Ballet Shoes

[PDF] Ballet Shoes | by ☆ Noel Streatfeild Diane Goode - Ballet Shoes, Ballet Shoes Pauline Petrova and Posy are orphans determined to help out their new family by joining the Children s Academy of Dancing and Stage Training But when they vow to make a name for themselves they have
  • Title: Ballet Shoes
  • Author: Noel Streatfeild Diane Goode
  • ISBN: 9780679847595
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Ballet Shoes | by ☆ Noel Streatfeild Diane Goode, Ballet Shoes, Noel Streatfeild Diane Goode, Ballet Shoes Pauline Petrova and Posy are orphans determined to help out their new family by joining the Children s Academy of Dancing and Stage Training But when they vow to make a name for themselves they have no idea it s going to be such hard work They launch themselves into the world of show business complete with working papers the glare of the spotlight and practice pracPauline Petro [PDF] Ballet Shoes | by ☆ Noel Streatfeild Diane Goode - Ballet Shoes, Ballet Shoes Pauline Petrova and Posy are orphans determined to help out their new family by joining the Children s Academy of Dancing and Stage Training But when they vow to make a name for themselves they have
  • [PDF] Ballet Shoes | by ☆ Noel Streatfeild Diane Goode
    444Noel Streatfeild Diane Goode
Ballet Shoes

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  1. Mary Noel Streatfeild, known as Noel Streatfeild, was an author best known and loved for her children s books, including Ballet Shoes and Circus Shoes She was born on Christmas Eve, 1895, the daughter of William Champion Streatfeild and Janet Venn and the second of six children to be born to the couple Sister Ruth was the oldest, after Noel came Barbara, William Bill , Joyce who died of TB prior to her second birthday and Richenda Ruth and Noel attended Hastings and St Leonard s Ladies College in 1910 As an adult, she began theater work, and spent approximately 10 years in the theater During the Great War, in 1915 Noel worked first as a volunteer in a soldier s hospital kitchen near Eastbourne Vicarage and later produced two plays with her sister Ruth When things took a turn for the worse on the Front in 1916 she moved to London and obtained a job making munitions in Woolwich Arsenal At the end of the war in January 1919, Noel enrolled at the Academy of Dramatic Art later Royal Academy in London In 1930, she began writing her first adult novel, The Whicharts, published in 1931 In June 1932, she was elected to membership of PEN Early in 1936, Mabel Carey, children s editor of J M Dent and Sons, asks Noel to write a children s story about the theatre, which led to Noel completing Ballet Shoes in mid 1936 In 28 September 1936, when Ballet Shoes was published, it became an immediate best seller.According to Angela Bull, Ballet Shoes was a reworked version of The Whicharts Elder sister Ruth Gervis illustrated the book, which was published on the 28th September, 1936 At the time, the plot and general attitude of the book was highly original, and destined to provide an outline for countless other ballet books down the years until this day The first known book to be set at a stage school, the first ballet story to be set in London, the first to feature upper middle class society, the first to show the limits of amateurism and possibly the first to show children as self reliant, able to survive without running to grownups when things went wrong.In 1937, Noel traveled with Bertram Mills Circus to research The Circus is Coming also known as Circus Shoes She won the Carnegie gold medal in February 1939 for this book In 1940, World War II began, and Noel began war related work from 1940 1945 During this time, she wrote four adult novels, five children s books, nine romances, and innumerable articles and short stories On May 10th, 1941, her flat was destroyed by a bomb Shortly after WWII is over, in 1947, Noel traveled to America to research film studios for her book The Painted Garden In 1949, she began delivering lectures on children s books Between 1949 and 1953, her plays, The Bell Family radio serials played on the Children s Hour and were frequently voted top play of the year Early in 1960s, she decided to stop writing adult novels, but did write some autobiographical novels, such as A Vicarage Family in 1963 She also had written 12 romance novels under the pen name Susan Scarlett Her children s books number at least 58 titles From July to December 1979, she suffered a series of small strokes and moved into a nursing home In 1983, she received the honor Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBE On 11 September 1986, she passed away in a nursing home.

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  1. My mother doesn t like to read She s just not that into it, never has been I, on the other hand, read every day and have, ever since the age of 6 Imagine my surprise, as a 10 year old, when she gave me a copy of Ballet Shoes and told me it was her favorite book as a child During this time, I was obsessed with C.S Lewis and reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader for what felt like the 40th time But, still, my mother had given me a book, so, the least I could do was read it, right I m writing this [...]

  2. Remember the scene in You ve Got Mail where Colleen Kelly Meg Ryan is sitting in the children s section of the newly opened Foxx Books, and a customer comes in looking for the Shoes books by Noel Streatfield The clerk has clearly never heard of them, but Colleen has, and she tells the customer that The Ballet Shoes is definitely the one she should start withThis is that book.In the twenty first century, a particularly cynical reader might accuse the book of containing certain tropes that have be [...]

  3. 5 Words Classic, Christmas, talent, family, dance.This is one of my FAVOURITE books ever I read it year on year, often than once, and I never get bored How could I Ballet Shoes follows the Fossil sisters and their journey through life as they try to get their name into the history books because of who they are.It s a book that always makes me smile, that could cheer me up on the most miserable of days And it has this kick ass thread of girl power throughout, a discreet hint of feminism that mak [...]

  4. The story of Pauline, Petrova, and Posy will be in my heart for life, even though I must confess that was introduced to these charming and unforgettable characters from the 1975 British television version That kind of ruined me for the book all I d do was nosh through my favorite scenes Only when I was in my 20 s did I read it cover to cover when I introduced its pleasures to a girl I was tutoring.Pauline, Petrova, and Posy are three adopted girls being raised in London in the 1930 s Because of [...]

  5. I had two career goals as a little girl I would be a ballerinaor a librarian, heh Well I started ballet at three and continued through college, but alas never made it to the big stage I am a librarian though so go figure.I loved these books so much as a child All of her series that I read I should say, but especially ballet shoes This is a fascinating vanished world.

  6. Thank you, Kathleen Kelly, for alerting me to the existence of this book This was really cute and heartwarming And I think it s probably time I watch You ve Got Mail again.

  7. Reading this just made me happy Ridiculous, but true It s really a lovely book, with strong, sensible characters.

  8. This is probably the first book ever where I cannot say The book is better straight away First of all, it is clear that the book is for children and the film is for the grown ups But the beauty remains in both.Pauline, Petrova and Posy are sister by accident as they were all adopted by a wealthy and nice uncle Matthew whom they called Gum, because Great Uncle Matthew G.U.M After he brought the youngest Posy home, though, he disappeared There was enough money in the bank for a couple of years, bu [...]

  9. Every child should have the joy of reading this book I am so sad that most of her books are out of print and very difficult to find I m very glad that this one and a couple others are available This book is charming and wholesome and funny and full of good lessons for young children I would buy every single Streatfeild Book that came into print And I would buy multiple copies so that my children could have their own sets.

  10. One of my two favorite of Streatfield s Shoes books A children s novel from the 1930s about three adopted sisters, poor but talented, who attend a dance and stage school in London They have a guardian who turns her home into a boarding house to make a living, and most of the other characters live there.

  11. Originally published in both ENG and RO on my blog vanillamoonblog 2013 02 22I must admit that what first got me interested in this book was seeing the movie with Emma Watson as Pauline in 2007 However, six years have passed until I actually decided I want to read this book Another important factor in my decision to read it was also the Pre 1960 s Classic Children s Books Reading Challenge hosted by Turning the Pages I am participating in this year But how and why I read this book is not as impo [...]

  12. It s not great fiction It s not classic children s fiction But it wasn t meant to be, not even at the time It s meant to be fantasy wish fulfillment for little girls, who like the three Fossil sisters, dream of being in the history books and not because of their grandfathers.For any little girl who has dreamed of leaving her family behind and living in a rambling old house full of adults who are not her parents, and enjoy spoiling you just a bit For any little girl who has dreamed of ditching re [...]

  13. I m fond of all Noel Streatfeild s books, but this one, being the first I read, has a special place in my heart It introduces Pauline, Petrova, and Posy Fossil, orphans who are adopted by an eccentric geologist who then disappears for years, leaving the girls in the care of his niece Sylvia and her old nanny, Nana When the money he left Sylvia runs out, they decide to send the girls to stage school The story and characters are lively and memorable, and Streatfeild describes the girls training an [...]

  14. I m sorry, Susann, but this will be my only Shoes book.I found it sweet but unsatisfying I just couldn t care about anyone but Petrova, and even she was a little marshmallow y There was never any real doubt about how it would end, or if the latest character would be interested in helping the girls or even if one or another would get any given part All the self sacrificing was again, the only word I keep coming up with for this book is sweet Sweet like white sugar, sweet like cotton candy, sweet [...]

  15. Noel Streatfeild was one of the twentieth century s most beloved British children s authors, and it s not hard to see why Ballet Shoes is quintessential English storytelling charm, every becoming trait of the era neatly fit within its pages It s not a vehicle for any overarching message other than the sweet thrill of life in all its ups and downs, the reward of persevering through lean times to enjoy the good The characters are winsome and very real, none equipped with super traits to shield the [...]

  16. This book and I, we ve known each other for a long long time It is one of those books that has been in my life for forever, really, I can t quite remember a time without it Without Noel Streatfeild, without the Fossils and without Cromwell Road and Madame Fidolia It is something I cannot quite conceive of, the unknowing of these things.Ballet Shoes is beautiful, iconic in its way, a story of stage and screen and of destiny It is a story about impact, about the value of that impact, and about mak [...]

  17. Ballet Shoes is one of those books I wish I d been able to read as a child I would have loved to experience the lives of the Fossil girls through a child s eyes, and to have grown up with them.Noel Streatfeild s beautiful book bewitched me with its simplicity, charm and humour I was drawn in by the lives of Pauline, Petrova and Posy, empathising with their struggles as they grew up laughing and crying with them over their successes and failures Like the best children s stories, even though it s [...]

  18. You ve Got Mail That was the first thing I thought about when I picked up this book and CD from the library The history of that movie for me, is that my husband and I consider this our movie We met on an online pen pal forum So we had watched it a million time, give or take We both are obsessed with books, reading and writing them So when I saw the title of the book by Noel Streatfield, I realized that the shoe books were real, not just a title made up for the movie That, also, brought up the sa [...]

  19. I couldn t even tell you how many times I ve read this I don t remember the first time My copy has lost its cover, is in the process of losing its back and at some point a mysterious brown liquid invaded pages 1 75 As a person who takes very good care of her books, having one in this condition is a testament of how often it was read One of my very favorites.

  20. Should probably have read this 35 years ago I read it because someone mentioned that a character in my current work in progress reminded her of a grown up Petrova Fossil and I was intrigued Can I just say here that it is INEVITABLE that Petrova grow up and join the Air Transport Auxiliary she is already buzzing around in planes at the age of thirteen in 1933 and it is clear that when she hits 20 in 1940, and has had her pilot s license for the past 4 years or so, she will have no other desire in [...]

  21. So funny that I just turned on the TV to see You ve Got Mail playing Meg Ryan s character has a touching moment about Noel Streatfeild and The Shoe Books in the film and I get her in that moment The Shoe Books were huge favourites of mine as a child and, yes I took ballet, so Ballet Shoes was my favourite I haven t read this book in years and years and years At the moment, I am in a bit of a I don t even know what reading slump, I guess So I thought I would revisit this novel While me memory isn [...]

  22. I think Noel Streatfeild is on the way to becoming one of my favorite authors In addition to Ballet Shoes, which I read earlier this year, I am currently reading her adult novel Saplings and thoroughly enjoying it I spent a good amount of time browsing ebay and used book sellers in an attempt to track down of her books since the vast majority of this very prolific author s books are out of print I am only kicking myself for taking so long to start reading Streatfeild s work.Ballet Shoes is a th [...]

  23. This was an adorable tale I have watched the film countless times and decided it was time to read the book It was just the sort of light, magical story to curl up with on a November evening Pauline,Petrova, and Posy are three orphan girls who were picked up GUM,or rather Great uncle Matthew,on his many travels around the world collecting Fossils Looked after by Gum s Great Niece, whilst he returns to his travels,the girls live in relative comfort but the money begins to run out It is only when l [...]

  24. The first time I had heard of this book was in the movie You ve Got Mail When I discovered it was real, I had decided I d look for it to read A few years went by and I had forgotten about the book until friends of mine read it and gave it rather good ratings, so I added the book to my wishlist Recently, I had just finished reading Little By Little in which the author mentions having read the book and how it influenced her This time, I researched the library s catalog and discovered they had it I [...]

  25. Almost certainly my favourite childhood novel I read it and re read it over and over again My dream as a child was to be either a ballet dancer or an actress, so Ballet Shoes was perfect for me as were other books by Noel Streatfeild, especially the Gemma series and Lorna Hill s Sadlers Wells series Well, I became neither a dancer nor an actress, but my love for the performing arts has endured, as has my love for this book.

  26. A wonderful experience It was so informative about life in 1930s London as dancing and acting students, yet written with the forthrightness of a child s perspective and a fun sense of humor I plan to read by Noel Streatfeild.

  27. Sweet little book, perfect to read to little girls with a passion for dancing and acting, though a bit dated now.

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