Sister, Missing

[PDF] Sister, Missing | by ì Sophie McKenzie - Sister, Missing, Sister Missing It s two years after the events of Girl Missing and life is not getting any easier for year old Lauren Her youngest sister is kidnapped under circumstances very similar to those in which Lauren wa
  • Title: Sister, Missing
  • Author: Sophie McKenzie
  • ISBN: 9780857072887
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Sister, Missing | by ì Sophie McKenzie, Sister, Missing, Sophie McKenzie, Sister Missing It s two years after the events of Girl Missing and life is not getting any easier for year old Lauren Her youngest sister is kidnapped under circumstances very similar to those in which Lauren was taken years before Can Lauren save her sister and stop it happening again [PDF] Sister, Missing | by ì Sophie McKenzie - Sister, Missing, Sister Missing It s two years after the events of Girl Missing and life is not getting any easier for year old Lauren Her youngest sister is kidnapped under circumstances very similar to those in which Lauren wa
  • [PDF] Sister, Missing | by ì Sophie McKenzie
    269Sophie McKenzie
Sister, Missing

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  1. Hey there Welcome to my page where you can keep up with all my stories both the ones that are already published and the works in progress I write mostly thrillers though I have done some teen romance stories too.I m really excited right now because ofClose My Eyes which is my first psychological thriller for adult readers pub May 2013, UK, July 2013, US Split Second my new teen thriller for Autumn 2013 UK The Flynn teen romance series which started with Falling Fast and Burning Bright and continues with Casting Shadows pub July 2013, UK For info on these and my other books, check out my website sophiemckenziebooks

One thought on “Sister, Missing

  1. 3 sterren Dit boek is duidelijk voor een jonger publiek, ik vond hem als jeugd thriller nergens echt spannend.

  2. Wow, wat een spannend boek Dat verdient 5 sterren Wel wat minpuntjes voor Laurens koppigheid halverwege het boek Mijn recensie vind je hier bibliofem recensie zusje ve

  3. This book is so heart warming and almost made me cry at the end Such an improvement from the first book It is absolutely sad and so beautiful I loved the ending because it really made you begin to think of how you view yourself and other people and it hints the fact that your not the only person in the world, you need to care about other people too and their emotions and feelings, which really makes me smile Although Lauren and Shelby were never close during this book, it is lovely to see them e [...]

  4. I liked Girl, Missing, but I did read it ages ago, and i ve got fussy about books, so if I re read it now I might not like it.I Really didn t like Sister missing I didn t think Girl, missing needed a sequel, and I found Lauren really annoying The whole way through I was thinking, Come on Jam, dump her I did feel slightly mean for this but unfortunately he didn t I thought he should have go together with Shelby, Cause I liked her better.Lauren is completely unreasonably horrible to Shelby, and e [...]

  5. WARNING SPOILER ALERT I liked Girl, Missing and enjoyed Sister, Missing, but there s this thing that bothers me with Sophie Mckenzie s books THEY RE ALL THE SAME The Medusa Project are my favourite and were the first books I read by Mckenzie, so afterwards when I read GM I couldn t help but feel disappointed that it was the same fast paced book with a main character who s too young to understand the consequences of their actions Then I went on to read Blood Ties and felt exactly the same I read [...]

  6. This is a really exciting book it has a very unpredictable story line and there is a huge plot twist I would recommend this book.

  7. 4 stars I cut one star because I guessed two major plots in the story before they even happenedIt s one of those very few times that I ve took so long to finish a fast paced book, as I m always done reading within a day or two, at maxI really like the book I m not the kind of person who can handle or enjoy reading too many twists or turns, but, I definitely enjoyed this story I admit, I sobbed over the always hard hearted Shelby s demise She was cold hard hearted at least according to Lauren and [...]

  8. This book is by far my favourite in the trilogy, I recommend this book as you get to connect with the characters and everything is very unexpected.

  9. A very interesting sequel following the first book I think I enjoyed the added suspense within this book I would recommend it and rate it 4 5 stars

  10. Originally posted at Read Me Bookmark Me Love MeIt isn t a secret that I didn t enjoy Girl, Missing as much as I would ve liked but this book kicks things up a notch and is much enjoyable While I still wasn t head over heels in love with the characters, I found myself becoming engaged in the large amounts of action and complex mysteries Years after the release of the first book, Sister, Missing is a great improvement to the series.Lauren s real father passed away 9 months ago and now at sixteen [...]

  11. The first installment of this series I liked, although a part of me felt it was a bit far fetched fourteen pages in the main character was certain she was this kidnapped girl Anyway thats the other book, this one was between a two and a three but I went with three as it was a page turner and I finished it in a day so that has to be of a positive than a negative.The problem I had with this was it felt very unbelievable Other books I read may be unbelievable but they are usually fantasy or scienc [...]

  12. Its two years after the events of Girl,Missing and life is not getting any easier for six teen year old Lauren, as exams pressure and a recent family tragedy takes toll Lauren s birth mother takes Lauren and her tow sisters on holiday i hope that some time together will help, but a few days into the holiday one of the sisters disappears under very familiar circumstances Can Lauren save her sister, and stop the nightmare happening all over again Sophie McKenzie is simply a God I have been i love [...]

  13. This book is an amazing sequel to the first book Girl, Missing The problem is ever so exiting and faced paced I guarantee this is a not a put down book I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books packed with suspense and thrill and mystery Another thing I really like about this book is that it incorporates a little love story, and I think that just ties the bow around the present D

  14. Somebody Wanted But So Then ThemeS LaurenW Wanted to find her real parents.B She was stolen from the at a young age.S The thief captured her and her best friend and took them deep in the forest.T She find her real parents.

  15. This book was interesting and it had me gripped through the whole book I preferred this to the first one as I already knew all the characters and was prepared for this to be full of tense situations and sad moments.

  16. This book is good, the plot and storyline is pretty good too It makes me want to keep reading and reading The ending was really shocking and terrifying I would re read it if I have a chance

  17. This review is for a sequel book will contain spoilers for those who have not read the first book 4 5FINAL THOUGHTSI m surprised I found myself deeply moved by the end of this book, the sequel to Girl, Missing The dramatic and thrilling plot, the twists and turns, and the well rounded and developed characters really demonstrate literary development made on McKenzie s part SYNOPSISLauren Purditt has figured out a system with her two families her adoptive and her paternal, and it works most of th [...]

  18. I am absolutely hooked into this book The story contains a lot of mysterious events that are literally amazing The story is very sad, but also very beautifully written in a way that everyone will understand that in life there is no time to hate, especially when you need to save someone There are so many life lessons in this story, and it is written in a heartbreaking way This book is so heartbreaking and it s so intense I especially loved the ending because it really made you begin to think of h [...]

  19. booksforcompanyAfter reading Girl, Missing I was a bit worried that Sister, Missing would just be basically a copy of it therefore taking away the best part about Girl, Missing the unpredictability I also felt that at the end of Girl, Missing that Lauren s story was complete and didn t feel it NEEDED a follow on Saying that I was still excited to read Sister, Missing and enjoy being able to be in Lauren s world again to see how the future panned out for her I am glad to say Lauren s world yet ag [...]

  20. Sister, Missing by Sophie McKenzie is set for the most part in a beach side town on the south coast of England It s two years since the events of Girl, Missing and Lauren is now sixteen After a family tragedy, which was fairly easy to guess from the blurb, the Purditts are spending some time on the south coast of England Her favourite sister, Madison, is now eight, and they are enjoying spending time together without their sister, Shelby, who has never liked Lauren and who used to hurt Madison A [...]

  21. This was brilliant, I enjoyed it even than Girl, Missing And that is a lot to live up to Girl Missing was recommended to me by a few friends and I loved it And when I saw the sequel, though the summary was good I honestly didn t expect much from it.The main characters are the same as the first book though Madison and Shelby play a much bigger role and one thing I was criticising throughout the book was development, since considering the two year gap I expected them to be much mature By the end [...]

  22. Zwei Jahre sind vergangen, seit Lauren herausgefunden hat, dass sie als kleines M dchen entf hrt und an eine Adoptionsagentur verkauft wurde Sie lebt abwechselnd bei ihren leiblichen Eltern in Amerika und bei ihren Adoptiveltern in England W hrend ihre Beziehung zu ihrer Mutter und ihrer Schwester Shelby eher wackelig bis schlecht ist, liebt sie ihren Vater und ihre kleine Schwester Madison sehr Nach einem tragischen Verlust m ssen die M dchen wieder Boden unter den F en finden und verbringen de [...]

  23. When I received this book, I was a little worried I thought that it would be impossible to write a sequel to Girl, Missing It was such a unique story, that I worried Sister, Missing would just be a repeated version of the original.As the book began to open up, my worries were constantly with me, as we witnessed a similar abduction of Madison in a copy cat style, but then everything changed The kidnapping was completely different to Lauren s and the book went off in another direction It was extre [...]

  24. So basically I read the first book, Girl missing and thought that it was an amazing book Sister Missing DID NOT disappoint me The story starts with Lauren sharing a bed with Madision and they reveal that their father has passed on 9 months ago Their mother, Annie is alittle mentally unwell, due to Lauren s incident and the death of her husband Lauren was kidnapped and sold to another family when she was a little girl So all four of them are on a holiday with Lauren s other mom, the one who broug [...]

  25. it was very interesting and the plot was unique and there were many many twists the book always made me want to read due to the plot the book makes you think and also the plot always gets interesting the you read.

  26. I was so gutted to hear that Sam had been killed off So sad However, to be fair it did lead to the development of a storyline with twists and turns than the first book, and keeping the pace too I felt like I had to read uber fast to get through scenes It was a tad annoying, opening not too far into the book with another abduction A tad yawn inducing It wasn t as exciting as the ones in the first book, especially as this time it was with a little girl, and I felt so sorry for Madison Additionall [...]

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