham a sua gra a.A escrita da autora boa, fluida e vai direita ao cerne na quest o, embora gostasse de ver um livro inteiro e n o pequenas hist rias Ou ent o foi mau timing para ler este g nero.

  27. Today it was announced that Alice Munro has been awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature I have had this book of hers on my shelf for a while I guess it is time to read it Yes, it is true, I have been saying that even before today But now I have the book off the shelf Hateship Friendship Courtship Loveship MarriageThe first story gives the book its title and is a hoot Every plain woman should have a fairy godmother, even if it is two adolescent girls And, yes, some nursing and management exp [...]

  28. Loved loved Family Furnishings It made me think all night about what s lost when desire, passion, and truth are repressed, which is always something I personally need a kick in the pants about Though, don t most people Even better getting that kick from a good book.For me, the collection as a whole is good, very good, but maybe not so far as great It seemed like it might be something I d call great in the beginning, when Munro s precision in describing the peculiarities of lust and loneliness wa [...]

  29. My favourite Munro I love it and am a bit ambivalent at the same time The stories are so close to real life, so undisguised, and about such difficult subjects, that reading them is a bit like going to the therapist It s a really intense experience She reaches somewhere in my psyche and exposes truths and issues I am unwilling to explore on my own She shows scenarios that may happen, and if they happened, they would be painful To use an analogy reading Munro for me is a bit like passing by an acc [...]

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