Stealing Phoenix

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Stealing Phoenix : by Joss Stirling - Stealing Phoenix, Stealing Phoenix Phoenix belongs to the Community a gang of thieves with paranormal powers Yves Benedict an American student visiting London is her mark But Yves turns out to be than just a target He is her destiny
  • Title: Stealing Phoenix
  • Author: Joss Stirling
  • ISBN: 9780192756589
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Stealing Phoenix : by Joss Stirling, Stealing Phoenix, Joss Stirling, Stealing Phoenix Phoenix belongs to the Community a gang of thieves with paranormal powers Yves Benedict an American student visiting London is her mark But Yves turns out to be than just a target He is her destiny Her soulmate The Community owns Phoenix s past and it wants her future too Can Phoenix save the boy she loves and herself [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Stealing Phoenix : by Joss Stirling - Stealing Phoenix, Stealing Phoenix Phoenix belongs to the Community a gang of thieves with paranormal powers Yves Benedict an American student visiting London is her mark But Yves turns out to be than just a target He is her destiny
  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Stealing Phoenix : by Joss Stirling
    409Joss Stirling
Stealing Phoenix

About Author

  1. Joss Stirling is a British novelist Her first novel under this name was the internationally successful, Finding Sky, which is followed by five others in the same series entering into the savant world of young people with special powers Central to the story are the Benedict Brothers, seven talented guys from Colorado In a second series, Struck, Joss begins a new world of detective romance The first three parts are Struck 1 and Stung 2 , and Shaken 3 and Scorched 4 Joss introduces readers to four new heroes Kieran Storm, Nathan Hunter, Joe Masters and Damien Castle, who all attention the Young Detective Agency The first part, Struck, won the Romantic Novel of the Year 2015 in the UK.Her new series, PERIL, a paranormal love story set in the near future, is out 13 July 2017.Joss lives in Oxford, England She is married with three children.Stirling also publishes under two pen names Julia Golding and Eve Edwards.

One thought on “Stealing Phoenix

  1. I really liked this book from cover to cover It was full of action from the first couple of pages to the end.I think Yves is perfect for me I tend to go for the shy, brainy guys, and it sure didn t hurt that this one was devastatingly handsome and such a gentleman He s romantic but not to the point where he s too sappy, and he s protective but not to the point where he s possessive.I love Phoenix because she s your perfect damsel in distress She s had a hard life, but she s a survivor She s car [...]

  2. I m such a sucker for this series I read the whole book in just under 12 hours All 264 pages in 12 hours with breaks in between This may not seem like such a surprise to other, faster readers but to me it was pretty shocking I usually pace myself and read around 100 to 150 pages a day, but this book I could not stop reading until I was done Which was by 3 am in the morning.I don t remember the first book, Finding Sky, all too well but I do remember loving it But when I got this book, I thought I [...]

  3. Let me start this review by saying that I liked this book No, it is not a literary masterpiece, but it doesn t pretend to be one either What it is a nice, fluffy, well paced, just exciting enough YA novel, that you read through in a heartbeat It combines romance, friendship and some action and suspense in a nice way although I do have to add here that some of the scenes showing the family affection felt slightly artificial to me , and although it never keeps you on the edge of your seat or has t [...]

  4. It was cute and a fun and fast read I guess if I had read this book 5 years ago I would have loved it But now I am a little bit too old for this.

  5. I cannot express how much I love this series It s been torture waiting for the release of Stealing Phoenix I did the craziest happy dance when I saw it in my mailbox This book was incredibly well written The storyline was thrilling, exciting and I got absorbed into in from page one The pages were constantly giving of waves of danger I was so anxious the entire time, waiting for the axe to drop Yves sure knows how to get in trouble, with Phoenix s help of course.Yves and Phoenix are so adorable t [...]

  6. RESE A COMPLETA EN LEEE AELA Qui n iba a decir que el m s bueno y tierno de los Benedict iba a tener una historia tan poco edulcorada Mil veces menos edulcorada que la de Zed, su hermanito el chico malo.Me encant eso.De la misma forma que me encant conocer mejor a Yves y conocer a Phoenix, tengo algunos peros hacia ella, pero es un personaje roto y ese es el tipo que m s me gusta.En fin, reitero eso de que quisiera ser adoptada por los Benedict, pero ya.Lo nico que no me gust ni de casualidad y [...]

  7. Wat was dit weer een geweldig deel Ik ben zo veel van deze serie gaan houden Op naar deel 3 en tevens het laatste deel

  8. Incre blemente mejor que su primera parte En busca de Sky me gusto, pero este es jodidamente adictivo Necesito ya el tercero la verdad

  9. Sencillamente me encant , lo devor rapid simo Sin duda mejor much simo en relaci n al libro anterior.

  10. This is a Bookcase to Heaven review Sometimes you immerse yourself in a drama, so much that it s all you can think about when you eat and when you sleep And all that time spent outside the tale has you aching to get back into the exhilarating experience of hanging onto every word from the endearing cast Then, as you zoom through the episodes, eagerly waiting to see how it ends, you realize with a start that time flies and there s only one episode left If you re nodding so far, I can only say, H [...]

  11. Posted on mykeepershelf 201 My rating 4.5 out of 5Stealing Phoenix is the second book in the Finding Sky series by Joss Stirling, it s definitely one of the best YA series out there in my humble opinion , it s fast paced, full of swoon worthy Benedict brothers and has the best creepy villains EVER The Benedicts are a pretty special family, the parents and the seven brothers who s names start alphabetically with Trace and ends with Zed are savants and all have special powers Stealing Phoenix cent [...]

  12. Why isnt there a 10 star button THIS IS THE BEST BOOK I HAVE PROBABLY READ ALL YEAR If you thought Finding Sky was good Well, this was AMAZING I love Phoenix, nickname Phee, s character The life she has to endure, the lies, she doesnt know whats the truth Since her mother died when she was only 9, Phee learned to trust noone, incase she or someone else gets hurt Her Mother taught her about Soulmate, but when she died, she thought it was another lie her Mother told her, but only because The Seer, [...]

  13. 3.5 Llevaba a os con este libro en pendiente y si no ten a la insistencia de Juli para leerlo, debo admitir que no lo iba a tocar.Record porque no me gust Sky, creo que ten a problemas con sus personajes principales.Aunque en Phoenix no lo sufr tanto y en alg n momento me interes la historia, siento que su prota hacia todo lo posible para despertar mi malhumor, entiendo todas las cosas malas por las que pas , pero en algunos momentos se merec a unos buenos golpes para que dejara de actuar tan ma [...]

  14. Actual Rating 4.25 I loved just the same as the first book Another Benedict brother has found his soulfinder, or soulmate This is the story of Yves and Phoenix This book is great I enjoyed every minute of it Phoenix is a thief She can freeze brainwaves from others, which is totally awesome if you ask me She tries to steal from Yves, but is unable to succeed She makes some bad decisions throughout the book that annoyed me However, I thought it didn t take away from the story Yves is the gorgeous [...]

  15. Wat is dit een geweldige serie, wanneer je eenmaal in een boek begonnen bent, wil je hem zo snel mogelijk uitlezen

  16. BuchgestaltungMir gef llt die deutsche Aufmachung von den Farben her etwas besser Zu meiner Verwunderung finde ich auch die Ab nderung des Titels richtig gut, obwohl beides passt, denn Phoenix wird so gesehen gestohlen aber auch gerettet Ich finde jedoch letztes passt irgendwie besser, wegen der Beziehung zu Yves MeinungIch erinnere mich noch gut an den Vorg nger Finding Sky und das ich damals nicht ganz berzeugt werden konnte Von Saving Phoenix gab es aber so viele positive Eindr cke, das ich d [...]

  17. I m not a little woman you need to defend His face hardened That s exactly what you are you re my little woman and I m not having you sacrifice yourself for me Loved Loved Loved it So I finished this book last night and when the last sentence was read I was so sad I thought that Finding Sky was a good read but Stealing Phoenix was a great read In stealing Phoenix we meet Phee, a thief for a community of bad Savants When her target is none other then the 6th Benedict son things turn crazy for her [...]

  18. Sky habia sido un libro que me dejo sin palabras, literalmente me encanto Pero Phoenix fue un libro que me enamoro completamente.Phee es una chica increible con una vida muy complicada Me senti muy identificada con ella y su personalidad, su manera de ser, adore todo en ella excepto cuando huia pero es totalmente genial Ame de este libro que pudimos conocer mucho mas a Yves y que es mucho mas de lo que aparenta Ame la manera en que se conocieron y comenzaron a hablar, porque fue muy gracioso su [...]

  19. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor Finding Sky the cover to Stealing Phoenix is also elegant I absolutely love it We get an imaginative look at a phoenix The trick is having read the first installment of this wonderful series do I know I will not be reading about a mythological birdStirling must be her own genie in a bottle stealing her title straight from the pages of creative writing Not only is Phee stealing to survive, but Yves is stealing for love Joss Stirling managed to stun me [...]

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