Somebody Else's Kids

Somebody Else's Kids Best Download || [Torey L. Hayden] - Somebody Else's Kids, Somebody Else s Kids Were all just somebody else s kids A small seven year old boy who couldn t speak except to repeat weather forecasts and other people s words A beautiful little girl of seven who had been brain damaged
  • Title: Somebody Else's Kids
  • Author: Torey L. Hayden
  • ISBN: 9780380599493
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback

Somebody Else's Kids Best Download || [Torey L. Hayden], Somebody Else's Kids, Torey L. Hayden, Somebody Else s Kids Were all just somebody else s kids A small seven year old boy who couldn t speak except to repeat weather forecasts and other people s words A beautiful little girl of seven who had been brain damaged by terrible parental beatings and was so ashamed because she couldn t learn to read A violently angry ten year old who had seen his stepmother murder his Were all just somebody e Somebody Else's Kids Best Download || [Torey L. Hayden] - Somebody Else's Kids, Somebody Else s Kids Were all just somebody else s kids A small seven year old boy who couldn t speak except to repeat weather forecasts and other people s words A beautiful little girl of seven who had been brain damaged
  • Somebody Else's Kids Best Download || [Torey L. Hayden]
    198Torey L. Hayden
Somebody Else's Kids

About Author

  1. Victoria Lynn Hayden, known as Torey L Hayden born May 21, 1951 in Livingston, Montana is a child psychologist, special education teacher, university lecturer and writer of non fiction books based on her real life experiences with teaching and counselling children with special needs.Subjects covered in her books include autism, Tourette syndrome, sexual abuse, fetal alcohol syndrome, and elective mutism now called selective mutism , her specialty.Hayden attended high school in Billings, Montana and graduated in 1969 She then attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington.A little time after having written her most famous book One Child, Hayden moved to Wales in 1980 and got married to a Scot called Ken two years later In 1985, she gave birth to her daughter Sheena Hayden is now divorced.She has also written three books of fiction in addition to her non fiction books.

One thought on “Somebody Else's Kids

  1. I devoured all works of Torey Hayden when I was a teenager and got horrified at the fact that there are some kids of the same age as me or younger who went through abuse or any other aggravated sort Her books opened my eyes to the cruel side of the world and brought me outside of my comfort zone And I just couldn t believe there are others who would shatter kids hearts and lives, and the reality was just shocking to me Yet, I was drawn to her story, cried and overjoyed with her and her kids in t [...]

  2. I read One Child by Hayden and immediately had to have I soon owned the rest of the series and blew through them as well Hayden is a special ed teacher who works with the troubled kids and completely turns their world around giving them hope and something to live for.

  3. Torey Hayden daquelas autoras a quem gosto sempre de voltar Os livros dela s o, para mim, uma verdadeira inspira o Admiro o trabalho dela e a forma como ela lida com todas as situa es Gostaria muito de falar com ela, trocar ideias e experi ncias Cada livro que ela nos traz um pequeno peda o de um mundo anormal que tenta viver na normalidade de um mundo mais alargado Por m, eu questiono sempre O que ser normal Eu tenho a minha pr pria defini o e interpreta o de normalidade e, por aquilo que vou l [...]

  4. I read this book as a teen many times over and then re read it as a young adult It opened up my eyes on the different issues that my peers were dealing with when I read it as a teen and I was drawn in by the teacher Torey L Hayden who never gave up on the children It resonated with me and now, all these years later, I have worked many years in the field doing similar work I find the book raw, truthful and inspirational Well written and highly recommended.

  5. This book was instrumental in securing my drive and determination to help children in some way, when I grew up It was a remarkable look at teaching children with special needs, mostly behavioral and emotional needs Her patience, her approach, her attitude, all of it made a huge impact on me, and I ve carried many of her principles into the classroom today.

  6. I think I first read this book when I was about 10 I do know that Torey Hayden s books started me on my journey to become a special education teacher Her descriptions of her students are compelling, sensitive and funny I don t know if she would withstand the test of time since many of her experiences were early in the history of publicly funded special education.

  7. I read this book when I was in college, way back in the 80 s At the time I was studying to become a teacher and I wanted to soak up all the books about teaching that I could find This is an excellent book for anyone who loves children and thinks the world is a better place with them in it

  8. This is the second book by Torey that I ve read now After reading Ghost Girl I found myself eager to read Hayden s other offerings I actually stumbled across her books quite by chance after I had finished reading all of Cathy Glass Casey Watson s books was desperately searching trying to find something similar to fill the empty void they had left in their wake So, if you re a fan of either of these two authors you ll enjoy Torey s books immensely Each time I ve started on one of Torey s books I [...]

  9. These books are just so emotionally draining Not because of the kids themselves their stories are sad, but the way they handle their lives, often with such positivity, is amazing No, what exhausts me is the fact that there are such horrible people in the world, that would do such horrible things to children The author, Torey Hayden, is a teacher of special needs children in some cases, that means giving extra homework help to a kid struggling with math, but in other cases as in this book it mean [...]

  10. Tositapahtumiin ja oikeisiin henkil ihin pohjautuvaa tarinaa on vaikea arvostella Miten voin arvostella toista ihmist tai h nelle tahtuneita asioita Kuitenkin, olen lukenut Haydenilt t h n menness jo useamman kirjan ja olen pit nyt jokaisesta On ihanaa miten Hayden kohtaa lapset ja on heid n kanssaan H n uskaltaa my nt heikkoutensa, mik suurin niist on ujous V lill kyll k vi kielt m tt raivostuttamaan ett miksi h n ei puolustanut jotakin lasta paremmin En ollut aiemmin kuullut inkluusiolaista ja [...]

  11. Somebody Else s Kids is a nonfiction book I believe the reason she wrote this book was to tell her story or to inform people the fact that there are people with needs who need better classes available for them or just someone to lend them a hand Regardless of which of those was her point I believe she achieved them I really enjoyed this books story and I really enjoyed the fact that in her story she did not give up on them at all She tried to help each of those students There wasn t really anyth [...]

  12. One of Hayden s earlier books, and perhaps if I hadn t read several of her other books beforehand I would have scored it higher, but ultimately, her voice in this book, so than some of her others, grated on me She is very self congratulatory and though you can tell she cares about her students, she seems a bit arrogant about her own abilities throughout the story The case studies are varied and interesting in her classroom, but I wish there had been descriptions and details about their backgrou [...]

  13. Torey Hayden s books seem to bring out the same reaction to me, every time okay, so this is only the second, but I m noticing a trend The stories are well written and captivate you, but the end result generally fails to deliver because these are true stories At least this one had a little of an ending than the previous one I read I think the scariest sub story for me in this book was the pregnant twelve year old And it wasn t due to sexual abuse, she d had sex At 12 That s frightening and scari [...]

  14. all hayden books get 4 stars from me bc they changed my life when i was in high school and made me want to be a psychologist to help kids like she did She is not meant to be a young adult writer I think her books are meant for adults, so don t think it s a kiddy book just cuz I read em in high school I don t remember much about the writing they are all written in first person but the TRUE stories about the children who she has worked with are heartbreaking and inspiring Haven t read one of her b [...]

  15. After reading ONE CHILD and GHOST GIRL, I went back to the bookstore to pick up all the rest of Torey L Hayden s books Her style of writing is so easy and engaging The characters in her stories are powerful and you are drawn to them all None of the characters have one side to them, Hayden lets us see that everyone has good and bad She is a truly gifted teacher and writer, and I am sure her works have sent many a young person in the direction of helping troubled youths and children I know that I [...]

  16. It s been a while since I ve read one of Torey s books and I have to admit that I ve missed them However, with that said, I struggled to get through this book as quickly as I had hoped to I usually devour them in one sitting, but that is ultimately no fault of the writing It is instead because the writing is good that it took me so long Torey has long since been able to make me empathise with those she writes about and this book was no different I just think she has however written better.

  17. An honest, raw, and gripping true story of a special education teacher who cares about her students than anything else in the world This is a deeply encouraging story although heartbreaking and somewhat abrasive in its authentic presentation Oddly enough, there is an underlying sexual theme running throughout the story as well I m not really sure how to word or explain that well enough for it to make sense That is something you ll have to read to understand I recommend this book to all teachers [...]

  18. I truly enjoyed the story about these kids I especially identified with the characters of Boothe, Lori, and Tomaso I have worked with children with autism for several years and could totally picture Boo running around and doing all those odd behaviors Lori reminds me a lot of me in school and all the struggles to fit in Tomaso I really liked because it shows how just one person can change the life of a child for the better.

  19. As a former teacher and now a professional who works in the Special Needs Community I could not put this book down There were part where, at times, I felt it be to a little too idealistic even in the challenges and struggles of Torey but the honest insight of dealing with disabled, disturbed, and abused children is just inspiring Torey s passionate shines through in every page, and I cannot help but relate to her.

  20. Very interesting book to read, and very different from others I have read Once in a while I wanted to cry because sometimes it was so sad to think that those were real people and real stories But sometimes I also wanted to cry because of something happy that happened and it made me happy as well I have another Torey Hayden s book waiting in the self, I hope it s as good as this one and makes me feel the same way.

  21. Such a wonderful book It talks about children that people don t understand how smart and kind they are, even with all the problems they have Even with difficulties, they face their lifes with smiles and they fight so hard to be better This book also talks about an adult that sees these kids growing up and the fact that we need hope in this world I loved reading this book.

  22. This one was not quite what I expected, I expected one of those please Daddy, no type books, it s what it looks like I guess I shouldn t have judged by the cover because it wasn t that at all It was about kids with learning problems for a variety of reasons and the teacher who helps them that s Hayden It was interesting and a better read than I expected.

  23. Very good A true story, covering an entire school year but somehow Torey Hayden kept the story moving and kept drawing the reader right along as well as the best fiction writer She showed the kids and herself so well that they felt like the real people they were I agonized over the kids and cared terribly much about what happened to them This is a story that s going to stick with me.

  24. Another cracking book from Torey Hayden The compassion effort and sheer determination comes through in every book and I admire her tireless work with these troubled and disabled children off to read another

  25. This book was brilliant I related to this author so much Her memoir of working with special ed kids touched home for me If you work with these amazing little people or are the parent, I thoroughly recommend it.

  26. I love Hayden s books because I love two thing, kids and touching stories Hayden is the teacher I want to meet and the teacher I want to be She reminds me the most important thing through this book, one kid matter.

  27. One of my all time favorites I ve read it numerous times since discovering it in college One of the books that helped move me into studying sociology.

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