Storm Best Read || [Brigid Kemmerer] - Storm, Storm Earth Fire Air Water they have power than you dream Ever since her ex boyfriend spread those lies about her Becca Chandler is suddenly getting all the guys all the ones she doesn t want Then she s
  • Title: Storm
  • Author: Brigid Kemmerer
  • ISBN: 9780758272812
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback

Storm Best Read || [Brigid Kemmerer], Storm, Brigid Kemmerer, Storm Earth Fire Air Water they have power than you dream Ever since her ex boyfriend spread those lies about her Becca Chandler is suddenly getting all the guys all the ones she doesn t want Then she saves Chris Merrick from a beating in the school parking lot Chris is different Way different he can control water just like his brothers can control fire wind andEarth Fire Air Water they h Storm Best Read || [Brigid Kemmerer] - Storm, Storm Earth Fire Air Water they have power than you dream Ever since her ex boyfriend spread those lies about her Becca Chandler is suddenly getting all the guys all the ones she doesn t want Then she s
  • Storm Best Read || [Brigid Kemmerer]
    156Brigid Kemmerer

About Author

  1. BRIGID KEMMERER is author of LETTERS TO THE LOST Bloomsbury April 4, 2017 , a dark, contemporary Young Adult romance THICKER THAN WATER Kensington, December 29, 2015 , a New Adult paranormal mystery with elements of romance and the YALSA nominated Elemental series of five Young Adult novels and three e novellas which Kirkus Reviews calls refreshingly human paranormal romance and School Library Journal describes as a new take on the supernatural genre She lives in the Balti area with her husband and four sons.

One thought on “Storm

  1. 2.5Me and this book went on a strange journey together and the end result was very conflicted feelings.It all started when I decided I wanted to become involved in one of my groups and actually pay attention to the monthly book reads In the past, I used the group for challenges and recommendations but didn t participate in the group read along, so I decided that I would read every book voted for except the ones that a I had already read or b I couldn t obtain for whatever reason I then made my [...]

  2. DNFI was really really curious about this one.Started it.Nice writing, nothing special but not bad.The family at the center of the series, uber interestng.The heroine, uber idiotic, blushes at every single damn thing possible and in every single damn situation possible She behaves like a 13 yo at best, and one who has never been in contact with a male specimen of the human species.Triangle I hate them HATE Especially seeing stupid indecisive heroines who spend the whole book deciding who to droo [...]

  3. I freaking LOVED this book It is so, so amazing, and the four brothers are SMOKING HOT Not to mention, Becca is a fantastic, strong heroine I can t recommend this book highly enough

  4. Read the full review here This book definitely made me want to bend some elements That s putting it in avater the last airbender terms p I think, after reading this book, I d want to have the element of fire I ve actually always wanted to have a fire element after watching ATLA And this totally made me want it If I couldn t have it, then definitely water There was totally a connection with water, since it was Chris s ability c This is just too much hotness on one cover.

  5. You keep saving me, she said Yeah, well He stroked the hair down her back I think we might be close to breaking even on that Even though the covers fail to impress me, the books are quite good I have to give Storm a 4.25 to 4.5 rating I truly enjoyed this book, probably than I have any YA PNR in a while.It had all the key elements of a cute romance type book I d want to read multiple hot guys jackpot lots of action conflict aside from the romance itself cool powers descriptions of abilities emo [...]

  6. Occasionally, my husband and I will discuss books that I am reading at the time It mostly depends on if the cover sparks his curiosity enough to find out what it s about In this case, he saw me putting together the Elemental Virgins post a few weeks ago which may or may not have led to a few awkward questions So you re a virgin, huh , so he knew this was one of the books in the series One day, I was minding my business, cracking up in my little Reading Corner at some witty banter between the Mer [...]

  7. It should take me no than three words to convince you to read this book They are the same three words that convinced ME to read it, and I haven t regretted it at all Those three words are are you ready Four hot brothers That s all you need to know sigh Oh, okay I suppose I should write a proper review Here it goes Four Merrick brothers have a very strong connection to the elements Michael controls earth, twins Gabriel and Nick control fire and air respectively, and the youngest, Chris, controls [...]

  8. Four Five hot guys and one girl Does anybody have a problem with this As if all this testosterone running rampant isn t enough, these four brothers can control the elements Water, air, earth and fire The seriousness of these powers is made clear several times throughout this novel It s a powerful ability to have to be able to control anything from tsunamis and earthquakes, to the spread of diseases all without raising an ounce of suspicion Basically, easily becoming an unstoppable, invisible kil [...]

  9. 3.5 Elemental starsThe Elemental seriesIs a great read for all paranormal YA lovers out there.The story remained fast paced and orginal as the plot twisted in surprising ways until the last page My mother believes everything in existence has a consciousness, he said An awareness As in, maybe it s not what you like He reached out and touched her finger, which was still resting on the hematite Maybe it s what favors you The two reason this book lost 2 stars for me was because1 It didn t really hol [...]

  10. Heads up this one s free right now, and the others are super super cheap as well Storm Elemental This book is so much fun, and a terrific start to a promising series I am far too behind on reviews I have to do to write one for this, but I did write a spoiler free review of book two here review show If you enjoy sarcastic quips and hot boys with your YA urban fantasy, you ll definitely want to pick this one up, though

  11. It s late night in an abandoned parking lot, but Becca Chandler can t just stand there and watch Chris Merrick be cruelly beaten upon by two older guys From the moment she saves his life, she unwittingly marks herself as a target The Merrick brothers are not ordinary They re Elementals, each with a strong power over an individual element water, earth, fire and air They are dangerously powerful and those that know of their abilities want them very dead Allow me to take a moment to express the dep [...]

  12. I don t know what to write here I know I usually start my reviews that way and then churn out essays the length of my arm, but honestly, this book is a paradox Because I really, really liked it And yet I didn t.It s not the idea It s not the execution The concept of four brothers with an affinity to the elements struggling to survive in a world that is hostile to them, is fantastic The writing is great the dialogue zings and I often found myself really cheering the characters on They re neither [...]

  13. To say that this book grabbed me would be an understatement I read the entire thing in 4 hours and completely ignored my poor husband sorry honey, I m reading about Merrick boys, kay It was a wonderful blend of action, paranormal, and romance No insta love, no cheesy cop outs, just great writing and a fast pace that kept me frantically reading My favorite parts of the book I love a great YA paranormal that is well done And by well done I mean that the supernatural elements make sense, are explai [...]

  14. A nice, well executed novel I wanted to read this because I ve always loved books with natural powers such as earth, water, wind and fire They fascinate me Storm began with action and suspense and I liked that but somewhere along the way it lost its edge Maybe because it was uneventful Then it picked up and it became thrilling again and I loved the ending too, although I would have liked some closure So we have this caring, giving, kind girl named Becca who s always been one to have eyes drawn o [...]

  15. It s easy to recognize the good things about this book the smooth writing some dialogues are sharp and entertaining one character, Hunter, is well developed However, some other aspects of the book turned me off so much that I cannot give the book a rating higher than 2 stars.One problem was the love triangle I felt that Hunter was a much better written character than Chris I liked his quiet confidence, sharp mind and charisma He s nothing but supportive of Becca, never judged or hesitated, and h [...]

  16. The Merrick brothers, Michael, Gabriel, Nick and Chris are special.They are pure Elementals, meaning they have an unusual amount of power, with the element they dominate.And because of that power, the other Elementals feared them and are set on eliminate them Only a truce made some years ago, stays between them and the ones that want them gone However, that don t stop the other of bullying them, beat them up, trying to make them lose control, to break the curse and force the Guides, to come and [...]

  17. This review is also available on my blog, QwertyOkay, it s a challenge to write a review after half a month I finished with this book Ha ha It s what you got when you chose to read a book right before a major exam starts.One thing I vividly remember thoughThis book haz it.Where do I begin about THE FIVE HOT GUYS Actually, Becca s dad was actually kind of cute until I actually found out his secret.Well, it didn t reach the point where I found my ovaries were exploding But, close enough nonetheles [...]

  18. Le do para el 2015 reading challenge 20 Libro del final de tu lista de pendientes.Me encanta como pase de Es MUY BUENO a puede alguien matarme, por favor.Tantas, TANTAScosas que est n mal con este libro que no me alcanzan las manos para escribir.This is so fucked up.Seg n este libro la nica forma en la que puedas defenderte de los chicos que te acosan, insultan, amenazan, intentar golpearte o violarte es ir a clases de defensa personal para mujeres donde te ense an esta caminata de mujer segura [...]

  19. After all the glowing reviews for Storm, I was a little afraid that it may not live up to my expectations Looks like I didn t need to worry Let s just get this confession out of the way I heard four hot boys and I just knew I had to read this The four we re talking about are the Merrick brothers, born with special elemental abilities, able to draw up power and control the forces of nature Each brother has a specialization air, fire, water, earth and yes, they are all HOT Because of their excepti [...]

  20. I was an only child for much of my life, then, by an unfortunate twist of fate, when I was almost 10 years old, my sister came along For much of my life after that, the sister and I fought like cats and dogs, mainly because I was a controlling little teenager who viewed my toddler sister as a slave dog that I could send to fetch whatever I needed As much as we fought, there was never any sort of conflict on the grand scale of that within this book Holy crap, this book was filled with massive amo [...]

  21. Oh my giddy aunt I love this book This is the sort of book that you crawl into the corner of the couch with, pull up your legs and bring all your limbs as close together as possible, then commence drumming your fingers against your bottom lip while you smile like you have some hidden secret No really I did that at one point I also gasped out loud a lot , smiled, giggled, and clapped multiple times while reading this book I may have also hit a dear friend that was sitting beside me while I was re [...]

  22. Wow, I haven t felt this way while reading a book in quite awhile That feeling that your eyes just can t move fast enough across the pages to eat up the words That even when you are not reading, your mind is still on the characters That your heartbeat is going a little bit too fast I didn t even take the time to highlight anything So this review won t have any quotes in it Sorry about that In Storm we meet the youngest Merrick brother, Chris Chris gets his power from water And, we meet Becca Cha [...]

  23. I haven t gotten in a fight yet this year Despite everything, that made her smile It s September He waved a hand Details So, i m going to try to write my first ever detailed review of a book because i loved this one so much Storm is about a girl, named Becca, who saves a boy, named Chris, when she sees him getting beaten up by two strangers Then, she gets tangled up in his family story, as she discovers that Chris and his three brothers have special powers according to their element earth, fire, [...]

  24. I was pressured, brainwashed, and totally convinced to go into this book with high expectations, and even then it still blew me away So Darn AMAZING Storm starts on a dark night when our awesome heroine Becca literally saves Chris Merrick s life Everything quickly goes to hell from there when she realizes that Chris and his brothers aren t normal they re Elementals, targeted because of how powerful they are And now that she knows the truth, Becca isn t so safe either.Becca is the perfect imperfe [...]

  25. 3.5 starsI had my eyes on this book for a while because most of my friends have read it and loved it, so when I got a copy of Spark the second book in the series for review I thought that it was time for me to start reading this series too.Don t be fooled by the 3 and a half star rating, the book is quite good and if you don t usually over think the paranormal worlds like I seem to do you will definitely love it .This is a refreshing story about 4 boys with powers way too strong for their own go [...]

  26. Four brothers, each a powerful elemental, a community at war, and one girl caught in the middle, Brigid Kemmerer brings her A game in her electrifying debut Storm should come with a cautionary notice Something like Severe Weather Warning This book will blow you away The Story When Becca Chandler saves a boy from a brutal beating in her school s parking lot, chasing off his attackers, she has no idea what her good Samaritan act is getting her caught up in The boy is Chris Merrick, who, along with [...]

  27. Good good Very good Nothing eartshaking, but hey, good is already than I expected, since I haven t touched a het paranormal YA in months.It looks like I read it in 8 days, but it was actually 4, with one long break in the middle This means that no, I wasn t completely sucked in and sitting on the very edge of my seat, but while reading I was mighty interested in what was going to happen next Good enough.I was planning on talking at length about all the typically PNR het YA stuff that bugged me, [...]

  28. Soo it started off good, but got super boring and I lost interest Heavy with dialogue and not enough plot to keep me invested, I was torn between rating this a two or a three Elemental powers seem to be intriguing right But when the brothers all seem to have wild tempers that flare hot and cold, I grew annoyed Michael and Gabriel annoyed me, but Nick and Chris were okay Becca was still a cookie cutter character so she wasn t anything new either So yep, it was interesting, but the romance also ju [...]

  29. This book drove me nuts And I m in the mood to rant You wanna know why Because idiotic heroine, obnoxious heroes, fucking love triangle, teenage drama I m too old for this shit.I m trying really hard to write a coherent review, but every time I think of anything from that list above, I start to see red I ll begin from Becca, because she is what made this book insufferable for me Becca has the personality of a kitchen cloth, which is my witty way of saying she has none Nothing makes her special o [...]

  30. I m giving away the three Elemental books Click HERE to enter Warning there s a bit of rant up ahead It s still PG 13, promise Final rating 3.5When I was younger, I was a bit obsessed with stories and cartoons that involve a group of teenagers being able to control the elements I loved watching Captain Planet shame it s not on Cartoon Network any and reading this girly comic book called W.I.T.C.H There were a couple of mangas about it, too, and some that were slightly similar such as Wedding Pea [...]

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