Preacher, Volume 3: Proud Americans

Unlimited Preacher, Volume 3: Proud Americans - by Garth Ennis Steve Dillon Penn Jillette - Preacher, Volume 3: Proud Americans, Preacher Volume Proud Americans The third amazing new edition in the PREACHER series collecting issues Jesse Custer heads for France to rescue Cassidy the Irish vampire from the clutches of religious fanatics His search lea
  • Title: Preacher, Volume 3: Proud Americans
  • Author: Garth Ennis Steve Dillon Penn Jillette
  • ISBN: 9781563893278
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Preacher, Volume 3: Proud Americans - by Garth Ennis Steve Dillon Penn Jillette, Preacher, Volume 3: Proud Americans, Garth Ennis Steve Dillon Penn Jillette, Preacher Volume Proud Americans The third amazing new edition in the PREACHER series collecting issues Jesse Custer heads for France to rescue Cassidy the Irish vampire from the clutches of religious fanatics His search leads him into a no holds barred battle against the forces of the Grail Also told here is the story of how Cassidy became a vampire in the first place Unlimited Preacher, Volume 3: Proud Americans - by Garth Ennis Steve Dillon Penn Jillette - Preacher, Volume 3: Proud Americans, Preacher Volume Proud Americans The third amazing new edition in the PREACHER series collecting issues Jesse Custer heads for France to rescue Cassidy the Irish vampire from the clutches of religious fanatics His search lea
  • Unlimited Preacher, Volume 3: Proud Americans - by Garth Ennis Steve Dillon Penn Jillette
    296Garth Ennis Steve Dillon Penn Jillette
Preacher, Volume 3: Proud Americans

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  1. Ennis began his comic writing career in 1989 with the series Troubled Souls Appearing in the short lived but critically acclaimed British anthology Crisis and illustrated by McCrea, it told the story of a young, apolitical Protestant man caught up by fate in the violence of the Irish Troubles It spawned a sequel, For a Few Troubles More, a broad Belfast based comedy featuring two supporting characters from Troubled Souls, Dougie and Ivor, who would later get their own American comics series, Dicks, from Caliber in 1997, and several follow ups from Avatar.Another series for Crisis was True Faith, a religious satire inspired by his schooldays, this time drawn by Warren Pleece Ennis shortly after began to write for Crisis parent publication, 2000 AD He quickly graduated on to the title s flagship character, Judge Dredd, taking over from original creator John Wagner for a period of several years Ennis first work on an American comic came in 1991 when he took over DC Comics s horror title Hellblazer, which he wrote until 1994, and for which he currently holds the title for most issues written Steve Dillon became the regular artist during the second half of Ennis s run Ennis landmark work to date is the 66 issue epic Preacher, which he co created with artist Steve Dillon Running from 1995 to 2000, it was a tale of a preacher with supernatural powers, searching literally for God who has abandoned his creation.While Preacher was running, Ennis began a series set in the DC universe called Hitman Despite being lower profile than Preacher, Hitman ran for 60 issues plus specials from 1996 to 2001, veering wildly from violent action to humour to an examination of male friendship under fire.Other comic projects Ennis wrote during this time period include Goddess, Bloody Mary, Unknown Soldier, and Pride Joy, all for DC Vertigo, as well as origin stories for The Darkness for Image Comics and Shadowman for Valiant Comics.After the end of Hitman, Ennis was lured to Marvel Comics with the promise from Editor in Chief Joe Quesada that he could write The Punisher as long as he cared to Instead of largely comical tone of these issues, he decided to make a much serious series, re launched under Marvel s MAX imprint.In 2001 he briefly returned to UK comics to write the epic Helter Skelter for Judge Dredd.Other comics Ennis has written include War Story with various artists for DC The Pro for Image Comics The Authority for Wildstorm Just a Pilgrim for Black Bull Press, and 303, Chronicles of Wormwood a six issue mini series about the Antichrist , and a western comic book, Streets of Glory for Avatar Press.In 2008 Ennis ended his five year run on Punisher MAX to debut a new Marvel title, War Is Hell The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle In June 2008, at Wizard World, Philadelphia, Ennis announced several new projects, including a metaseries of war comics called Battlefields from Dynamite made up of mini series including Night Witches, Dear Billy and Tankies, another Chronicles of Wormwood mini series and Crossed both at Avatar, a six issue miniseries about Butcher from The Boys and a Punisher project reuniting him with artist Steve Dillon subsequently specified to be a weekly mini series entitled Punisher War Zone, to be released concurrently with the film of the same name.Taken from enpedia wiki Garth_Ennis

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  1. Well now It looks like Robert Langdon has nothing on Ennis And Ennis beat him to the punch, no Pretty delicious I m probably gonna gorge myself on these comics until I get as big as that fat man with the idiot Seriously though, Cassidy makes for a wonderful damsel in distress and he sure can take a lot of punishment, too Even better was the tiny guest appearances of god, this time moving on from Tulip and giving Cass a little ugly heart to heart Beast lolAll told, extremely entertaining and obvi [...]

  2. Here we have the ongoing journey of Custer, trying to literally find God and rescue his friend, the vampire Cassidy He s been taken by religious fanatics who are trying to lure Custer to them These religious fanatics think Jesus married Mary Magdalene and are obsessed with protecting the bloodline of that lineage Here is the last descendant of Christ.He s nick named The Messiah and is so inbred that he goes around pissing everywhere and saying I m the messiah Humper dumper dido After two thousan [...]

  3. The Preacher saga continues as Cassidy, the Irish vampire, has been captured by the Grail, a vast secret society that has powerful influence over the world s governments Jesse and Tulip are off to France to mount a rescue As Cassidy is being tortured in the Grail s heavily secured complex by a castrated psychopath, we learn about why Starr has been organizing a coup within the Grail s ranks When Jesse confronts Starr and the Grail s leader, he learns a great deal about the Genesis entity that e [...]

  4. Three volumes in and it s still unclear to me why Preacher is considered to be this classic of modern comics Sure, it s by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, both of whom are brilliant comics creators, but I feel Preacher is mostly an excuse for Ennis and Dillon to shout and swear and do all manner of silly gross things for the hell of it, rather than tell this amazing story.Proud Americans opens with a one shot story of Jesse s dad in Vietnam and is a fairly unremarkable piece Ennis will return to N [...]

  5. I was looking forward to read this third volume and see the fight between Jesse and the Grail.There is a lot of background stories in this book, starting with a chapter about Jesse s father, in Vietnam, view spoiler with John Wayne, in flesh and blood, like special guest start hide spoiler This helps to give a form to a man we only have imagined, a model for his son, the one who tried to make him a right man, because there are a lot of bad guys in this world.Besides, the rest of the first part i [...]

  6. Of COURSE Ennis would find an excuse to weave a Vietnam story into this book I suppose it gives a little perspective on Jesse, showing us what his daddy was like, but boy does that thread feel weak But I ll give Ennis one thing he knows how to play out the terrible reveals for maximum suspense Hearing about the Jesus descendant out of scene, then off camera, for half the book makes the ultimate entrance that much savoury The irreverence towards all the dogmatic, unbreakable Christian mumbo jumb [...]

  7. Proud Americans is a pretty big deal I mean, a lot happens here Ennis only scratched the surface in the prior collection detailing the secret religious organization, The Grail In Proud Americans, we re given a bit of a back story behind Starr s hatred for their groups leader as well as their ridiculous plans involving a direct decedent of Jesus Christ.Also, Cassidy is still being held captive and is hoping for the return of his good buddy Jesse, hoping he ll come to his rescue Jesse however, is [...]

  8. Proud Americans is the third installment of the Preacher series and it s just as ballsy as those that came before I think this one might have the highest body count so far for this series, that s really saying something There are a lot of running themes throughout Preacher, apart from religious hypocrisy Coincidental meetings is a notable one, and Proud Americans begins with a doozie While waiting for his flight, Jesse throws back a few at the airport bar only to find himself sitting next to his [...]

  9. This volume was broken into three very separate parts the first was a flashback to Jesse s father s time in Vietnam, the second was a continuation of The Grail plot, and the third was a flashback to Cassidy s past The two flashbacks were great, helping to give depth to the main characters and flesh out their motivations, but the real highlight was the middle part Jesse rescuing Cassidy from The Grail Just when I thought this series couldn t get any violent absurd awesome, it went and topped its [...]

  10. 4.0 stars Volume three in the ground breaking Preacher series by Garth Ennis Ennis maintains the very high level of quality he set with the first two installments and I am looking forward to reading the next installment Recommended

  11. Ok let s get the hilarious part of the review out of the way first, namely that we finally get a backstory for Cassidy and they apparently want us to believe that he died when he was SIXTEEN YEARS OLD Like, yeah, okay I don t know how I always forget that little detail but it just made me think of this and now I can t stop laughing Then the rest of it Overall a pretty solid volume but all the I don t know feminism buzzwords set in a really rather sexist storyline are starting to wear on me Like [...]

  12. I continue to adore this series but the books are offensive enough I m not even going to attempt to figure out who to recommend them to Perhaps it s safest to say if you like the television show give the books a try but keep a finger on the button for the escape hatch until you find out if these are right for you or not because things the tv series can only hint at the books revel in.

  13. Last summer, I read what I thought was the third volume in the Preacher series, but it felt like I d missed out on some stuff Turned out that the book I read was a hardcover edition Preacher Book Three instead of the trade paperback, so there were actually some stories I missed In actuality, it looks like I skipped right over this entire third volume, Proud Americans And that s a damned shame because this was an absolute treat to read I guess I gotta be attentive when putting in requests for th [...]

  14. Proud Americans revolve around Custer rescuing Cassidy from the hands of the Grail There were some moments that I literally fell asleep whule reading the book while there were many parts that I cannot stop myself from reading it.Here we witness Cassidy s transformation from an Irish revolutionary to a cold blooded vampire, something that I really don t care about but wouldn t mind reading anyway We also discovered some of the Grails well kept secrets, plus its centuries long mandate of protectin [...]

  15. I mean I could find offensive comics as I am sure worst ones are out there, but this is one hell of a comic Again, it has everything from graphic violence to copious amounts of swearing, as well as some nudity and everything in between If a religious person read this, they would be VERY offended as the writers of this comic are not even a bit shy from offending just about everyone including God I am not religious and sometimes even I think they could tone it down with swearing and offensive con [...]

  16. Disturbing, perverse, funny as hell, blasphemous I felt like this issue ran a little long, but it does seem to be setting up for something big down the road I was happy that Cassidy s origin story was finally revealed

  17. 4.5 5Cassidy s origin is a nice touch, but I felt that Jesse s father Nam story made the plot a bit slow despite being freaking amazing, y know

  18. I think I found the part where I had to stop reading back in ol 1999 First half or so of Vol 3 felt familiar like I had read it before heading off to college, but I think I had to give it back to my friend before getting to the Cassidy stories.The volume starts with a one off story of Custer s dad, told through flashback with the help of an old war buddy in the airport while our hero is waiting for a flight Messed up things happen, but that s normal for Ennis Dillon, right Last we saw Cassidy, h [...]

  19. Another great set of comics in the series Once again, this collection of 8 original issues can be divided into two parts the first 6 are Jesse s action packed assualt on Masada, while the latter part is Cassidy s two issue origin story The infiltration of Masada is brilliant With Cassidy initially posing as Jesse, the terrifyingly powerful group The Grail is revealed as a religious order which has been keeping the bloodline of Jesus yes, that Jesus alive for nearly two millenia We learn of their [...]

  20. 4 Blood Sucking Ass Kicking Stars Wow So much happened from the killer cowboy coming face to face with Jesse Custer, to Jesse walking away from helping Genesis s father, resulting in him dying by the hand of GOD One thing that confused me was after Jesse met the killer cowboy i forgot his name , the cowboy just walks away and lets Jesse live on the promise that Jesse will tell him who killed his family Just like that And the weird thing is that after that, he just disappears from the story He ki [...]

  21. Volume 3 starts with a one off story about Jesse waiting at the airport and running into a man who was in Vietnam with his father, and mistook Jesse for him The man proceeds to tell Jesse all about his father in Nam, as well as the story of how he got the famous FUCK COMMUNISM lighter that I recently pointed out was also owned by Yorick Brown in Brian K Vaughan s excellent Y The Last Man series as a nice tip of the cap to Ennis Preacher I won t reveal the story, as it s pretty cool, but it works [...]

  22. The first half of this book is all about the Grail organization They supposedly kept the bloodline of Jesus clear through the millenia, via inbreeding, which resulted, predictably, in a dope of a teenager The org is headed by a man that has given in to his food excesses to such a degree that an airplane breaks his landing gear upon touchdown His two favorite things are food and torture of others, which sure sounds like a corruption of power at the name of religion Starr leads a bit of a revoluti [...]

  23. Whether by design or happy accident, the third volume of Ennis s Preacher feels like cohesive structurally than what s come before The continuance of Jesse s quest to rescue Cassidy from The Grail is bracketed by two flashbacks of men caught in nonsensical wars the first Jesse s father, the second Cassidy himself Both historical digressions are interesting enough, but I m not sure how they mesh thematically with the central narrativeunless the implication is that Jesse Custer s war on God is a [...]

  24. Preacher just keeps on getting better Whether it s zooming in on the lives of Jesse s father or Cassidy, or presenting the political intrigue of the Grail, it digs deep into what s making these characters tick The final showdown at Masada is as ambitious a story as this series has yet tried to tell, and every character beat, every shocking event it all lands.I m also really starting to feel Jesse He may seem like an old fashioned John Wayne inspired gunslinger, but he has a moral code we could a [...]

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