Last Breath

↠ Last Breath ↠ Rachel Caine - Last Breath, Last Breath With her boss preoccupied researching the Founder Houses in Morganville student Claire Danvers is left to her own devices when she learns that three vampires have vanished without a trace She soon di
  • Title: Last Breath
  • Author: Rachel Caine
  • ISBN: 9780451234872
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ Last Breath ↠ Rachel Caine, Last Breath, Rachel Caine, Last Breath With her boss preoccupied researching the Founder Houses in Morganville student Claire Danvers is left to her own devices when she learns that three vampires have vanished without a trace She soon discovers that the last person seen with one of the missing vampires is someone new to town a mysterious individual named Magnus After an uneasy encounter with Morganville s lWith her boss p ↠ Last Breath ↠ Rachel Caine - Last Breath, Last Breath With her boss preoccupied researching the Founder Houses in Morganville student Claire Danvers is left to her own devices when she learns that three vampires have vanished without a trace She soon di
  • ↠ Last Breath ↠ Rachel Caine
    121Rachel Caine
Last Breath

About Author

  1. Rachel Caine is a pen name of Roxanne Longstreet Conrad.She has also published as Roxanne LongstreetRoxanne ConradJulie FortuneIan HammellHer Facebook page facebook rachelcainef

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  1. That s better I was starting to feel like we should go shoe shopping or something Being a girl is not a bad thing No He took his hand out of his pocket and put his arm around her shoulders, hugging her close If I could be half the girl you are, I d be wow, I have no idea where I was going with that, and it just turned out uncomfortable, all of a sudden Jackass You like being a girl that s good I like being a guy that s also good Next you ll be all Me, Tarzan, you, Jane i love this quote hilariou [...]

  2. 11 8 11update I finished the book 8 24 11 update at bottom Do you know what I love about these books They come out about every six months That s a pretty short time considering how long you have to wait for SOME booksother thing I love about these books there SSSOOOO many of them I mean this is the eleventh book Seriously And they NEVER get boring, even though it s pretty much just the same things happening in every book, it s SSSOOO exciting And for once I seriously love the protagonist A lot o [...]

  3. First I simply tought Last breath What the hell does that means And then I was like OMG, will they turn Claire into a vamp or something And then, I started wondering Wait Eve and Michael Marriage Fangs Accidents Holy cow I mean, what ifMarriage Eve Michael Eve s Last Breath Damn,why do I need to find out what happens so badly

  4. I m honestly scrambling to find something other than I FREAKING LOVED IT to post right now, but I m coming up somewhat empty Rachel Caine s 11th book in the Morganville Vampire series is everything a fangirl could dream of Last Breath was filled with drama, romance, action, mystery, and a lot of suspense After eleven books, you pretty much know what you re getting into with these books or so I thought Caine again kept me on my toes by showing us not only Claire s point of view, but also Eve and [...]

  5. Whoa Way to revitalize a series, Ms Caine You ve definitely woken me up view spoiler Poor Claire Poor Myrnin Although I guess everyone suffers in this book, even the house hide spoiler WHEN is Black Dawn coming out again

  6. Gelatinous vampire goo Gelatinous vampire goo I can t get over it This is sowrong I m hoping this new enemy is part of Caine s endgame We ve had 11 books and perhaps she s running out of ideas even though the final book, 15 is due out in November 2013 It certainly feels like the end run The VillainsA type of ultimate vampire, the Draug have a seductive call like sirens, need water to survive and breed, can reduce themselves to vampire goo which if you get any on you, will suck the blood life out [...]

  7. I really don t know why I read this crap.These books are like those movies where you just go to switch your brain off and have a good time Except the difference for Last Breath is that you switch your brain off and have one heck of a bore a thon.Even the action scenes have gotten boring.OK, that s not entirely true since I was into it while I was reading those sequences, but even so there was this get on with it feeling all over it After eleven books you kinda figure out no one s gonna die so yo [...]

  8. Holy floating Moses That was insane every story s tragic somewhere along the way You just have to know where to stop telling the story to make a happy ending I cannot agree with that Rachel Caine sure has a way of creating a roll a coaster of a ride for her Morganville fans She puts us through an ongoing adventure of turbulent ups and downs with crazy twists, insane events and fierce action that doesn t quit Call me crazy, but I don t want this wild ride to end.In Last Breath Morganville is at [...]

  9. Everytime it comes to writing a review for these books, I find myself sounding like a broken record But then again every time it s worth the repeat These books are highly addictive and purely entertaining It kills boredom and cures readers block It s nevah dull and it s always filled with the most delicious intrigue, not to mention sizzling sexy chemistry How is it possible that these books just gets better and better Eleven books in and I m still having an absoute blast in this world In fact, I [...]

  10. Book 11 I ve never gone this far with an author or series before Harry Potter the only other series I finished with 4 books I just love these characters and situation and am still engaged I finished last night and enjoyed the story It ended with a cliff hanger as Rachel does sometimes and I m going to start Black Dawn tonight I must say I was shocked by view spoiler Claire s murder That really surprised me and I thought it was very bold of Rachel to do that to her main character However I m real [...]

  11. Myrnin wasn t listening He was muttering under his breath, something in a language I didn t know, but from the sound of it, he was cursing like a drunken sailor as he stared murderously at the black portal Then he switched to English All right, he said Kill me, then, you faithless pile of lumber and nails Kill me if you have to, but I am coming through So everyone that knows me knows I m completely obsessed with Rachel Caine and her dark gritty world of Morganville Vampires and especially my ins [...]

  12. Last Breath, the eleventh chapter in the Morganville Vampire series, proved to be a HUGE disappointment This far into the series, I expect that any events that happen in it need to have reasons to really be there, instead of just acting as fillers Nevertheless, that is the exact thing I get two supposedly huge dramas that didn t have any consequences molded into a storyline that fit into the exact pattern as the previous books.Nothing new is really there other than the villain and even he doesn [...]

  13. I only have a few words to say about Last Breath best book in the whole Morganville series This was a true roller coaster of emotions, and the endingwell, it was the perfect cherry to top a delicious cupcake of stirring scenes Definitely worth reading.

  14. Last Breath Review on K BooksI was so excited to receive this for review from Allison Busby Publishers and I just had to start to straight away Morganville Vampires is without a doubt my favourite vampire series ever I am always torn between this series and Richelle Mead s Vampire Academy series but after reading Last Breath this is definitely the best vampire series I have ever read The writing style is amazing and the storyline is shocking and beautiful all at the same time This is the only se [...]

  15. Wow, I think this was my favorite of the series These books just keep getting better I don t know how Rachel Caine manages to keep us invested in this story even after eleven books, but she does Once you start reading one of these books you find the pages just fly by This has always been a fun series with a lot of action, romance, and snarky humorous dialogue This book in the series however, is a game changer, and felt a bit serious than the others After the whole drama played out in Bite Club, [...]

  16. Quick review Cover IDK Rating R Thumbs Up 4Overall It was pretty goodCharacters Well WrittenPlot A new bad boy is in town and everyone is in dangerPage Turner Yes Series Cont Sure Recommend YeahBook Boyfriend ShaneSUMMARY 50 words or less Well, I didn t love this book, but it was pretty good There was some world building as something new has come to town We also get some answers which is always good And can I say that was the best ending ever It was It really was.For a full review and yummy pic [...]

  17. I feel like this is probably my favorite book out of the entire series I don t really know how to explain it but mostly I didn t end up hating anyone that much or think any of the main characters were annoying as fuck So that is always a plus in my book.Last Breath was an okay book with a dash of interesting twists and turns view spoiler Claire, who was once so I annoying to me at first, has slowly started to become less annoying She s not all the way there but she s getting closer to becoming a [...]

  18. Rachel Caine is an evil, wicked author for what s she has done to her characters and by extension her readers in LAST BREATH, the eleventh book in her crazy fun Morganville Vampire series Not since GLASS HOUSES which ended with with the decapitation of a main character have I been as shocked by a book in this series and yes, that means someone else very important dies I am continually amazed at how after so many books, the stories about Claire, Shane, Eve, Michael, and Morganville still feel fre [...]

  19. After 10 books in the same series you might think you can know what to expect But Rachel has a way of throwing things at us we would never see coming And this 11th book Last Breath is topping all that She stunned me at what she came up with You will never see it coming If you have come this far in the series, then you know its going to be awesome I would recommend reading these all in order so you can really get to know these characters and to see how much they have all been through together Las [...]

  20. Okudu um en iyi MV kitab yd Konusu ilgin ti ve fena aksiyon , dram doluydu Micheal ve Eve nin evlenme karar kasabada k sa bir ok etkisi yapar Vampirler ve insanlar bu kez ortak bir fikirde bulu mu lard Bu a klar n evlenmesinin imkan yoktur Ama Eve ve Micheal , arkada lar Shane ve Claire yi de arkalar na alarak kararl bir ekilde mihraba yol al yorlard r Morganville ise bu k k krizden daha b y k tehlikeler beklemektedir.Kom u vampir kasabas ndan gelen bir el i , nemli bir not ta yordur Notta tek b [...]

  21. Wow Eleven books into The Morganville Vampires series it s still as exciting as ever I think this may actually be my favourite one so far

  22. Claire Danvers is an extra ordinary girl living in the extra ordinary town of Morganville, Texas What makes Claire so special She s super smart, having started college early, and, among other things, works after school in a lab with Myrnin, who s a little crazyd a vampire In Morganville though, that s no so unusual there are lots of vampires in Morganville.While there is usually an uneasy truce between the humans and the vampires, things are currently a little strained Someone s planning a weddi [...]

  23. 5 stars plus, a round of applause, a standing ovation and an addicting as crack warning label.I love this series It s book 11 and yet it was fresh, awesome and left me wanting for Some series begin to wither as they go along They seem to be written as fan service and for the publishers author s pockets I don t mean any disrespect, but at times the quality and sincerity of the writing seems forced In OTHER SERIES, NOT, NOT, this oneG How does Ms Caine does it She really knows where she wants her [...]

  24. I don t know how Rachel Caine does it She can create book after book and still keep the story fresh and alive This is one series that never gets boring and keeps me excited for the next Right from the start, we get what we have been longing to feel for what seems like foreverNEKKID SHANE no, he really isn t, but we can keep hoping Oh, how i had missed his humor and snide remarks Look, ask him, okay This is girl talk I don t do girl talk She punched him in the shoulder Ass That s better I was sta [...]

  25. Read this review on my blog Last Breath by Rachel CaineOh, our dear Morganville gang Last Breath was a rough one for you, wasn t it Rachel Caine really dragged you guys through the mud, didn t she And by the end, things haven t only gotten marginally better sigh Come guys need a hug In Last Breath, every one is in danger Vampires are being hunted, and in turn, the vampires want to free the humans and get the heck outta dodge Also, have you ever wondered why the town of Morganville, TX w [...]

  26. I wanted to read Last Breath because I am addicted to this series, and if you ve been following my blog for any time, you ll have noticed my previous love fest reviews for this series I love the characters, the plot and how something new always comes up and it shapes and develops both Claire the main character but the awesome and fully fleshed out secondary characters Any time I have a moment in my reading schedule, I have been picking these up.This one had focus in the beginning on Eve and Mic [...]

  27. What just happened This was the question that I was asking myself all the way through this book Caine just keeps on coming with this series and I admit that I was expecting the series to go downhill a bit, but thankfully that s not the case I d probably say that this one gripped me than the others It was fast paced and full of surprises There was a great amount of action but it didn t feel rushed or as though it was too much There were a lot of different aspects to this book, the storyline of E [...]

  28. I am not sure if I have ever been so excited about a book in my life If you love this series, than this book MUST be read The book starts off with the vampires and the humans kind of in an uproar about Eve and Michael s upcoming nuptials Shane and Claire are left to try talking Eve and Michael out of their decision It does not take long before the plot is turned and there is going on in Morganville that threatens everyone Even the vampires This book made me laugh, cry yes.y, and wish that I had [...]

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