Coup de Grâce

[PDF] Download ↠ Coup de Grâce : by Marguerite Yourcenar Grace Frick - Coup de Grâce, Coup de Gr ce Set in the Baltic provinces in the aftermath of World War I Coup de Grace tells the story of an intimacy that grows between three young people hemmed in by civil war Erick a Prussian fighting with t
  • Title: Coup de Grâce
  • Author: Marguerite Yourcenar Grace Frick
  • ISBN: 9780374516314
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ↠ Coup de Grâce : by Marguerite Yourcenar Grace Frick, Coup de Grâce, Marguerite Yourcenar Grace Frick, Coup de Gr ce Set in the Baltic provinces in the aftermath of World War I Coup de Grace tells the story of an intimacy that grows between three young people hemmed in by civil war Erick a Prussian fighting with the White Russians against the Bolsheviks Conrad his best friend from childhood and Sophie whose unrequited love for Conrad becomes an unbearable burden [PDF] Download ↠ Coup de Grâce : by Marguerite Yourcenar Grace Frick - Coup de Grâce, Coup de Gr ce Set in the Baltic provinces in the aftermath of World War I Coup de Grace tells the story of an intimacy that grows between three young people hemmed in by civil war Erick a Prussian fighting with t
  • [PDF] Download ↠ Coup de Grâce : by Marguerite Yourcenar Grace Frick
    492Marguerite Yourcenar Grace Frick
Coup de Grâce

About Author

  1. The first woman to be elected to The French Academy, the multi talented personality of Marguerite Yourcenar was a novelist, essayist, playwright, short story writer, poet and translator She was an artist at reconstructing historical eras in the form of her novels Her novels, dealing with modern issues set in historical eras won her immense fame as a writer.The inheritance Yourcenar received after the death of his father, allowed her to devote herself to traveling and literary pursuits and love affairs on the Paris artistic scene She joined a bohemian crowd of artists, moving between Paris, Lausanne, Athens, Istanbul, Brussels and the Greek islands, which inspired her travel writing Nouvelles Orientales and Feux based on Greek mythology.Yourcenar was among the first female writers to live an openly lesbian lifestyle, and she moved to the USA in 1939 to live with her partner Grace Frick The couple were to remain together until Frick s death in 1979 She taught French History and History of Art, and continued to write her novel M moires d Hadrien was published in 1951 and enjoyed success with both the critics and the public worldwide She was an inveterate traveller and remained active right up to her death in 1987 She was a militant vegetarian and defender of the rights of animals and inspired Brigitte Bardot to set up her animal sanctuary.

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  1. Love had made her a glove in my hands, of a texture both supple and strong.Espresso, another cup of espresso, and espresso, as I read this book The title of the book says everything you need to know This is one book that didn t attempt to pull me in, as the first few pages are story stilts, but just when I thought I knew where its texture and narrator were taking me, it yanked me by the hair, surprised the hell out of me and quite frankly, made me a bit uneasy Why read another war novel of desp [...]

  2. Marguerite Yourcenar 1903 1987 Elle tait trop jeune pour se douter que l existence n est pas faite d lans subits et constance obstin e, mais de compromissions et oublis Based upon actual incidents, Marguerite Yourcenar s short novel Le Coup de gr ce 1939 is, despite all the trappings of the setting in western Latvia during the 1919 war between the Bolshevists and their many enemies, a close and claustrophobic examination of a m nage trois consisting of Eric, the narrator, and the siblings, Conra [...]

  3. This was a passionate and intense historical novella from one of my favorite authors I can say I enjoyed it, but I can also say that if Erick had not been so repressed and just boned Conrad then everyone else involved would have been better off.

  4. A short and masterful novel by Marguerite Yourcenar inspired by a true story.In 1919, in a Baltic country caught up in the violence of a civil war linked to the Russian revolution three privileged young people live a love story, a passion akin to tragedy This is Eric, a young officer, who tells the external conditions and tries to explain, with subjectivity sometimes past events.A story which portrays complex beings whose sentimental aspirations do not necessarily fall in line, meeting face dang [...]

  5. Devastating Utterly devastating The novel succeeds as a war story, as a love story, and as a portrait of its protagonist, Erick, a young man one of those men who were too young in 1914 to have done than brush with danger, but who were transformed into soldiers of fortune by Europe s post war disorder pg 4 a Prussian fighting with the White Russians in the civil war against the Bolsheviks a civil war about which I knew little , fighting alongside his best friend, Conrad The country folk took us [...]

  6. Rating 3.5 of fiveThe Book Report Told in the first person past perfect, this tale of three young people caught in a highly hormonal passage of their lives at the same moment as the Russian Revolution overthrows the privileged existences they d led until that time purports to be the memory of Erick von Lhomond as he sits in a train station cafe, on his way to who knows where after his career as a soldier of fortune has led to a wounding in the Spanish Civil War then newly ended Erick recalls his [...]

  7. Long time ago the two famous M Yourcenar novels Memoirs of Hadrian, Abyss were huge favorites I used to read often, though I haven t looked at them in probably 25 years, maybe , so i have no idea how they would read today so when this book came to my attention by chance a few days ago and I liked the excerpt, I ordered a copy and as it s a short book, I actually managed to finish it in two days funnily, I got a very annotated copy seemingly by someone for some study it s a 1990 s edition so i fo [...]

  8. One is always trapped, somehow, in dealings with women.A curious remark, given that it s stated by an executioner, a man involved in an oblique love triangle the speaker s in love with the brother of a woman who hopelessly loves him , who is in fact a character invented by the severe French lesbian Marguerite Yourcenar This short novel is a long monologue, the painful confession of a blighted life and this reader ached for the coup de grace long before it came.Edmund White describes Yourcenar s [...]

  9. Yourcenar can write seemingly anything Just as in Memoirs of Hadrian , her ability to invent voices out of the past and to make them believable and sympathetic is phenomenal Only people like Patrick Leigh Fermor, Umberto Eco, and Jonathan Littell write with such a total command of european history and geography.This is a VERY 19th century short novel about one small corner of the Russian Civil War Yourcenar s narration of the life of a young White Russian solider, his friendships and ultimately [...]

  10. Al punto in cui sono, poco importa quale dei due dia o riceva la morte Un racconto drammatico, forse di pi perch sappiamo trattarsi di una storia vera Una vicenda che si snoda durante la guerra civile in Curlandia, all inizio degli anni 20, quando la Germania tenta in ogni modo di bloccare la presa di potere da parte dei bolscevichi Fra i tre protagonisti, Eric e i due fratelli, Corrado e Sofia, costretti a vivere a stretto contatto e a condividere le ristrettezze richieste dalla guerra, si crea [...]

  11. A amizade , acima de tudo, certeza isso o que a distingue do amor tamb m respeito, e aceita o total de um outro ser Pref cios e Introdu es s leio ap s terminar o livro porque, geralmente, revelam demasiado do enredo e retiram me o prazer da surpresa Neste livro, a excelente introdu o de Agustina Bessa Luis uma an lise detalhada do romance que inclui o resumo do enredo Vale a pena ler, mas no final Relativamente ao romance, a magn fica prosa de Marguerite Yourcenar n o foi suficiente para me emoc [...]

  12. Un uomo che confessa la propria storia con una freddezza e una lucidit quasi crudeli Una storia di a e disperazione e di morte senza speranza.Come tutti i libri della Yourcenar da leggere con attenzione Molto commovente e triste, la storia si svolge in un paesaggio freddo e grigio,mentre una guerra incombe Le vite dei tre protagonisti si intrecciano,senza raggiungere un equilibrio ,fino a che la scena finale della storia dar una soluzione definitiva e drammatica alle questioni mai risolte So di [...]

  13. In Lithuania during the Russian Civil War after WWI , three young Prussian aristocrats fight their passions, their ennui, the Bolsheviks, and Yourcenar s staggering usage of colons and semicolons Needless to say, the punctuation defeats everyone This is a very violent novella Life has little value In addition to a rape off scene there s a slap, a bullet to the stomach, and an execution Oh, and a little dog is killed by a grenade This is my first Yourcenar so I don t know yet if her punctuation t [...]

  14. La Yourcenar sicuramente uno dei miei scrittori preferiti, le sue Memorie di Adriano, o l Opera al nero, sono semplicemente straordinari C da dire per che nemmeno i grandi scrittori nascono grandi La loro grandezza si pu intuire, ma nelle opere giovanili spesso pi evidente la forma perfetta, cos perfetta da essere persin aliena, che una vera ispirazione narrativa.

  15. I chose Belgian author Marguerite Yourcenar s Coup de Grace for the Latvia component of my Around the World in 80 Books challenge Some of the sentences within this short novel were long and complex, but rather than detract from my enjoyment of the book, I found that the prose was all the richer for this Yourcenar reminded me somewhat of Andre Gide at times, an author whom I discovered last year and very much enjoy My criticism of the book, and one of the reasons as to why I can only award it thr [...]

  16. Comprei este livro com expetativas elevadas Tinha ainda fresco na mem ria De olhos abertos conversas com Matthieu Galey e Mem rias de Adriano est no meu top5 No entanto, at p gina 70 andei razoavelmente aborrecido e n o estava a ver a coisa bem encaminhada curiosamente, o mesmo me aconteceu com as Mem rias, que s li segunda tentativa Foi ent o que uma cena de grande dramatismo, escrita magistralmente, me bateu forte Eric o narrador recorda uma noite gelada de inverno, de bombardeamento a reo, em [...]

  17. mytwostotinki p 2700Coup de Gr ce is a short novel by Marguerite Yourcenar, published a few months before the outbreak of WWII It is the account of the tragic relationship of three people, told by one of them in retrospect.Erich von Lhomond, the narrator, is a German officer of the Legion Condor who was wounded in the Spanish Civil War and is recovering in Italy which gives him an opportunity to look back at events that happened briefly after WWI, and that had a lasting impact on his life.Erich [...]

  18. Con questo romanzo ambiguo, intenso, pieno di affascinanti chiaroscuri e folgorante, scritto con uno stile compiuto, sapiente e elegante, Marguerite Yourcenar mi conquista definitivamente.Il colpo di graziaMarguerite YourcenarTraduzione Maria Luisa SpazianiEditore FeltrinelliPag 137Voto 5 5

  19. Amazing Cruel Love Short Powerful You simply can t make someone love you if they don t You must choose someone who already loves you If you choose someone who does not love you, this is the sort of love you must want Israel HorovitzStrangely enough, but something I wrote 20 days ago fits perfectly for this book.What shall I do with my love, for someone, who doesn t want it And at the same time he is flattered and cannot abandon it While I love him, I hate him, because he says he doesn t love me [...]

  20. Un court roman, autant dire une longue nouvelle.Parfait pour commencer lire Yourcenar, on prouve ensuite aucune peur commencer des oeuvres comme l Oeuvre au noir ou les M moires d Hadrien.Se passe dans une poque troubl e, la seconde guerre mondiale, dans une r gion troubl e, assez floue, au milieu des pays baltes ou peut tre la Pologne Les fronti res et les occupants changent tellement vite en ce temps.Et des personnages, un narrateur, qui nerve qu on aime pas forc ment On se fout de l id ologie [...]

  21. I very much liked Memoirs of Hadrian but this book I mean, it was sublimely written, I enjoyed every word, every sentence and there were even some interesting thoughts on men, women, war, relationships that were quite interesting But overall, I found myself that I couldn t care less about what I was reading, about Eric s ups and downs in the Balkans, the love story was there any did he ever realised how much he loved Sophie between him and his best friend s sister and he also had some kind of ve [...]

  22. An amazing novel.The narrator is pretty cruel but this is what I actually like about this book I like the originality and the tragedy of the story It s not a typical love story it s a story about a boy who realize that he is playing with the girl s heart and his observations on her behavior Also the girl s feelings are described in a very realistic way and it is almost pleasent to read about the way she suffers because of her love.At the moment I m actually re reading it and I strongly reccomend [...]

  23. No estoy segura de si me gust o no Me cost leerlo, m s que nada porque el personaje principal me cay muy mal el nivel de misoginia que maneja es muy fuerte La verdad, me queda la duda de si Eric es as por ser un soldado antibolchevique en medio de la guerra, o sea por contexto hist rico digamos , o porque est enamorado de Conrad y, como no puede concretar eso por razones obvias, se la agarra con Sophie Pero est muy bien escrito, eso seguro Te sigo queriendo, Marguerite.

  24. Intense story and good writing style kept me interested from first page till the end Main character dual, contradict emotions and cruel behavior seemed acceptable as the war is in background and pressure of Sophie s love caused bigger mess in his head I wanted Conrad to be involved in the storyline, but maybe it would be too much, it s already a good story

  25. Elige una historia de amor imposible, frustrado, no consumado, como millones de otras historias que leemos o vemos a diario en pel culas o en series de televisi n Coloca esta historia en una contexto extremo, una guerra por qu no , y d selo a la mente brillante de Marguerite Yourcenar y zas , tienes un novela corta simplemente maravillosa As es El Tiro de Gracia, la historia de Eric y Sophie, y el hermano de sta, Conrad, envueltos en una historia de as y odios en el medio de la guerra entre bolc [...]

  26. Creo que hay en cada vida unos per odos durante los cuales el hombre existe realmente, y otros en que s lo es un aglomerado de responsabilidades, de fatigas y, para las mentes d biles, de vanidad Por las noches, como no pod a pegar un ojo, le a tendido encima de unos sacos, en un pajar, un volumen descabalado de las Memorias de Retz, que hab a cogido de la biblioteca de Kratovic , y si la falta completa de ilusiones y de esperanzas es lo que caracteriza a los muertos, aquella cama no se diferenc [...]

  27. Mi ha lasciato confuso.Per il testo perch , che sia colpa della prosa della Yourcenar o della traduzione, ho fatto fatica a capire parecchie alcune frasi.Per i contenuti perch ero l a leggere e a chiedermi una storia d a una storia di guerra Ma Eric ama Corrado Ma cosa voleva dire Eric Ho trovato interessante lo studio delle emozioni di Sofia nel gestire un rifiuto amoroso e il finale mette a buon frutto la lenta caratterizzazione della ragazza e del suo rapporto col protagonista ma per il resto [...]

  28. pffff, heureusement que a ne fait qu un peu plus de 100 pages, c est long, au d but je me dit c est int ressant, un peu long mais au final jusqu au bout ce f t chaotique, puis le personnage principal on envie du lui coller des claques, bref du bon et du moins bon mais je reste sur cette impression tr s mitig e.

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