Free Download Stormrider - by David Gemmell - Stormrider, Stormrider One glorious spark one moment of Rigante rebellion has ignited a revolution and forged a legend In the mountains of the north the outlaw leader known as Ravenheart waits knowing the forces of the b
  • Title: Stormrider
  • Author: David Gemmell
  • ISBN: 9780345445865
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download Stormrider - by David Gemmell, Stormrider, David Gemmell, Stormrider One glorious spark one moment of Rigante rebellion has ignited a revolution and forged a legend In the mountains of the north the outlaw leader known as Ravenheart waits knowing the forces of the blackhearted Moidart will come led by the brutal ruler s only son Stormrider Unaware that the fate of the world lies in their hands sworn enemies Ravenheart and StormriderOne glorious spa Free Download Stormrider - by David Gemmell - Stormrider, Stormrider One glorious spark one moment of Rigante rebellion has ignited a revolution and forged a legend In the mountains of the north the outlaw leader known as Ravenheart waits knowing the forces of the b
  • Free Download Stormrider - by David Gemmell
    177David Gemmell

About Author

  1. David Andrew Gemmell was a bestselling British author of heroic fantasy A former journalist and newspaper editor, Gemmell had his first work of fiction published in 1984 He went on to write over thirty novels Best known for his debut, Legend, Gemmell s works display violence, yet also explores themes in honour, loyalty and redemption With over one million copies sold, his work continues to sell worldwide.

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  1. While this stands well alone, it takes place shortly after Ravenheart has many of the same characters I d highly recommend reading it first Gemmel is a master of writing a character driven story While the setting, action, magic are well done, the characters are what really shine There are good guys bad some swap places as they grow events shape them Often these changes are against all odds if viewed from a distance, but make perfect sense as the particulars become known Small strengths or defect [...]

  2. I finished this book for about the seventh time about a week ago, but this is the first chance I ve had time to write a review Although, not Gemmell s best work Sword In The Storm, Midnight Falcon, Legend, Winter Warriors, Waylander II III, Dark Moon , it is up there with them As I ve already said, I ve read this book and many others several times over the years, and there are only so many books that are gripping enough to do that with Gemmell was always the master at character driven stories Yo [...]

  3. Draig Cochland is who the hero of this book.p 325 All was silent at the center of the Wishing Tree woods The ancient standing stones, only three of them upright now, cast long moon shadows across the hilltop Other pillars lay cracked and broken on the ground, the meaning of the runic symbols carved into the golden stone long forgotten A black beetle scurried across the surface of one fallen stone, its tiny legs powering it over a written wisdom it would never know p 459 The grass beneath the Moi [...]

  4. I love David Gemmell novels and like most this one made me cry It is full of heroes flawed and unsuspected It is the final installment of the Rigante books telling the story of Stormrider and Ravenheart It also is unusal for a fantasy novel, there is magic and swords, but there are also muskets and pistols David Gemmell s novels can be a little formualic but that is not necessarily a bad thing He writes heroic fantasy and does it well drawing you into the story and making you care about the char [...]

  5. I enjoyed this book quite a bit, although this 4th and last book in Gemmell s Rigante series was probably the weakest of the four Certain changes in character in the book, particularly for Gaise Macon and the Moidart, seemed a little forced, and perhaps made for plot convenience than for consistency in the story This is still a rather minor complaint given that I really liked the story overall and was certainly caught up in it while reading it.

  6. Every book in this series has amazed me with powerful characters and strong stories with meaning The story of Kaelin Ring and Gaise Macon and all the others was just perfect This fourth book brings the story of the Rigante to an end but you can see there was a whole other story that was waiting for him to write A shame he didn t get to This series will remain on the shelf for another read, someday soon 5 Stars Every Gemmell book I have read has been excellent.

  7. It was sad that stormrider had to die in the end.However he was really brave and Kaelin and the others failed to notice it until he died.Well now i know where the green and tawny brown eye thing came from.And I came up with a soul name of my own The rose in the flames.Not so good.

  8. David Gemmell has a gift for writing simply, rationally, and yet beautifully I have read almost every single novel he has published, and although this one isn t my favorite or most recommended, it is the only one to make me cry Oddly, it wasn t a main characters death or a stirring speech that got to me it was the actions of two brothers, doing what was right, that got to me.Now others may not be so moved by it as I was, and that s fine But as far as I m concerned, this novel is a stirring examp [...]

  9. Out of all Gemmell s works this is one of the few books I didn t especially enjoy While it is a reasonable Gemmell tale with some good characters the earlier Rigante books I feel are superior and much memorable reads It s another typical Gemmell story of characters in a seriously messed up situation but the underrated author has done it better on several other occasions.

  10. what happened to Kaelin this book is the worst of rigante series i find the battle details are confusing, although the story is okay

  11. The BEST ending to any Gemmell book I have read to date And I have read many Almost made me cry Almost puffs out chest

  12. Stormrider is the final volume of the Rigante series Set in a period roughly equivalent to our 1600 s, a civil war breaks out in the land where the Rigante have been dominated for years by the Varlish The Rigante are roughly equivalent to the Northern Scotish clans and the Varlish are the English Stormrider is the spirit name for Gaise Macon, now a successful cavalry general, the son of the Moidart, a man known for his cruel ways This book is perhaps the heaviest actual fantasy of Gemmell s writ [...]

  13. Novels of the Rigante Sword in the Storm, Midnight Falcon, Stormrider, and Ravenheart.I don t know how I managed to not have read any David Gemmell before this, considering how much time I have spent lurking in the sci fi fantasy aisles of every bookstore I ve ever been to, but I picked the first of these after reading about them on Beth Schaefermann s site She doesn t keep archives posted but I can tell you that the post was titled Total Bad Ass Warrior Who Wields Really Big Swords and does tha [...]

  14. This was my first experience of David Gemmell, and I was very impressed Stormrider is a cracking fantasy novel which is notable for not being a Tolkien knock off It starts with a bang, as an apparently demonic bear pursues a warrior and a small child across a frozen wilderness in a lengthy action sequence After this, the supernatural calms down for quite a while, and the book s tone shifts to a military novel, chronicling a civil war.The characterisation is spot on Characters shift their allegia [...]

  15. 9 10In Stormrider Gemmell treats us with something special this time as, with his usual unique talent, he brings us to a powerful finale, and closes the series in a high note like only very few can do.After having introduced us to the newer characters in Ravenheart, Gemmell now takes us a few years later with Ravenheart and Stormrider getting entangle on a great war between the Moidart, the Rigante and the King s army that will change their peoples s lifes, and their own, for ever.One the other [...]

  16. I would have given this four stars, but the ending kind of dragged on for me Too much war and carnage, blood and gore for me This one focused on a very evil group of men led by an evil Spirit and it was sometimes too dark for my taste I loved the characters and their flawed naturesmething that seems to be a trademark of David Gemmell in this series, at least So, I have to say this would be my least favorite of all four that I have read But the ending of this was very poignant It redeemed it a l [...]

  17. I reread this as I was wanting an enjoyable David Gemmell experience and, as I remembered, this didn t disappoint The book is, on one level, a fun heroic fantasy romp Tolkien once described fantasy as tragedy that unexpectedly ends well and this novel definitely fits this description, where in battles of good versus evil it all ends well due to heroes characters who save the day through their skill and cunning On another level this is an exploration of whether an evil act, when done to prevent a [...]

  18. I was loaned the Ravenheart series by a good friend and read it during a summer camping trip to a state forest one of those trips that the extended family goes on and spends a week at a 4 campsites with tents and picnic tables I was surprised that I d never heard of Gemmell at the time, but really loved his storytelling For the past 4 years, I bring the four Rigante books Ravenheart, Midnight Falcon, Stormrider and Sword in the Storm with me for this annual trip and have a great time rereading t [...]

  19. Like the three Rigante novels that preceded it, this novel is wondrous Gemmell s cast of richly fleshed out characters is extensive, and he roves from one to another as frequently as a soap opera, but, like a master juggler, he keeps all the balls in the air.Gemmell s death prevents answering the question of whether he would have treated us with another Rigante story, but this novel feels like a satisfying ending Maybe because, unlike the other three, it comes close on the heels of the novel bef [...]

  20. The final of the series leads to the unexpected Same great pace as ever, but the focus shifts slightly from one main character of Ravenheart the preceeding novel to another as it moves to a great revelation and conclusion Perhaps the least independant of the series, I think it should at least be read with Ravenheart to add to build up and background, even if chose not to read Sword in the Storm and Midnight Falcon at the beginning I thought I might be sad to end the series I had been so engrosse [...]

  21. One of the earliest fantasy book I read I bought it in an airport during a trip and one of my earliest English, which is not my native language, novel that is not Harry Potter ended up finishing before my holiday trip ended Even without having read the previous novels in the series, it didn t take me long before I understood the story and started enjoying it I was in 2nd grade of junior high at the time so this book should be pretty light for adult I wasn t a fan of multiple characters point of [...]

  22. It saddens me to finish reading this book as I know that no Gemmell books will ever be written What can I add to what I have already written elsewhere about Gemmell s other works Incredibly warm and human characters that shine when they are in stage Complex and human drama without saccharine deus ex machina Epic and brutal warfare An easy going pace to the plot The ending might be a little contrived but that is easily pardoned as it was appropriately and dramatically jarring.

  23. Big Disappointment Normally if it were any other author would have given 2 star but it being Gemmell i expect so much from him Worst book i have read of him Read about 20 of them It s not at all consistent with the previous book in the series Ravenheart Personality of most of the characters change in a big way Also the ending is contradictory view spoiler It say s you cant kill a God by a bullet and few pages later goes ahead and does just that hide spoiler

  24. Although I enjoyed this book, I had higher expectations after reading its predecessor, Ravenheart This sequel felt a little muddled and disjointed, as it focused much less on select central characters in order to increase the scope of the tale It was still fantasy of the highest quality, I just have very high expectations for David Gemmell But even the poorest effort by Gemmell is still be better than 90% of the rest of what is available.

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