✓ Carrie ☆ Stephen King - Carrie, Carrie Carrie knew she should not use the terrifying power she possessed But one night at her senior prom Carrie was scorned and humiliated just one time too many and in a fit of uncontrollable fury she tu
  • Title: Carrie
  • Author: Stephen King
  • ISBN: 9781416524304
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Carrie ☆ Stephen King, Carrie, Stephen King, Carrie Carrie knew she should not use the terrifying power she possessed But one night at her senior prom Carrie was scorned and humiliated just one time too many and in a fit of uncontrollable fury she turned her clandestine game into a weapon of horror and destruction ✓ Carrie ☆ Stephen King - Carrie, Carrie Carrie knew she should not use the terrifying power she possessed But one night at her senior prom Carrie was scorned and humiliated just one time too many and in a fit of uncontrollable fury she tu
  • ✓ Carrie ☆ Stephen King
    378Stephen King

About Author

  1. Stephen Edwin King was born the second son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King After his father left them when Stephen was two, he and his older brother, David, were raised by his mother Parts of his childhood were spent in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where his father s family was at the time, and in Stratford, Connecticut When Stephen was eleven, his mother brought her children back to Durham, Maine, for good Her parents, Guy and Nellie Pillsbury, had become incapacitated with old age, and Ruth King was persuaded by her sisters to take over the physical care of them Other family members provided a small house in Durham and financial support After Stephen s grandparents passed away, Mrs King found work in the kitchens of Pineland, a nearby residential facility for the mentally challenged.Stephen attended the grammar school in Durham and Lisbon Falls High School, graduating in 1966 From his sopho year at the University of Maine at Orono, he wrote a weekly column for the school newspaper, THE MAINE CAMPUS He was also active in student politics, serving as a member of the Student Senate He came to support the anti war movement on the Orono campus, arriving at his stance from a conservative view that the war in Vietnam was unconstitutional He graduated in 1970, with a B.A in English and qualified to teach on the high school level A draft board examination immediately post graduation found him 4 F on grounds of high blood pressure, limited vision, flat feet, and punctured eardrums.He met Tabitha Spruce in the stacks of the Fogler Library at the University, where they both worked as students they married in January of 1971 As Stephen was unable to find placement as a teacher immediately, the Kings lived on his earnings as a laborer at an industrial laundry, and her student loan and savings, with an occasional boost from a short story sale to men s magazines.Stephen made his first professional short story sale The Glass Floor to Startling Mystery Stories in 1967 Throughout the early years of his marriage, he continued to sell stories to men s magazines Many were gathered into the Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologies.In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.

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  1. I want to start a shelf of books that traumatized me as a child with stories of girls who just could not stop gushing blood Down There, but I can t think of any others besides this and Bell Jar I know in Are You There God, It s Me Margaret they just couldn t stop TALKING about it, but I think that was different, just perplexing and annoying than actually traumatic.Any suggestions Um, BTW, this book is AMAZING I should give it than three stars There Done Four This is one of those books where yo [...]

  2. Everybody is invited to the Prom Dance THAT ENDING THAT YOU RE EXPECTINGIt s very interesting to read Carrie finally I have watched the Brian de Palma s adaptation, so I wasn t unfamiliar with what would happen.However, the way as Stephen King wrote this book was in such great way that the novel is still engaging not matter if you already know the main highlights.There are some books that if you knew what will happenkaput All the fun was spoiled and you won t get interested on reading the book B [...]

  3. People don t get better, they just get smarter When you get smarter you don t stop pulling the wings off flies, you just think of better reasons for doing it This is pizza, the freaky flavor.I loved how intertwined with religion it was Not churches and stuff like that I mean hardcore stuff about the point where religion stops being religion and transforms into fanaticism and how a person can drive themselves crazy with it, especially if you already have the tendency towards the crazy And Margare [...]

  4. Jesus watches from the wall,But his face is cold as stone,And if he loves meAs she tells meWhy do I feel so all alone I remember watching the movie when I was very little, I was pretty much freaked out by it The image of a poor girl covered in pig blood, going on a killing spree haunted me, and here I am today reading it for the first time awfully distraught and yet incredibly mesmerized by King s writing No wonder he is where he is today A true genius

  5. Outcast Carrie White has a secret She s telekinetic When a popular girl s boyfriend invites her to prom as atonement, she accepts, completely unaware of the horrors lurking on the horizonCarrie is Stephen King s first novel and has been part of our cultural landscape since it was made into a movie in the late 1970s Somehow, I ve escaped reading it or seeing the movie until now I knew or thought I knew most of the wrinkles of the plot going in, due to sai King s On Writing A Memoir of the Craft a [...]

  6. My brain is a torment of RAGE with which I wish to rain vengeance down upon the later half of this book Everything progressed along as it should in the first half The story moved at a good pace and the writing though not moving was adequate Then the climatic scene happened soon after the halfway mark I ll rephrase that The climax happened in the middle the middle An odd place for a climatic scene, I remember thinking Nonetheless, I pushed ond on and on through a rising tide of detail cheating ad [...]

  7. Este es mi tipo de terror un terror m s psicol gico, mas sutil, con una excelente historia, es todo lo que podr a pedir El hecho de que est narrado por cient ficos, sobrevivientes de la cat strofe del pueblo, con declaraciones oficiales del caso White, para mi fue lo mejor del libro, porque le dio un realismo escalofriante.Mucha gente pone como personaje de terror a Carrie, pero yo creo que ella, a pesar de tener los poderes, s lo era una v ctima del bullying y del acoso excesivo en casa.La que [...]

  8. Don t let the brevity of this book fool you Carrie may be one of King s less thick books but right from the scandalous opening scene to the very last page, it s a relentlessly harrowing read.King pieces together Carrie s story through a series of reports and articles concerning a telekinetic catastrophe in Maine I knew how terrible the end would be before it even happened, so reading the book was an excruciating experience the dread just kept building page after page, I could see what everything [...]

  9. To begin, I want to tell a quick story about my introduction to Stephen King I came really late to the party when it comes to the King I ll not bore you with the same ol story about my first read, but to make a long story short, I read The Stand and was not a fan right away say the least For some reason, and after numerous recommendations, I started The Dark Tower series and I wasn t even that impressed with the first book, The Gunslinger I didn t hate it, but it wasn t nearly what everyone was [...]

  10. Was Carrie White a literary active shooter Let s break it down from an abusive, negligent home life with dark theological and religious hobgoblins she is picked on and teased at school, relentlessly, by other girls and the bullying is allowed somewhat by the school administration She feels alone and without any relief and she is finally subjected to a humiliation that breaks a wall, crosses a line and then she crosses a line and people die.Stephen King crashes the writing party with a bold state [...]

  11. AlrightI finally decided to go back to the beginning of Stephen King s catalogue, and read in chronological order everything I have either not read, or did not get enough out of because I had missed so much of the King verse building along the way I highly recommend reading his books this way for any true King fan, because in so many ways they build upon each other, and there are several recurrent characters and themes I am convinced that many of his books absolutely cannot be enjoyed to their f [...]

  12. Quien es realmente el malo en esta historia Este fue mi primer libro le do de SK, casualmente tambi n es su primera novela publicada, la que lo hizo famoso, pues sabemos que el autor es famoso desde su primera publicacaci n As le en su libro autobiogr fico mientras escribo.La novela narra la historia de Carrie, una chica poco agraciada e infortunada que sufre un enfermizo control de parte de su madre que est completamente loca y un constante acoso o Bulliying en su colegio de parte de sus compa [...]

  13. Carrie es un libro corto pero grandioso Te atrapa desde la primera p gina Es ya considerado un cl sico de la literatura del terror, y con buenos fundamentos Tiene escenas que dejan una cicatriz en nuestra memoria.Jes s mira desde las paredes.Pero su rostro es fr o como una piedra.Y si el me ama como ella dice Por qu me siento tan sola Amo a Carrie Es un personaje con el cual me encari much simo Es uno de mis favoritos Muchos la odian, yo la adoro En la pr ctica, nadie se entera nunca de que sus [...]

  14. Poor Carrie, I feel your pain This book was interesting in that it presented facts on scientific phenomena called Psychokinesis, Something I have had personal experience with and I ll tell you about it at the end of this review as long as you all promise not to call me a freak but think that I m a freak all you want.Carrie didn t have it easy in high school Being raised by an over protective, abusive, and ultra religious mother and no father, she didn t have the tools to fit in with the crowd y [...]

  15. Primer libro que leo de este se or Ueeee Ya era hora Pues bien, me ha gustado aunque tampoco emocionado Hab a visto la m tica peli de los 70 hace mil a os as que la trama no me sorprendi mucho pero me encant el formato que entremezcla retazos de entrevistas, novelas y puntos de vistas de diferentes personajes Lo mejor, que habla muy claramente sobre el acoso escolar pero a n me gust m s esa reflexi n sobre la necesidad obsesiva que tenemos los humanos de pertenecer a un c rculo social especialme [...]

  16. What fast and captivating read I was a little skeptical about what horrors might come up in a King novel because I had never read anything by him, but it was fine Defintely intense but absolutely manageable A really good book and I m glad it was my first King

  17. 3.5 starsThis book made me appreciate my mother First off, I want to reiterate that a 3 stars from me does not equate to a negative review It means I liked enjoyed the book, but did not really like it or love it So please, don t tell me sorry it didn t work out Thank you.Carrie is Stephen s King first novel, the novel that started the legend I ve read other novels by King, but wanted to start at the beginning and make my way from there, that way I have a list to follow I ve seen the original mov [...]

  18. I think part of what makes this book so amazing is that even though it is a horror book it stems from something very basic and very real to so many people The need to be loved The need for acceptance The need to be nurtured by a parent Sadly as is so often the case in real life as well these things are held out of reach for Carrie Her mother is crazy The kids at school are HORRIBLE She has no friends no life She is isolated and miserable She is an outsider who can see that people have loving fam [...]

  19. dif cil avaliar esse livro por si s Depois que voc l Sobre a Escrita e sabe o qu o importante esse primeiro livro foi pro Stephen King, dif cil n o ter um carinho por ele Dif cil tamb m porque a hist ria da Carrie j est t o enraizada na cultura pop, que provavelmente voc j sabe tudo o que vai acontecer Talvez se tivesse lido na poca, houvesse espa o pra ser surpreendida ou ter uma experi ncia inovadora Mas j fomos t o bombardeados com filmes sobre a vingan a terr vel de adolescentes que sofrem b [...]

  20. Jumpy read riveting,good narrative and hauntingly good storyline with also incredible writing paperback

  21. Aptly, Stephen King s first published novel is my first read Stephen King novel I m not sure why I waited so long to pick up one of his novels because I ve long been a fan of the movies based on his books and read quite a few of his short stories Carrie White is the main character of novel She is characterized as a social misfit and in terms of looks is quite unique from the other teenage girls The book opens with a jarring scene in which Carrie is being taunted in the girl s locker room Carrie [...]

  22. Carrie wasn t quite what I expected As my first Stephen King novel, I had one thought in mind Horror.Stephen King is widely known as a best selling horror author, so when it turned out this book was of a contemporary about one girl s life, I took a step back It wasn t that I was immediately disappointed I mean, it s October, and with the blustery weather lately I ve been in the mood for a scary read, but whatever I was up for a good contemporary.But that s not quite what Carrie was either I thi [...]

  23. This was Stephen King s first published work and I hadn t even read it till now Some fan I am I hope Its never too late applies for me here and all will be forgivenIS BOOK.WOW.Just WOW.Amazing.W O W.I would have given this book 5 Stars but as I have already read a few books by Stephen King, I am well aware that he is capable of writing better stuff Hence 1 Star less.The opening scene My goodness Since that scene itself I developed a deep sympathy towards the main character Poor Carrie Always mis [...]

  24. Rating 3.5 5This review can also be found on my blog, Dana and the Books.I have a confession to make this is the first Stephen King novel I ve read I m not sure why it s taken me this long to pick one up, but it only seemed fitting that my first Stephen King novel should be his debut novel.I must preface by saying I haven t seen the movie, so I went into the book with very little prior knowledge of what Carrie was actually about.So, the verdict A good debut novel, but not a fantastic one.The for [...]

  25. Did any of you stop to think that Carrie White has feelings Did any of you ever stop to think Sue Fern Helen Jessica Any of you You think she s ugly Well, you re all ugly I saw it on Friday morning I think I got a lot than I bargained for with this book And I m not sure yet Is that a good thing or bad thing Every character in here screamed asylum I ve never read about a group of people in need of psychiatric help AND SAD PART IS FROM WHAT I READ IT SEEMS FOR THEMFIRST THINGS FIRST Your pimples [...]

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