Roll The Bones

Free Download Roll The Bones - by Stefan Bourque - Roll The Bones, Roll The Bones Short Story Approx Words Literary FictionJohn Updike wrote that it was his duty to give the mundane its beautiful due Like Updike Stefan Bourque also finds beauty compassion and hope in the mo
  • Title: Roll The Bones
  • Author: Stefan Bourque
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Roll The Bones - by Stefan Bourque, Roll The Bones, Stefan Bourque, Roll The Bones Short Story Approx Words Literary FictionJohn Updike wrote that it was his duty to give the mundane its beautiful due Like Updike Stefan Bourque also finds beauty compassion and hope in the most ordinary of places In Roll the Bones Bourque paints an intimate portrait of one married couple s everyday life complete with their struggle to keep their headsShort Story Approx Free Download Roll The Bones - by Stefan Bourque - Roll The Bones, Roll The Bones Short Story Approx Words Literary FictionJohn Updike wrote that it was his duty to give the mundane its beautiful due Like Updike Stefan Bourque also finds beauty compassion and hope in the mo

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  • Free Download Roll The Bones - by Stefan Bourque
    238 Stefan Bourque
Roll The Bones

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  1. Those fortunate or unfortunate depending on your philosophy or mood people to be born under the sign of Gemini are known for their passionate relationships Passionate is often a euphemism for, as Norman Mailer once put it, that old standby of the headshrinkers, the love hate relationship I ve long since tempered this type of relationship romantically, though it was no small challenge The passionate affair I ve had with the English language, or specifically, the creation of sentences to form an idea, long or short, has and still remains such a relationship There are so many quotients, so many alternating emotions and ideals and dare I say, even identities involved in this life long affair that at times I cease to understand even who I am With that, how can I ever deem to know who I am as a writer It s only recently that I ve come to realize the answer is simple I can t.Fair enough, I suppose So this will explain to you, if you re still reading by this point, why in my earliest years I wrote hundreds of thousands of words in what is known these days as genre fiction, specifically, the horror suspense thriller genre I started the adult portion of my love affair with words in this genre for several reasons, none which I ll state here It seemed only natural that I would rise to my adulthood with plans to stake my claim in the macabre This understanding of personal and writer identity stayed its course until my early forties when, after a lengthy break from wordsmithing I returned to find that I had changed since being away What I thought I once wanted had become something much different, much intricate, much difficult to perform The challenge of telling my stories, of answering these great unanswerable questions that I had squeezing my mind with relentless force, needed a finite, a human stage on which the characters could perform As I thought differently, I read differently, and as expected, I wrote differently I realized the boogeymen of my nights was no different than the haunting of my days Indeed, looking back over my vast body of work, I see that even when I thought I was writing a simple, chilling story, I was reaching for larger answers the bigger picture The concept is littered everywhere One has but to look to see it.While my work may appear eclectic if you are being kind the heart of the matter has not changed much Perhaps, in the earlier days, when a soul would cry out for compassion or redemption that soul might go unanswered, so fearful was I over the arbitrary nature of life and death Where once my approach was exorbitant, I now choose subtlety Where violence stood brightly in splashes of blood, reason now strolls with reserve and love Where once I simply cried out, Why I now seek deeply to better understand the very question itself There aren t always answers, but there is always the journey Always, the opportunity Always the dream of redemption.No The questions haven t really changed They are as they were The only difference is now I know what they are.

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  1. This short story is a bittersweet snapshot of the daily life of a husband and wife trying to hold onto their dreams in a harsh world The husband clings to his dreams of providing a better life for his wife, the woman he loves beyond measure, and his love drives him directly into conflict with the negative voices of his past the ones that threaten to steal the color from his world Everyday he struggles to overcome the ghosts and move out of their reach As he struggles internally, he derives stren [...]

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