The Medici Seal

Unlimited The Medici Seal - by Theresa Breslin - The Medici Seal, The Medici Seal Romagna Italy Fleeing from the murderous brigand Sandino Matteo a young boy is saved from drowning by the companions of Leonardo da Vinci From this moment on Matteo is at the Maestro s side as
  • Title: The Medici Seal
  • Author: Theresa Breslin
  • ISBN: 9780552554473
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited The Medici Seal - by Theresa Breslin, The Medici Seal, Theresa Breslin, The Medici Seal Romagna Italy Fleeing from the murderous brigand Sandino Matteo a young boy is saved from drowning by the companions of Leonardo da Vinci From this moment on Matteo is at the Maestro s side as he carries out his work which ranges from the painting of magnificent frescos to intricate dissection of the human body But Leonardo is employed by Cesare Borgia headRomagna Italy Unlimited The Medici Seal - by Theresa Breslin - The Medici Seal, The Medici Seal Romagna Italy Fleeing from the murderous brigand Sandino Matteo a young boy is saved from drowning by the companions of Leonardo da Vinci From this moment on Matteo is at the Maestro s side as
  • Unlimited The Medici Seal - by Theresa Breslin
    448Theresa Breslin
The Medici Seal

About Author

  1. Theresa Breslin was born and brought up in Kirkintilloch, a small town in central Scotland She is the recipient of the Carnegie Medal, Britain s most prestigious children s book award, for Whispers in the Graveyard, and her books for young people receive critical acclaim and appear regularly on children s book award short lists in the United Kingdom A longtime librarian, Breslin was awarded lifelong honorary membership in the Scottish Library Association for distinguished services to children s literature and librarianship.

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  1. I absolutely loved this book It took me a while to get into it at first I dont think I was paying much attention the first time round But once I got into it, I was hooked The descriptions were so accurate and so detailed that it caught my interest immediately I went on the net and looked up the Da Vinci paintings mentioned in the book, as well as looked up the history of that time period It certainly sparked a new interest of mine As soon as I was done, I recommended it to the rest of my family [...]

  2. Fleeing from an attacker, a young boy named Matteo falls into a river and is saved from drowning by none other than Leonardo Da Vinci, whose assistant he subsequently becomes Travelling with Da Vinci, he gets to observe much of the great man s work, both artistic and scientific, as well as his dealings with Cesare Borgia, who employs him at the time Matteo encounters him in 1502 But the story Matteo tells his new master and other acquaintances about himself is not the whole truth, nor is Matteo [...]

  3. This was a DNF on page 90.I was looking forward to reading this, but I wasn t really into the story and didn t really get what it was about Not that it is a bad book or anything.I ll probably re read this sometime this year.Until then

  4. It is impossible to feel impartial towards the plight and experiences of Matteo, an intelligent, inquisitive ten year old who barely escapes death in Renaissance, Italy As the story proceeds, we are ingeniously led through omniscient eyes, to view as this boy becomes a man Although initially faced with death under the hand of the single dimension mercenary Sandino, Matteo is fortunately found and taken under the wing of the meticulous yet caring tutelage of one of the most famous artisans known [...]

  5. REVIEWED FOR PUBLISHERS Theresa Breslin is one of the most highly respected writers fro children and young adults working in Britain today and it s easy to see why The historical framework of The Medici Seal has been meticulously researched so that fictional characters sit comfortably alongside actual historical figures and does it so well that you can t see the join This story has everything you could possibly want murder, mystery, secrets, action, drama, love, hate and all that lies in between [...]

  6. Sort of like Dan Brown for the younger set very fast read especially given that it clocks in around 500 pages with fun historical tidbits Normally, I m not a big fan of giving major roles to real people in historical fiction books because I think they tend to come out as caricatures, but I like the way Theresa Breslin portrays Da Vinci While everything seems to get wrapped up a little too neatly for my taste in the last 50 pages or so, this book is a fun way to get to a conclusion even when it f [...]

  7. Wow, what a beautiful book This is an amazing insight into the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci and the Medici and Borgia families It took me long time to finish this book because I didn t want to finish it This will forever be one of my favourites.

  8. Some of my favorites paragraphs Matteo there are matters that men will never discern There are things that cannot be explained Leonardo all things can be explained Matteo not everything Leonardo All things can be explained Matteo thinks Heresy , and he says the monk at Averno said there are things that are not given to men to understand.Leonardo I say there are things that men do not understand because we have not yet developed the tools to do so In past years we were unable to look closely at t [...]

  9. I admit, I didn t even finish reading this Somewhere in the beginning, there is a fairly significant editing error in the chronological events an event suggests that a previous event did not take place I think the scenes were originally reversed in the timeline and the editor advised to swap them but the author never rewrote it to make chronological sense It annoyed me to the point where I didn t continue reading it On another note, this is a childrens book I m certain I didn t find it in the Ch [...]

  10. I picked this in, of all the places, the Uffizi in Florence when I was in Tuscany two years ago Theresea Breslin is one of those historical authors that knows how to bring a bring a period of history to life, though she uses rather less language than Philippa Gregory, rather letting the characters and scenery do the talking for her, which appeals to perhaps younger readers It s a very full snapshot, taking in every stratum of society and some very prominant historical figures, Leonardo da Vinci [...]

  11. I loved this story of a runaway boy, Matteo, who ends up in the company of Leonardo di Vinci As I read this I was sure I d already read it and a prequel but I couldn t find one on the web anywhere The whole book seemed familiar Maybe I read it years ago A fascinating trip into history with lots of detail of life and politics in da Vinci s era and, of course, his numerous forward thinking inventions and ideas Adventure and intrigue abound as Matteo, a character that is adventurous, naive and love [...]

  12. Interesting story of a supposedly gypsy being chased by malefactors, is rescued by Leonardo da Vinci s friends and is offered respite in the Master s household as a servant boy The story gives some insights into Da Vinci s talent and profound generosity and plans to educate the boy suspecting in the way he looked at his eye that he was of Medici descent This is discovered towards the end of the story when everything seems to come together during the last chapter Interesting story but would not s [...]

  13. I enjoyed it very much Breslin manages to insert the little well known facts and quirks of Da Vinci, and the effect is making the story believable, not too fictious well at least until the last part where Matteo s real identity becomes known then it starts to become telenovela ish Of course we are all glad for a happy ending, Matteo deserves it, but i dont know I am torn Over all, a good book to read, very enjoyable I didnt finish it in one sitting, but i kept coming back to finish it if i dont [...]

  14. It did take a while to get into the story, but I was interested because of my love of the Medici chapel, which by the way was never mentioned A young boy is rescued Leonardo da Vinci friends and taken into their home He is a gypsy boy, but pretends not to be, he has stolen the Medici Seal Not knowing what has, he is chased through the book by an outlaw At the end of the story, their is a very nice twist, and everyone lived happily ever after.

  15. It took me quite a while to get into this read because the style was a little confusing at the beginning, but as soon as the first pieces fall into place it gets really interesting I kept on guessing at the truth behind all the stories the narrator tells And as I always have been interested in da Vinci it was pretty neat to observe how the author took that story and wove her plot around it.

  16. Overall a very well written book, the plot and the context were great The only thing that ruined this book for me was the ending It felt forced and rushed after all that had happen in the book it was big reveal then they all lived happily ever after ending Being such a big book I would have thought that room would be left for an ending worthy of this great book.

  17. This was one my son read because the author came to his school It was a fun combination of a little historical fiction using Leonardo Divinci , set in Europe, with a tale of intrigue It was fun and I think we both learned a bit

  18. Parfait Theresa Breslin signe ici un roman historique d un int r t certain, avec une bonne intrigue et des anecdotes historiques pertinentes M me si l histoire est ici romanc e, l auteure est parvenue rendre les Guerres d Italie la port e de n importe quel lecteur.

  19. Italy 1502 A young boy is saved from drowning by Leonardo da Vinci and stays at his side Leonardo is employed by the head of one of Italy s leading families An authentic story of Renaissance and a fascinating glimpse into the world of Da Vinci.

  20. A great holiday read My daughter recommended this to me, and I found it unpouttdownable Matteus story is intertwinned with Da Vinci, just a very easy, pleasant read.

  21. Interesting and fascinating story set in Italy with the Medici and Borgias at war Great wealth of detail and a hero you can identify with Enjoyed very much

  22. Loved the story it takes you to another world full of adventure a journey in a book, with wonderful characters such as Leonardo da Vinci love it

  23. A great book Find I spend and time in the children s section of the library checking out the new reads Haven t read any of Breslin s adult work actually, must try some.

  24. I enjoyed the story it wasn t a happy story as lots of characters die but I guess I just like Matteo There were some major story errors I can t believe the editor let pass by I moved pretty fast.

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