Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith Best Read || [Jodi Picoult] - Keeping Faith, Keeping Faith A triumph This novel s haunting strength will hold the reader until the very end and make Faith and her story impossible to forget Richmond Times Dispatch Extraordinary Orlando SentinelFrom the New
  • Title: Keeping Faith
  • Author: Jodi Picoult
  • ISBN: 9780060878061
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback

Keeping Faith Best Read || [Jodi Picoult], Keeping Faith, Jodi Picoult, Keeping Faith A triumph This novel s haunting strength will hold the reader until the very end and make Faith and her story impossible to forget Richmond Times Dispatch Extraordinary Orlando SentinelFrom the New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult Nineteen Minutes Change of Heart Handle with Care comes Keeping Faith an addictively readable Entertainment Weekly A triumph This novel s hau Keeping Faith Best Read || [Jodi Picoult] - Keeping Faith, Keeping Faith A triumph This novel s haunting strength will hold the reader until the very end and make Faith and her story impossible to forget Richmond Times Dispatch Extraordinary Orlando SentinelFrom the New
  • Keeping Faith Best Read || [Jodi Picoult]
    438Jodi Picoult
Keeping Faith

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  1. Jodi Picoult is the author of twenty three novels, including the 1 New York Times bestsellers Leaving Time, The Storyteller, Lone Wolf, Between the Lines, Sing You Home, House Rules, Handle with Care, Change of Heart, Nineteen Minutes, and My Sister s Keeper She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children.Her new novel, SMALL GREAT THINGS, is available in hardcover, ebook, and audio on October 11th.Website jodipicoult Facebook facebook jodipicoult Twitter twitter jodipicoult

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  1. 11 10 08Ugh I finished this last night because I couldn t bear to spend another day of my life with this in my purse So why did I read it For the same reason that many young women read books they might not be thrilled with I had to read it for my book club which normally picks much intelligent and interesting books As I mentioned to the person selecting the book when she solicited comments about her short list of options, I ve never been tempted to read a Picoult book I doubt that I shall read [...]

  2. Ay yi yiok, no Jodi Picoult booksI always say that and then end up reading I WANT to like her booksd they always have sooo much potentialen, alwaysways alwaysey disappointI was especially excited about this one because of her latest interveiw she talked about this book and how it s her favorite and most challenging so far because of it s ground breaking subject matterStigmata Are you serious Jodi Ay yi yi This book wasn t so much about having and excercising faith as it was embracing fantasy an [...]

  3. This book was pretty good, overall Definitely kept you reading, wondering what was going to happen next and, of course, WHY There were a few things that bothered me about it though I think there were too many questions left unanswered I understand that maybe this was purposeful, but I didn t like it, personally I was also put off by the fact that the story was told about several different characters, in the third person, but ONE character was told in first person It didn t make sense and was a b [...]

  4. I loved this book while I was reading it, and I was very disappointed by the ending It was a fast read, it was engaging, I absolutely didn t want to put it down A mother who has just discovered that her husband is cheating on her several years after another cheating incident lead her to a suicide attempt finds out that her daughter has an imaginary friend Godwho happens to be a woman Faith performs some miracles and a media circus rises up around her reporters camped out on the lawn, etc Faith s [...]

  5. 4.5 Absolutely fascinating I love the mixed religion, religion in court, stigmata, psychological and medical, and family dynamics themes that arise while reading this book This was one of my favorite Jodi Picoult books so far My marathon continues with Change of Heart My short and sweet overall interesting story and entertaining characters

  6. When Mariah and her daughter walk in on Mariah s husband with another woman, she thinks that this is the ultimate shock in her lifeat is, until her daughter starts speaking in Bible passages In any other child, this may not be startling however, Mariah has raised her seven year old with no religion present in the household.Things go from strange to miraculous as Faith begins spontaneously healing people, developing stigmata, and speaking with her guard Could Faith truly be speaking with God, or [...]

  7. Keeping Faith is primarily a story about a young girl who suddenly starts seeing God and performing miracles My impression was that readers would be allowed to come to our own conclusions about this whether it was real, invented by Faith, invented by her mother for attention, etc , but it doesn t work out that way clearly, within the context of the story, Faith is healing people, experiencing stigmata and so forth The story of how her mother Mariah, the local churches and the media react to this [...]

  8. I think this is my FAVORITE Jodi Picoult book I love her other books, too, but this one hit me profoundly This book captivated me right from the beginning I read it for several hours straight, and when I could no longer stay awake to continue, I found myself constantly thinking about it throughout the next day I couldn t wait to get back to it All of the main characters were compelling, but I was especially drawn to Ian Fletcher, whose transformation from the beginning of the novel to the end un [...]

  9. 3 starsThe story is a bit formulaic as most Jodi Picoult books are but sometimes that makes for comfort reading.The story Seven year old Faith is caught in the middle of her parents crumbling marriage and in much need of a friend to confide in That is when her imaginary friend steps in Not long after, miracles start to occur around Faith, and her mother starts to realize that Faith is not only speaking to God , but that her God is a woman And then the media and church gets wind of this There is [...]

  10. 7,5 de 10 Em Uma Quest o de F , Jodi Picoult aborda um tema bastante controverso, uma crian a que supostamente faz milagres com todo o circo medi tico volta da situa o.Gostei muito desta leitura, mas terminado o livro fiquei com a sensa o de ter as minhas expectativas defraudadas, porque n o obtive as respostas que pretendia O livro est bem escrito como habitual nesta autora e as personagens est o muito bem constru das, mas parece me que Jodi acabou por fugir quest o principal Eu, pelo menos, es [...]

  11. N o gostei da maneira como a historia evoluiu e detestei o final, fiquei com a sensa o que n o me deu quase respostas nenhumas e que a autora acabou por se perder na historia.Uma desilus o visto esta ser uma das minhas autoras favoritas.

  12. I figured that motherhood would be something that descended naturally, the same way my milk came in a little painful, a little awe inspiring, but part of me now for better or for worse I waited patiently any day now, I told myself, I am going to wake up and know what I am doing My mother used to tell me that when push comes to shove, you always know who to turn to That being a family isn t a social construct, but an instinct Being a father is not ATT commercial, no simple feat of tossing a ball [...]

  13. This book had a bit of a slow start, but I was hooked by the ending I was up till 2am with just a little bit , until I had finished it One of those ones where I wish there were half stars, so this could be a three and a half As Mariah White struggles with depression her seven year old daughter Faith seeks solace in a new friend a friend who may or may not be imaginary Faith talks to her Guard constantly and begins to recite passages from the Bible a book she s never read After a succession of v [...]

  14. This book, like all of Jodi Picoult s books, deals with sensitive subjects This one questions whether God is real or not, it dicusses different faiths and non faiths, it talks about supposed miracles and believing in them or not, but most importantly it discusses the power of love While the majority of this book questions faiths, and what s happening to the little girl, Faith, I think that this story, instead of being about believing in Faith, is really about Mariah, her mother About her strengt [...]

  15. I ve only read one other Picoult book but I ve already figured out that what they re not just stories They re stories that induce you to think about their topic Picoult likes to leave the door open just a bit, so the endings tend to be a bit ambiguous The intent, I m sure, is to force you mull over what the story means to you In that light, the story was a success for me, but I m not sure I really liked it because I m not completely sure if I interpreted the ending the way the author intended it [...]

  16. Very interesting thought provoking Jodi picoult never ceases to grasp my complete attention with her writing and this book was no exception She writes with such passion and knowledge about her subjects you can t help but praise her for all the research she has done even if you don t agree with the subject matter.Keeping faith will evoke many feelings some of which are anger, passion, love, respect, frustration, and pure joy These are just a few I am not even a mother to a human child and I thoro [...]

  17. Kinda typical J.P novelwyers trial at the end, etc It wasn t bad and I like to read her books every now and then as a break serious literature Her books are an easy and fast read and her characters are interesting and generally likable This book had a unique twist in that the 7 year old child supposedly sees God and performs miracles good topic, made for some interesting reading about how crazy religion really can be and how it divides people I liked how the Rabbi and the Priest kind of end of [...]

  18. It was okay I thought the characters in My Sister s Keeper were better written, but this book is older than that one The relationship between Ian and Mariah was kind of annoying The portrayal of autism is probably very offensive.

  19. This book just took me aloot of time it is totally not what i expected not in a good way , over dramatic , but i don t want to hide the fact that it tickled the back of my brain in several beautiful points

  20. I feared for Mariah and Faith I teared up from worry, the pain, the not knowing what would come next I was not expecting that ending and I was seeing the worst case scenario at every turn of the page.I am not a religiously educated person nor am I a non believer of God, Jesus, The Virgin Mary Jodi Picoult did something with this book She really did her research on every aspect and made the reader feel like they were going to gain something in keeping Faith.

  21. Give, and it shall be given to you For whatever measure you deal out to others, it will be dealt to you in return Luke 6 38Well, Miss Picoult, I hope you will waste the next few hours of your life And by this, I do not dare instill the idea that Keeping Fate is a complete and utter waste of time, just that time would somehow prefer a pleasant way of being spent.1 Storyline 6 10I really do think that the story has been stretched out on way too many directions, and this for the simple wish of mak [...]

  22. February 24, 2013I started reading some of Jodi Picoult s books and I must say, I m loving it I love Keeping Faith and I love how I always can relate to a book that I choose Keeping Faith is about broken marriage When I started reading this book, all I could think about is my family What if I had to go through broken marriage of my parents In this book, it s like one of those book that gives you a slap in the face realizing that when it comes to broken marriage, we should never dwell on it, but [...]

  23. There is so much to recommend this book a unique, unexplored topic, great writing, realistic characters The story of Faith, a seven year old who suddenly seems to be talking with God and working miracles, keeps readers enthralled as we attempt to figure out if she s the real thing or a charlatan But as with several of Picoult s books, there are glaring holes in the plot that beg to be poked at and prodded While I m willing to suspend disbelief in favor of a great tale, I m only wililng to go so [...]

  24. I have read other Jodi Picoult books, but this one was different than the others While I haven t read all of her books, I notice similar patterns One is that she likes the plot to focus around a child She also likes to switch points of view between other characters in this book, between Mariah, Ian, Colin, and Millie , and finally includes the child s point of view in the last chapter in this case, Faith However, what was strange about this one was the lack of a surprise ending Not to give much [...]

  25. Keeping Faith is about seven year old Faith White, who has been conjuring visions of what seems to be God Actually, this book is not just about Faith, but about her entire family as well After Mariah White, Faith s mother, catches her husband cheating on her with a woman named Jessica that is when Faith begins envisioning God So afterwards a whole bunch of legal drama occurs, including Colin, Faith s father, wanting custody of her, Ian Fletcher, a television star atheist who has a sudden interes [...]

  26. This was recommended by buddies, Angela and Meg As Jodi Picoult said in her Acknowledgements page, the subject matter is controversial Still it is fiction and one can go anywhere where one s imagination leads him her I will admit that I found it a compelling read specially close to the ending It is not heavily literary, true, but I enjoyed it a lot I liked the characters they are very real the grandmother, the rabbi, the priest I could actually see them in my mind the way they are described in t [...]

  27. My most favourite excrept from this book Let me tell you what you feel like when you know you are ready to die.You sleep a lot, and when you wake up the very first thought in your head is that you wish you could go back to bed.You go entire days without eating, because food is a commodity that keeps you here.You read the same page a hundred times.You rewind your life like a videocassette and see the things that make you weep, things that make you pause, but nothing that makes you want to play it [...]

  28. I liked this book It is a story about a woman who gets a divorce from her husband because he continues to cheat on her They have a little girl named Faith who starts manifesting strange religious related behavior after her parents get the divorce It is even strange because the father is Christian, the mother is Jewish but neither one taught their daughter anything about religion and never once went to church It then turns into an ugly custody battle between husband and wife I recommend reading [...]

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