Falling Together

[PDF] Falling Together | by æ Marisa de los Santos - Falling Together, Falling Together What would you do if an old friend needed you but it meant turning your new life upside down Pen Will and Cat met during the first week of their first year of college and struck up a remarkable fri
  • Title: Falling Together
  • Author: Marisa de los Santos
  • ISBN: 9780061670879
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Falling Together | by æ Marisa de los Santos, Falling Together, Marisa de los Santos, Falling Together What would you do if an old friend needed you but it meant turning your new life upside down Pen Will and Cat met during the first week of their first year of college and struck up a remarkable friendship one that sustained them and shaped them for years until it ended abruptly and they went their separate ways Now six years later Pen is the single mother of a fWhat would y [PDF] Falling Together | by æ Marisa de los Santos - Falling Together, Falling Together What would you do if an old friend needed you but it meant turning your new life upside down Pen Will and Cat met during the first week of their first year of college and struck up a remarkable fri
  • [PDF] Falling Together | by æ Marisa de los Santos
    188Marisa de los Santos
Falling Together

About Author

  1. Marisa de los Santos is the New York Times bestselling author of LOVE WALKED IN, BELONG TO ME, FALLING TOGETHER, THE PRECIOUS ONE, and her newest novel, which continues with characters from the first two, I LL BE YOUR BLUE SKY Marisa has also co authored, with her husband David Teague, two novels for middle grade readers SAVING LUCAS BIGGS and CONNECT THE STARS.Marisa and David live in Wilmington, Delaware with their two children, Charles and Annabel, and their Yorkies, Finny and Huxley Marisa is currently at work on her sixth novel for adults, I D GIVE ANYTHING.

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  1. I won this book from and was excited since I rarely win anything A new author to me with good reveiws from her two prevoius books, I couldn t wait to read it I really wanted to like this book, and I tried to like this book I feel bad that it just didn t happen for me The author has a lovely command of language to the point of being poetic however, as the book progressed its beauty turned tedious for me and I just wanted her to get to the point she was trying to make The story is about 3 people t [...]

  2. For a diplomatic review, please see the post at Hyphen Falling Together has the elements to make a good novel a talented writer who excels at parsing grief and unhappiness, a lesson about the value of living in the moment and appreciating what we have, and an important warning unhappiness lurks everywhere and we shouldn t let it get the best of us But it ended up being too sincere and cheesy There was a predictable happy fairytale ending where all the lose ends are tied up but the author unnece [...]

  3. I would like to dedicate this review to , the existence of which motivates me to finish unredeemable books so as to rip them mercilessly I picked this book up because I, unlike many others, was able to check my inner snob at the door and actually enjoy her previous books Now don t get me wrong, they were shallow, silly and adolescent, but, like having ice cream for dinner, the experience was pleasant going down, even if it was sickly sweet and notsomething you d want to brag about So all I was a [...]

  4. I m not entirely sure why I decided I wanted to read this book I was fairly lukewarm on Love Walked In, which I felt to be a cutesy story with no real depth and mediocre prose that was trying too hard I just really wanted a quick, easy read and this is what I ended up with Pen, Cat, and Will meet their first week of college Pen walks in as Cat is having a seizure in the bathroom, and Will happens to be in the hallway as Pen begins to panic Once Cat recovers, the three are bonded for life.or the [...]

  5. Falling Together is a love story of friendship It is about three friends who are so close to each other that even when they are not together, they are together Marisa de los Santos writes with a poets soul, bringing the reader into the lives of the characters with her beautiful descriptions of their lives and the world they live in I give this book five stars, up there with my favorite books of all time, because I love an author who can write so beautifully that your life is made better by readi [...]

  6. Original post at One More PageI ve always dubbed March as a special month because of my birthday, and I take advantage of that by meeting up with as many people that I can, especially those that I haven t seen in a while It s always the best excuse IMHO It s my birthday, let s meet up Of course, I often ended up treating the people to coffee, dessert or sometimes even dinner because of that fact, but I never really minded that In the past month alone, I ve been out almost every weekend and two t [...]

  7. Having really enjoyed Belong To Me and Love Walked In, I was a little disappointed in this book It was enjoyable enough and an easy read, and I liked the emerging relationship with Jason I always appreciate it when a bad character is ultimately shown to have some good qualities tucked away somewhere I noticed that I was often getting lost in long, convoluted sentences For example Maybe it was the food or the muted light or the ceiling fan s slow, hypnotic paddling of the air or maybe it was simp [...]

  8. Oh It truly pains me to give this book a one I hemmed and hawed over if it really deserved a one I mean, it s like educated chick lit Can t be that bad There were some entertaining parts near the beginning I suppose And it s not as if she is some no talent hack I mean, she has an MFA and a PhD for God s sake And she is a very unique writer I ve read all of her books and I will say, I could pick a paragraph she writes out of a line up I don t know if that s always a good thing seeing as I don t a [...]

  9. This was her best novel yet and I ve thoroughly enjoyed them all I think she could write on any topic and I would still enjoy reading her due to the absolutely delicious use of language witty, lush, eloquent, poetic In this case, though, the subject matter is a timeless one viewed from several angles and showing how we humans so rarely know ourselves well.

  10. Maybe 3.5 stars Going in, I didn t know or had forgotten the synopsis, so going off of the title, I thought it would be contemporary romance, but it was really a lot than that Parts were like mystery, and overall it was really about the people who are important in your life, and keeping them in your life, whether they are physically there or not Starting the book was a little odd, because I was half asleep and the author s storytelling style in the book can be confusing a lot of scenes or conv [...]

  11. I looked forward to this SO MUCH And now I feel deflated, a victim of my high expectations The story Will, Pen and Cat were the closest of trios in college, but after college they deliberately went their separate ways Now Cat has contacted Pen and Will, summoning them to a college reunion, and it s time for the three to confront the feelings for each other that they have had all along.Well That s kind of it, really A fairly lengthy novel with a fairly slim but slow moving plot line Plus, nothing [...]

  12. Having loved de Los Santos first two books, I was eager to read her third book What a disappointment A thin plot, a leading character Pen who is immature and self centered, unlikely events throughout the book,dialogues between adult characters that sound like high school hallway conversations and a 5 year old character with sleep difficulties there is no reason to care about this who speaks like a 10 year old Worst of all, the beautiful use of language that was a hallmark of her first two books [...]

  13. Cat, Will and Pen Friends till the end, or something along those lines This is the story of three eccentrics who found one another while attending college, held on for dear life and then suddenly let go Cat the uber cool chick with flowing skirts, bangle bracelets and a fierce love of all things kitsch Will the typical man s man with a side sensitive enough to be bound to these two women for years Pen Penelope the good girl with pristine hair, tall limbs and a love of her family that transcends [...]

  14. Many of us had incredibly intense friendships when we were in college and felt that those friends would remain the most important people we knew beyond college it didn t always work out that way Pen, Cat and Will were an inseparable trio until a few years after college, when they separate Cat goes off to get married to a man neither Pen nor Will like or liked back in college , and Will and Penn discover that without Cat they don t quite know how to be friends.Just before their 10th reunion, Will [...]

  15. I cannot say enough awesome things about her first 2 books This book was a major major major disappointment The characters were meh , the plot was so tepid it WISHED it could be called lukewarm, the descriptions of the time spent in the Philippines were so extraneous and exhaustingWhile I was interested enough to keep reading to see if it got better, I was NOT sad when I finally finished it, which is exactly the opposite of how I remember feeling when I finished her other 2 books.I had hoped to [...]

  16. I loved Marisa s other books Love walked in and Belong to me but I just couldn t love a book in which the premise is utterly ridiculous Cat, Pen and Will are best friends After college they decide to break off their friendship never to speak to each other because their friendship is so strong it alienates other people around them Six years pass and Cat emails Will and Pen to please come to their class reunion because she needs them Pen and Will fall in love but when Will confesses that he kept t [...]

  17. The irony isn t lost on me that Marisa de los Santos new book, Falling Together, centers around three once inseparable college friends who come back into each other s lives several years later, because the return of Marisa de los Santos with a new novel felt a little like a reunion to me Like her earlier novels, Love Walked In and Belong to Me, there s so much to this book than meets the eye, and as I tore my way through it, I felt many of the same emotions her characters did.Pen short for Pene [...]

  18. First of all, thank you to HarperCollins and GoodReads for this book I had not ever read Marisa de los Santos and if this book had not come for free, I might not have ever picked up her books That would have been a shame.I am not sure why I had not read de los Santos This book was my kind of book I thoroughly enjoyed this.Cat, Will and Pen met the first week of college and were inseparable for than four years Their friendship would color the rest of their lives But six years ago, Cat went off t [...]

  19. 2.0 out of 5 stars Romance and self discovery, but a very long journeyI have not read any previous novels by Marisa de los Santos so I had no expectation of this book purportedly about a strong and magical friendship tested by a separation I read other reviews that praised this highly, so I was excited to read it but thoroughly disappointed when I did The main themes in the book center around the following when you love someone, you have to go all in and that there is always room for one in you [...]

  20. SO disappointed After Love Walked In and Belong to Me, both which, in my honest opinion, are two almost perfect novels, I had become such a huge fan of Marisa de los Santos I completely fell in love with her characters and her poetic writing And, both of those aspects just didn t come alive in Falling Together Overall, I liked Pen and Will, but I felt that they were just a little too self righteous, good, and, honestly, a little boring My favorite character was actually Jason, and got a little a [...]

  21. Will, Cat and Pen are the best of friends in college, secure in the fact that their threesome is perfect and complete After graduation their lives begin to change and, largely due to Cat marrying a man Will and Pen don t like, the friendship ends 10 years later Pen is struggling with single motherhood and the sudden death of her dad when she gets an urgent email from Cat requesting her presence at their 10 yr reunion But when she and Will arrive they find Cat s belligerent and forlorn husband Wh [...]

  22. Another proof that Marisa de los Santos never disappoints Positively the most grabbing book I have read in the last couple of years, and I am already itching for another one to come out even though this one only launched last week Marisa s gift of words is undeniable She makes you see and feel what her characters see and feel, she makes you rejoice with them and mourn with them and laugh with them, she makes you believe in love and the beauty of the world all over again, especially if you re a b [...]

  23. I don t want to spoil a single thing about the beauty of this book, but when it ended I missed Will, Pen, and Cat with all my heart Every chapter is beautifully written with poetic charm.

  24. Originally posted on A Reader of Fictions.Under a misapprehension that Falling Together would deal with the same characters as Marisa de los Santos prior books because I fail to read blurbs most of the time , I read the one I hadn t yet gotten to, Belong to Me, last week Now, Falling Together actually has nothing to do with the prior two, but I m glad for the mistake, because I love Marisa s writing and who can regret an error that results in joyous reading While Falling Together did not touch [...]

  25. There s an online meme about First World problems I m so tired of eating at all the restaurants near work I wanted to change the channel but the remote was at the other end of the couch To be fair, the emotional issues discussed in this third novel by bestselling American writer Marisa de los Santos are perhaps not quite as trivial as not being able to get low fat milk with your latte but they wind up seeming just as self indulgent and, frankly, tedious.Pen short for Penelope the protagonist and [...]

  26. Normally I steer away from friendship stories , the kind where old friends in a college b growing up c a book club find themselves in some situation that an author is inspired to write about I find them confusing and contrived, and for the most part, very irritating, trying to keep the characters straight and who love hates yearns for inspires who But this story of college friends, starkly separated, but rejoining around a reunion had only three main characters, and two of them were very interes [...]

  27. This week I read Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos This is the second book of hers I have read You can read my post about Belong to Me here.I tend to favor character driven books De los Santos s characters are so endearing, unique, and complex, yet the issues they face are universal The three main characters in Falling Together meet the first day of college their freshman year Penelope Pen Calloway, a tall, willowy beauty, leaves her English lecture in tears, not because of Beowulf s fate [...]

  28. It s getting galleys of books like this that make me glad to be a librarian Oh, I haven t actually READ it yet I don t have to have even started it to know it ll quickly become a favorite It s Marisa de los Santos, for God s sake What else do you need to know The people at Harper Collins are now my new BFFs At least, the print people at Harper Collins are The e book people, not so much I can t wait to start this tonight So I ve come to the end of Pen and Will and Cat s story, and I m not sure I [...]

  29. You know those books that have hardly any action, yet give you the best happy jitters of all I don t think I can successfully put into words all I feel for Falling Together.No action No problem Pen s simile filled language makes every moment burst with activity as she unravels the story of how three life long college friends Pen, Will, Cat grow apart, and then come back together after a cryptic email from Cat What Pen, Will, and Cat s husband learn sends them on a journey around the world in a s [...]

  30. I gave it my all for the first 150 pages or so and then I skimmed Not sure if I should even rate it since I skimmed, but I m here, so there you have it.Three best friends from college Pen, Will, and Cat have gone their separate ways since graduation But then, lo, Will and Pen get an email from Cat saying they should all meet again at their ten year college reunion This sends everyone into a tissy Will and Pen go to the reunion and find the email wasn t from Cat but from her husband, who wants th [...]

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