The Pledge

[PDF] Read æ The Pledge : by Kimberly Derting - The Pledge, The Pledge In the violent country of Ludania the classes are strictly divided by the language they speak The smallest transgression like looking a member of a higher class in the eye while they are speaking th
  • Title: The Pledge
  • Author: Kimberly Derting
  • ISBN: 9781442422018
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read æ The Pledge : by Kimberly Derting, The Pledge, Kimberly Derting, The Pledge In the violent country of Ludania the classes are strictly divided by the language they speak The smallest transgression like looking a member of a higher class in the eye while they are speaking their native tongue results in immediate execution Seventeen year old Charlaina has always been able to understand the languages of all classes and she s spent her life tryiIn the violent c [PDF] Read æ The Pledge : by Kimberly Derting - The Pledge, The Pledge In the violent country of Ludania the classes are strictly divided by the language they speak The smallest transgression like looking a member of a higher class in the eye while they are speaking th
  • [PDF] Read æ The Pledge : by Kimberly Derting
    121Kimberly Derting
The Pledge

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  1. Kimberly has been in love with love since the first grade, when she would make boyfriends hold her hand during recess whether they wanted to or not In high school, she discovered romance novels and she s been hooked ever since She is the author of the award winning THE BODY FINDER series, THE PLEDGE trilogy, THE TAKING trilogy, and UNDRESSED her first book in The Men Of West Beach series She s also co written the soon to be released picture books about a girl who loves science Her books have been translated into 15 languages, and both THE BODY FINDER and THE PLEDGE were YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults selections These days, she spends entirely too much time ordering stuff off the Internet, binge watching Netflix, and holding hands with a guy who doesn t have to be forced her husband.Note I m the worst about checking my emailI apologize if I never got back to you If you need to reach me, try the Ask me a question option below , or email me at kim at kimberlyderting dot com

One thought on “The Pledge

  1. In Kimberly Derting s The pledge, we embark on a fairy tale like story set in a dystopian future where language dictates your class standing I was first attracted to this book by it s intriguing premise and original setting Unfortunately, I found myself unable to connect to the characters nor was I very invested in the story.As a reader, I m very character oriented I feel the need to be able to relate to the characters Feel their emotions, understand their decisions and connect with their person [...]

  2. Kimberly Derting s The Pledge has a lot going for it it has an interesting and original concept, fascinating albeit mostly lacking world building, great writing that allows the novel to flow easily and makes for a quick read, some interesting relationship dynamics, and an explosive ending making way for an interesting sequel However, that being said, The Pledge also has a lot that is not going for it, most prominently the characterization, the predictability of the plot, and, last but certainly [...]

  3. The Pledge is Kimberly Derting s latest book It s a dystopia Democracy has fallen Nations are ruled by matrilineal queens In Charlaina s society citizens are divided and stratified by language Englaise is the common language spoken by all classes Each class has their own language as well, so for example the vendor class speaks Pashon Charlaina, Charlie for short, can understand every language, even though it is against the law One is not supposed to acknowledge or look up when another speaks a d [...]

  4. I think this was a great start to a promising series I really enjoyed it Seventeen year old Charlaina, Charlie, lives in the kingdom of Ludania ruled by cruel and ancient Queen Sabara Her subjects are divided by classes, languages, and strict rules that govern them A person can be put to death for small infractions, so all must be careful The country is currently in turmoil because there is a war going on There are revolutionaries that have risen up to change the oppressive conditions Charlie ca [...]

  5. This had so much potential Kimberly Derting had the right idea, came up with some nice details to her dystopian society, she had everything she needed to make a great story And then it all went downhill in this jumble of cliches and boring storytelling that came together in one snooze festival in which you re left as that one bored person wondering what the hell are you going to eat for dinner tonight since you haven t gone grocery shopping ever since Jesus died the second time So the story of T [...]

  6. I wasn t all that impressed with THE BODY FINDER, and I was pretty hesitant when THE PLEDGE showed up on my doorstep I wasn t sure Kimberly Derting deserved another chance If I didn t like her first novel, what were the odds I d like the first book in a totally different genre How big were the chances I d find the experience of reading her third novel like I did her first and give up on her in general Thankfully, that wasn t the case I m glad I did end up giving it a chance, because it wasn t an [...]

  7. Well, I read that really fast I started The Pledge by Kimberly Derting late last night early this morning and I just finished it Before you ask, yes I do sleep Quite well, actually.The Pledge marks a departure for Derting into the world of Dystopic Fantasy Having been a fan of her Body Finder series I was very eager to get a look at her newest work I m not disappointed, far from it Derting has cemented a place on my auto buy list of authors.The aging Queen of Ludania has no heir no female heir a [...]

  8. First off, tell me the this cover is not gorgeous I love it Second, I need to tell you how cool I think this story idea is The plot revolves around this world in the future where humans have been forced to speak only one language the language of their class The servants speak one language, while the vendors speak another, and royalty another, and so on The point being, that if you can t speak another language, you are stuck in your class forever, and importantly, humans will never be able to un [...]

  9. The YA books I see being released amidst the continuing dystopia trend a fad that seems to have a lot mileage than I originally anticipated, although the sales figures are a mixed bag , the I find myself questioning what makes a book dystopian With The Body Finder author Kimberly Derting s latest, the first in a planned trilogy, I hesitate to call it, for lack of a better term, pure dystopian since it mixes fantastical elements into the story This discussion aside, what elements that the bo [...]

  10. I have been hesitant to read The Pledge because I have not read that many great reviews, but when I found it in audio, I just had to give it a try, and i am SO GLAD I did because this book was incredible The light dystopian element, the historical themes, the revolutionary plots Every single minute of listening to this audio kept me on the edge I would stay a couple of minutes in the car after I parked because I just didn t want to leave this world In the end I ended up getting the ebook and fin [...]

  11. Another book with a very interesting premise Language being the boundary that separates one social class from another I liked the idea and I loved the world building The thing that spoiled the book for me is the extremely cliched writing This book could have been so much better had the author chosen not to employ dialogue that reads like it came waltzing straight out of a sappy romance movie I also saw a lot of Mary Sue ish development from the main character and wellI like my heroines flawed Wo [...]

  12. Bu t r kitaplar okumay seviyorum Bask c devlet ve zg rl k aray ndaki halk Ak c bir kitapt fakat k sayd , ikinci kitab n tad n kara kara okuruz umar m zellikle erkek karakterlerin ki ili i ok g zel oturtulmu Max, seni Charlaine den ne kadar ok k skand m bir bilsen D Ve Charlaine in karde i Angelana ya kar tav rlar ok g zel ve zeldi Umar m ikinci kitap da birinci kitap kadar iyi olur

  13. When I read Derting s The Body Finder, I was not impressed After reading the start of her second series.I am still not impressed The marketing is all there Gorgeous cover, creative dystopian premise, the promise of romance.All of this is very in right now Unfortunately.The weakest part of The Pledge was the world building As a dystopian, it was very weak There is no reason for this world, no how, no why Supposedly, it was set sometime in the future, as it alludes to current cities, but no world [...]

  14. Warning Big spoilersDisappointing The idea of a society separated into castes by languages intrigued me, and I thought the heroine, Charlie, having the secret ability to understand all languages would make an interesting plot However, the author didn t put her brilliant idea to use It s only mentioned over and over, that Charlie shouldn t be able to understand this person or that person, but she does Not once does she overhear something that adds to or enhances the plot The caste system, the lan [...]

  15. 2.5Vamos a ver, yo siempre llego tarde En el caso literario a libros que salieron hace mucho tiempo y ya mucha gente no est hablando de ellos Y este libro es uno de ellos, de los que nunca m s volv a escuchar hablar Supongo que tiene que ver con que la editorial dej la saga abandonada en espa ol y en ingl s no tuvo tanto ruido a mi parecer.Bueno, podr a empezar a quejarme desde el primer momento, pero tengo que decir un par de cosas antes de iniciar con la explicaci n del porqu de la nota a Este [...]

  16. I was curious about what type of world Charlie s would be It started out really good too with Queen Sabara transferrring her power It s the same power that got me curious Charlie s world is a different since that it s language that kept the people apart I wanted to know of Queen Sabara and her power I wanted to know how their world worked Sadly a good deal of THE PLEDGE deals with Charlie and Max romance the same romance that developed too quickly In fact a lot of this was predictable There s [...]

  17. Intriguing and suspenseful, The Pledge is a fantastic story woven behind a realistic fantasy dystopia setting.Charliana lives in a world that is divided by the language they speak and judged by status the lower and higher class If the lower class ever looks a member of the higher class in the eye while speaking their own language, the penalty for this is death As Charliana and her family try to keep under the radar and work to the best of their ability to help her families restaurant stay afloat [...]

  18. I was seriously contemplating giving this one star The Pledge had an interesting premise, but it utterly failed.The sole reason I didn t give this one star was Xander and Brooklynn They were definitely the most interesting characters far so than Max and Charlie and if the story was written from one of their perspective, it would have been so much fun to read.I really didn t like Charlie Something about her rubbed me the wrong way But I hated Max a hundred times than Charlie Max was a condesce [...]

  19. OKAY, OKAAAAYYY Well To start off on an honest note, I have to admit that this book was a tad slow in the beginning I persevered though and it totally paid off For me, The Pledge was a perfect mix of dystopian and medieval The fact that it s set in a futuristic setting but also implements other elements, like having queens and not really using technology, really sucked me in Being obsessed with Medieval times myself don t ask me why cause I m not even sure why I loved the whole queen and no tech [...]

  20. Charlaina Charlie Hart is seventeen and a member of the Vendor class, the class of merchants Her parents have a restaurant, she attends a school for vendor children, and her friends are the children of other vendors As a member of this class, she s only allowed to speak two languages parshon, the language of her class, and Englaise, the universal language and language of the Serving class, the lowest class in Ludania But Charlie has a unique and very secret gift she can understand all languages, [...]

  21. Set in a post apocalyptic society in what I can only assume used to be the United States 17 year old Charlie has a secret Unlike everyone else in her class, or in any other class, she understands other languages a sin punishable by death if discovered It s a secret so important, she hides it from everyone, including her two closest friends, only to be discovered by someone else who could be dangerous that she d like to admit.I cannot say enough good things about this book It s the first book by [...]

  22. I held the letter, vividly picturing the six words written inside the folds Six words that I already knew by heart Six words that meant to me than they should I unfolded the top third of the paper, then the bottom, purposely keeping my eyes unfocused for just a moment My heart stoppedE PLEDGE was one of the best dystopian books I have read this year I didn t expect to fall madly in love with Max, the book But I was unable to put the book down until I was flipping to the very last page of the bo [...]

  23. I ve never read The Body Finder and I don t have any intention to do it When I realized that The Pledge was from the same author, that didn t discourage me to read it because the plot premise sounded interesting.One thing needs to be clear This is not dystopian and shouldn t be considered as such.Do I see paranormal powers in a distant future Eeeh, I don t think so Division of people by the language they speak Possibly.This is plain fantasy, period.And also, monarchy in the distant future is not [...]

  24. Captivating Moving Engaging This is a really good dystopian world However, I was a bit surprised to know that it has fantasy in it It reminds me somehow of Cinder by Marissa Meyer, they both have the same heroine, hero and villain qualities.This book is hard to review without spilling some spoilers Ugh It has all a dystopian world can have war, resistance, ruler, and danger It s one dangerous world But I love everything about it I can t believe how I easily became attached with all the character [...]

  25. Charliana can read, hear and speak other languages All of them Including those she shouldn t know But when a mysterious Max appears, will she be exposed for who she really is This book drags on, and on, and on It s at such a slow pace, it s redonculous And the plot Oh geeze, the plot is stupid I can t believe I gave this book my time Charliana, why are thou so annoying The only thing I liked was that it was dystopia and YA, but I didn t enjoy it.

  26. Another fun and interesting series by Kimberly Derting The different languages and the rules regarding them was such a new idea Loved Charlie and Max As usual the characters are very well developed I feel like I know them well enough to recognize them on the street if they appeared On to the next book in the series.

  27. Three Stars The Pledge is a fresh introduction to Kimberly Derting s new, dystopian series.A cheer squeals from the mob squeezed around the main square of Ludania A wave of bodies clawing and pushing to peer at the imminent execution In Ludania, Queen Sabara rules the land with an indomitable, iron fist The slightest infraction, such as failure to divert your eyes when addressed by someone of a higher class, will earn you a one way trip to the gallows It is a land organized into a caste system w [...]

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