There You'll Find Me

Unlimited There You'll Find Me - by Jenny B. Jones - There You'll Find Me, There You ll Find Me Grief brought Finley to Ireland Love will lead her home Finley Sinclair is not your typical eighteen year old She s witty tough and driven With an upcoming interview at the Manhattan music conservat
  • Title: There You'll Find Me
  • Author: Jenny B. Jones
  • ISBN: 9781595545404
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited There You'll Find Me - by Jenny B. Jones, There You'll Find Me, Jenny B. Jones, There You ll Find Me Grief brought Finley to Ireland Love will lead her home Finley Sinclair is not your typical eighteen year old She s witty tough and driven With an upcoming interview at the Manhattan music conservatory Finley needs to compose her audition piece But her creativity disappeared with the death of her older brother Will She decides to study abroad in Ireland so she canGrief bro Unlimited There You'll Find Me - by Jenny B. Jones - There You'll Find Me, There You ll Find Me Grief brought Finley to Ireland Love will lead her home Finley Sinclair is not your typical eighteen year old She s witty tough and driven With an upcoming interview at the Manhattan music conservat
  • Unlimited There You'll Find Me - by Jenny B. Jones
    438Jenny B. Jones
There You'll Find Me

About Author

  1. Four time Carol Award winner Jenny B Jones writes contemporary romance with wit, sass, and Southern charm Since writing for both women and teens leaves her with very little free time, she believes in spending her spare hours in meaningful, intellectual pursuits, such as watching E , going to the movies and inhaling large buckets of popcorn, and writing her name in the dust on her furniture jennybjones

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  1. Remember I was crazy excited about this book I thought I was definitely going to love this book.Turns out I was absolutely and 100% right Well, kind of I l don t think I imagined I was going to love it this much I read it four days ago and I still think about it and smile, but let s get down to business, here s the review There are times when you like a book because the characters are funny or because the story is good.There are times when you love a book, because you relate to it or maybe becau [...]

  2. Wow This book was so much than I was expecting The cover makes you think it s going to be a light romance, and the synopsis doesn t really tell you how serious the subject matter is or how much truth is spoken in the words of this story.At its core, There You ll Find Me is about healing from past wounds Hotel heiress Finley love her name, by the way goes to Ireland two years after the death of her brother hoping to escape her home and party girl reputation She s been through therapy, but she s [...]

  3. This book was really hard for me to rate I did liked it a lot I simply LOVED some of the characters in this story , and it could have been a 5 stars book, but all that talk about God and prayers was definitely not for me.Let me get this strait, it s not that I don t believe in God truth being told I don t know how much I do either , but I don t like reading about this subject and I had to skip entire paragraphs.Except for this little discomfort, the book was amazing, that s why the high rating.I [...]

  4. Two things I love about books is that they take you to places that you have never been and make you feel things that you have never felt I loved this book because not only did it take me to Ireland after reading this I really love to visit Ireland it also made me feel the familiar feeling of loss and pain.Finley Sinclair was struggling after the death of her brother Will Her brother left a journal documenting his trip to Ireland and how he found God there Trying to find out for herself what her [...]

  5. The premise was cute a girl goes to Ireland for her senior year to connect with the memory of her brother, meets a teen movie star on the plane, and then finds out he s staying at her host family s BB She makes it very clear she s not like other girls and is in no way attracted to him so a cliche plot ensues But there s still IRELAND The setting was definitely the best part of this book Otherwise, the main character was a bit irritating and there was just so much unnecessary petty girl hate And [...]

  6. This was not the light, fluffy read I thought it was going to be It tackled several heavy topics, which made for a much deeper, meaningful read Full RTC

  7. I thought this was going to be a heart warming story, but I wasn t crazy about it at all.First of all, I could not stand Finley The book description said she was witty, tough and driven, but I thought she was snobby and bitchy She had this been there, done that attitude, and she was so quick to judge people by stereotypes and label them as a certain type She did that with Beckett She did that with Beatrice She did that with Taylor and the actress types And she did that with Mrs Sweeney.With Beck [...]

  8. Wow Yeah So How do I say this I unladylike fell head over heels in love with this book You know that happy place everyone has Well this book took me to mine in a smooth long and laughable journey Mrs Sweeney had me choked up, I had so much sympathy and admiration for her as a person and if her sister hadn t shown and offered her the forgiveness she seeked I would have had some serious ass kicking to do When she went, a piece of my heart went with her I was so sad until I imagined her harrassing [...]

  9. Hani baz kitaplar vard r, eline ald n m ve daha okumaya ba lamadan te bu dersin Beni Orada Bulacaks n da o kitaplardan Nas l anlatsam bilmiyorum ama ok ho tu, ok g zeldi D n gece kitab bitirdi im de, durup d nmeden edemedim Kitab n b l mlerini, en nemlisi bir eylere olan inanc m tekrar g zden ge irdim Yani bir kitap gibi de ildi, okurken resmen uyarlad m hayata Zaten rlanda ya olan m thi bir hayranl m var ve bu kitab almamdaki en nemli etkenlerden biri de oydu rlanday anlatan o b l mleri resmen [...]

  10. Original post at One More PageWhen I was younger, I used to write stories about a group of friends who lived in Ireland It was just a random country I picked out in the world atlas, and I thought I liked the sound of Ireland as a setting Of course, I really knew nothing of the country then, and it wasn t until later on that I read and watched some stuff about Ireland on TV that I realized none of what I wrote was even the least bit realistic But my recent trip to Europe got me to meet a YFC miss [...]

  11. Review posted at Amaterasu ReadsThis is such a beautiful book.I can t really find the words to describe my feelings after reading, but I can say this There You ll Find Me is heart wrenching and emotional It s a wonderful story about loss and love and one girl s struggle to put back the pieces of her life shattered by a tragedy.I had to pause for a while and gather my bearings after I finished reading this I was a bit misty eyed when I leafed through the last page One of the most adorable and cha [...]

  12. I m not a big fan of contemporary fiction I m of an escapist reader who prefers fantasy, paranormal romance and science fiction but my friend KM from One Page at a Time raved about this book and recommended that I read it, and since she has never given me a bad recommendation, I thought I would give it a try I loved There You ll Find Me so much It made me laugh, made me cry, made me think about all the things in my own life that I try to control when I should really just let go and let God hand [...]

  13. Normally, Christian Fiction Not my thing And yet, THERE YOU LL FIND ME has me feeling a bit different A good portion of it is Finley s struggling to find her center again, her faith I cannot say that I could connect to her while reading about her struggle but I did believe it As an MC she s quite different I liked that she s stand offish and that she had a goal in mind in everything she did I enjoyed her trying to find her place with her family, in her academics, with the new boy she d come to b [...]

  14. This is definitely one of the best book i ve read And i could definitely say that i started the year with aBANG since its one of the first books i ve read as the year enters and i m definitely happy about it definitely not dissapointed The past two years have been a struggle for Finley Sinclair as she face the death of his brother, Will on the hands of the terrorists In a way to fix her life she decided to head to Ireland to finish her senior year and follow her borther s footsteps Equipped with [...]

  15. Wow The charm of Ireland, the angst of young adulthood, and the beautiful craziness of life come together to make this an engaging, moving read Jenny B Jones has a winning and creative writing style that somehow combines humor and sincerity in a way that keeps the pages turning and the journey going And this is one journey that I m so very glad I took There You ll Find Me features quite a cast of quirky characters, many of whom charm the reader s heart despite their unique first impressions Even [...]

  16. I loved this book This is my favorite book now that I have read I was really encouraged by this If you are going through a hard time in your life, hopefully this will help you like it helped me.

  17. The blurb of this story is sorely misleading It has HUGE religious topics and references Normally I am ok with that but it seemed to overshadow the rest if the story I m still upset that I didn t dnf Full review can be found here agingerlyreview.wordpressOh, do I have a review on this book Sit back and stay a while because this may be a long post I have a lot of thoughts and feelings on this gem.Short recap Finley has just lost her brother in a tragic accident She decides to travel to Ireland to [...]

  18. When her brother Will was killed in a terrorist bombing, Finley Sinclair s carefully ordered life came undone Consumed by grief and anger, she lashed out at those closest to her, alienating her family and becoming an infamous party girl whose tabloid worthy exploits masked a depression that threatened to consume her The God who once seemed as close as her beloved brother fell silent Following a family intervention and a stint in therapy, Finley further guilt ridden over what her rebellious strea [...]

  19. Originally posted on my blog, Read LoveThis was my first experience with both NetGalley and Jenny B Jones thank you, Thomas Nelson I m happy to report it was a positive one I don t have a lot of experience reading Christian fiction, so I was a little surprised that There You ll Find Me felt very contemporary In fact, in the early pages, I was looking for differences to set it apart from similar mainstream releases like Anna and the French Kiss On the surface, these two titles seemed similar an A [...]

  20. 3 5I liked the overall message of the story I think the intentions behind the story are applaudable and are relatable to some extent having doubts, feeling alone, lost, angry, questioning ones faith, and so on Also, I liked the meaning behind Finley s name, and I liked reading about her journey YET I somehow still felt like there was something missing The story, when it came full circle, didn t deliver the emotionally powerful punch I was craving I think it was because there were too many subjec [...]

  21. I wanted to read this book so when I saw this book up on netgalley, I couldn t deny the temptation I requested it in a heartbeat And I m so glad I was approved.I do admit that it didn t entirely meet my expectations, needless to say it was still a good and refreshing story I kinda like Caleb Kate a Christian fiction too better but the plot of There You ll Find Me is charming with a tinge of realism Some may have an impression that books like these tend to be preachy, which is not Regardless of y [...]

  22. Some people have this uncanny ability to get you laughing quite easily, and isn t that a wonderful thing Laughter just makes everything better, you re happy, you re comfortable, and you really don t want it to end Those are pretty much my feelings about books written by Jenny B Jones The thing that is really a fascinating combo though is that right along with the laughter in that place where you are happy and comfortable, Jenny introduces you to characters that have stuff that is pretty serious [...]

  23. I can t believe that I waited so long to get to this book It absolutely blew me away.Finley was such a real character she grieved in ways than one and with no one to really turn to especially in a foreign country , she looked for her faith in the landscape of Ireland, where her murdered brother, Will, felt closest to his own faith She struggled to understand the beauty that Will saw while he studied abroad, and my heart ached for her as she missed the importance and beauty of life in the presen [...]

  24. About this book Grief brought Finley to Ireland Love will lead her home.Finley Sinclair is not your typical eighteen year old She s witty, tough, and driven With an upcoming interview at the Manhattan music conservatory, Finley needs to compose her audition piece But her creativity disappeared with the death of her older brother, Will.She decides to study abroad in Ireland so she can follow Will s travel journal It s the place he felt closest to God, and she s hopeful being there will help her m [...]

  25. A brilliant, upbeat story about a teen s search for peace and answers after losing a close sibling, and I enjoyed it enough to name it a favorite First YA listed among my favorite books Finley was witty, sassy, and fun I enjoyed her even than the hero which is rare , and easily related to her need for control As Finley realized her destructive patterns, I saw parallels in my own life Books don t usually minister to me on such a level, and it was a huge surprise, coming from a YA.Finley Sinclair [...]

  26. Yes,I admit I was expecting a good old contemporary romance But it was so much than that I was enjoying it so much I didn t even think about the romance Do you remember this scene from Pride and Prejudice image error I felt so good while watching that and through the whole book I had the same feeling,like there is something bigger than me in this world Two years ago Finley lost her brother Will and now in her senior year of high school she is in Ireland where her brother was spending time befor [...]

  27. This is my third Jenny B Jones novel and by far my favorite She manages to take a somewhat implausible story line and create something genuine and moving I was kind of expecting another teen book with some extra fluff thrown in for good measure, but this was so much Finley was so believable to me somewhat prickly and sarcastic, but underneath that harboring a lot pain Between her brother s death, battered reputation and high pressure audition for the NY Conservatory of Music, she has reached he [...]

  28. When Finley Sinclair leaves home to study abroad in Ireland, her goal is to follow in her brother Will s footsteps, using his journal as a guide She wants to see the places Will saw, feel what he felt when he traveled through Ireland before he died She s hoping for closure, and an ending to the song she is composing.But she meets Hollywood heartthrob Beckett Rush on the airplane the last thing she needs, another guy who s full of himself and drawn to trouble But her lack of interest intrigues Be [...]

  29. I really liked the way this book starts, and how they first meet I also like how not only is he famous, but she is also rich and well known, and it is hinted that she had a party girl past until her brother s death I think that it sets this book apart from others like it Finley is pretty awesome because she is driven, but she has her quirks and her rough past I also love Beckett, because he isn t just a bad boy but he fits into the B and B atmosphere I do truly like them I also like all the side [...]

  30. I LOVED THIS BOOK and I think that Jenny B Jones is Exceptional This is the first book that I ve read by her, but wow oh wow, it did wonders for me I first learned of this book from and simply put it on my wish list, not thinking too much about it, but when I received it for my birthday, I finished it within a two day span Probably faster if I would have read it straight through, but I knew it would be terrific so I spaced it out for as long as I could At first, I just thought this book was abou [...]

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