[PDF] Download ✓ Pie : by Sarah Weeks - Pie, Pie From the award winning author of SO B IT a story about family friendship andpie When Alice s Aunt Polly the Pie Queen of Ipswitch passes away she takes with her the secret to her world famous pi
  • Title: Pie
  • Author: Sarah Weeks
  • ISBN: 9780545270113
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Download ✓ Pie : by Sarah Weeks, Pie, Sarah Weeks, Pie From the award winning author of SO B IT a story about family friendship andpie When Alice s Aunt Polly the Pie Queen of Ipswitch passes away she takes with her the secret to her world famous pie crust recipe Or does she In her will Polly leaves the recipe to her extraordinarily fat remarkably disagreeable cat Lardo and then leaves Lardo in the care ofFrom the award winning author of [PDF] Download ✓ Pie : by Sarah Weeks - Pie, Pie From the award winning author of SO B IT a story about family friendship andpie When Alice s Aunt Polly the Pie Queen of Ipswitch passes away she takes with her the secret to her world famous pi
  • [PDF] Download ✓ Pie : by Sarah Weeks
    340Sarah Weeks

About Author

  1. Sarah Weeks has been writing children s books and songs for the past twenty years She is a graduate of Hampshire College and NYU and recently became an adjunct faculty member in the prestigious Writing Program at the New School University, in New York City.Her first YA novel, So B It, which appeared on the LA Times bestseller list was chosen as an ALA Best Book for Young Adults and received the 2004 Parent s Choice Gold Award In addition to being an author, Sarah is an accomplished singer songwriter She has written for television, stage and screen and a number of her picturebooks include songs which she both writes and sings for the accompanying CD s Sarah s titles have sold well over a million copies, including several foreign editions.Sarah is a tireless promoter, visiting schools throughout the country, serving as author in residence and speaking to teachers and librarians at national conferences including IRA, ALA and NCTE She lives in New York City with her two teenage sons.

One thought on “Pie

  1. I like things that are not pie but which remind me of pie Pushing Daisies Twin Peaks which I am, coincidentally, re watching right now Er, other things I can t think of right now Will I be adding this to the list Sure, why not It s a cute little slice haha, puns are dumb of historical mystery small town whatever I didn t love it and, while others found the Blueberry Award and Mock Blueberry competition cute, it was a little too insider y, wink wink, nudge nudge for me But it s an easy read that [...]

  2. Thoughts After Reading Pie was a really sweet story with recipes mixed in the chapters The whole town s love of Polly s pies and Polly herself was heartwarming I m happy with how everything turned out I m a little surprised there was an epilogue, but I didn t see it as a bad thing.Review Aunt Polly, the Pie Queen of Ipswitch, has passed away Her pies were famous and she was known as a kind, caring woman She gave away her pies and with the help of her neighbors has been supplied the ingredients T [...]

  3. Weeks, Sarah Pie.Alice s Aunt Polly is the very best pie maker in her small town, and has even won multiple Blueberry Awards from her pies, but she gives them away instead of making a huge amount of money She is very supportive of Alice, so when she dies suddenly, Alice is crushed The people of the town react in their own ways at the loss, many of them trying and failing to bake similar pies Alice s mother is bitter that Polly had such a loyal following and such talent, and when it turns out tha [...]

  4. I always loved this book It is so heartwarming with stories of family, experiencing loss for the first time, and catching a culprit It was also very funny when Alice was trying to catch the culprit with her friend Charlie I think a lot of people would enjoy this fun and delicious As in many yummy pie descriptions book It also includes delicious pie recipes

  5. Just a little clich d in spots, but a well written story I wonder if it means I m getting old, when the overwhelming majority of middle grade books make me feel nostalgic this one was especially so XDWARNING This book will make you crave pie Like, to the point of drooling on the pages I never knew there was such a thing as buttermilk pie, tbh And somehow yes, I need some Right now.

  6. I got a signed copy of this book from a family member darn me, I can t remember who I have read this book at least three times I don t like mysteries, but this book is just one of those exceptions Especially since there is a cat involved.I liked that the recipes for pies mentioned in the book are at the beginning of each chapter Another thing I like is that Polly Portman put her personal notes at the bottom.What I don t like is that Alice s mom thinks she is ignored because her sister Polly Port [...]

  7. I think it was an awesome book i loved how the settings always changed, because then it gets boring and then i don t like it I liked it when every chapter it has a different pie recipe it was a good mystery book and I enjoyed reading it It is about a girl that has an aunt that is the best pie maker in the small town that they live in When the aunt dies she leaves a note behind saying that she left he most famous apple pie recipe to Lardo the cat When the note is passed o to different people the [...]

  8. Alice a young girl had an aunt who was a really good pie baker, some people call her the queen of pies Every Sunday she would watch her aunt give her costomers her pies She did not charge for her pies they where all free, she belived if something makes you happy why charge Polly the aunt had a cat named lardo and a small pie shop in ipswich , she has won 3 blueberry awords.When she passes a way they read her will that said the cat gets the recipes and alice got the cat Every one in ipswich wonde [...]

  9. This book is seriously my favorite book of all time I love how Sarah Weeks writes this book, realistic yet a little mysterious, it really pulls you in I read it in one day so I would consider this book short and a very fast read I can t even put it in words how amazing this book is, except for you should read this book

  10. I liked this book I found it hard to believe that reporters would climb through children s windows in the 1950 s, but the pie descriptions prompted me to get in my car and find a pie Overall, a really sweet read.

  11. I ve had my eye on this for quite some time and finally got around to it Had I realized it was a mystery and had pie recipes in it, I would have read it sooner I enjoyed the premise of a sweet pie legend lady dying and leaving the town in an uproar over where the missing pie cru review to be finished when my computer works better.

  12. Such a fun book How can you go wrong with desserts and a mystery This book is on our upcoming Reading Olympics list The kids are going to love it

  13. Alice has an Aunt Polly that she loves Aunt Polly is one of those people that loves everyone right back So it is especially hard on Alice when her Aunt Polly dies Besides her kind heart, Aunt Polly was also known for her award winning pie that she gave away in her pie shop In fact, she won thirteen Blueberry medals in a row the award for the best pie in the country When Aunt Polly dies, she had two important points in her will The first was that she left her secret pie crust recipe to her cat Th [...]

  14. This book is delightful That s not a word I usually use It s sort of an old fashioned word that s not really my style A word old ladies might use to describe a chickadee singing on a sunny day or a glass of spiced tea in the winter But it s the word that comes to mind Pie is simply a delight to read.Eleven year old Alice lives in Ipswitch, Pennsylvania, and her Aunt Polly Portman is its pie queen Polly never asks for payment, she simply takes pride and pleasure in pleasing others with her pie ma [...]

  15. Alice Anderson s aunt has died, and the entire town is mourning the loss Aunt Polly, owner of PIE, America s premier pie shop and winner of five Blueberry Awards from the American Pie Association, was not only the engine of the entire town s economy, with buses full of tourists coming in to sample her wares, but also the sweetest, kindest lady you d ever know And now that she s gone, Alice has lost her favorite person in the world, her best friend, and the maker of her very favorite peach pie an [...]

  16. When Alice s Aunt Polly dies, the entire community of Ipswitch feels the loss Polly, the Pie Queen, left behind quite a void, one that had been filled by her pie shop and her incredible gift for baking pies Every resident had a favorite and with her death, they knew they would never taste them again But for Alice it is much worse, she has lost one of her dearest friends as well as the shop where she spent much of her time Her Aunt Polly left the recipe for her award winning pie crust to Lardo, h [...]

  17. Pie by Sarah Weeks features a main course of pie, with portions of family, friendship and mystery served up.Polly Portman s expertise as a pie maker puts her small town of Ipswitch, PA on the map after she wins the national Bluberry Award for her pie year afrer year Polly gives away her delicious pies, featuring her secret piecrust recipe, and receives ingredients in return, which she bakes into pies When Polly passes away, she leaves her piecrust recipe to Lardo, and leaves Lardo, her cranky c [...]

  18. Dorothy SchultzTED 23607 9 13The golden sower book I am writing about is Pie by Sarah Weeks The target audience I would recommend this book to is intermediates and the genre, a realistic fiction chapter book Week s writes a whimsical who done it mystery set in the 1950 s with a young boy and girl trying to solve a mystery while building a lasting friendship It s a well written book with actual pie recipes I believe this books leans towards young girls and mystery readers A person could use the [...]

  19. Every so often, that book comes along that you finish reading and say man, I really wish I had that book available to me when I was younger The last book to truly do that to me was Stargirl, which is a brilliant read in itself in its ability to both hold some significant meaning and destroy you a little bit on the inside in order to do some repair what ails you.Pie did this to me.Pie is, on its basis, about a girl coping Her aunt was a great woman, respected in town and such When a tragedy befal [...]

  20. I loved this book I got it in my latest order at school and dug right in Here s the blurb from the back cover When Alice s aunt Polly, The Pie Queen of Ipswitch, passes away, she takes with her the secret to her world famous pie crust recipe Or does she In her will, Polly leaves the recipe to her extraordinarily fat, remarkably disagreeable cat, Lardod then leaves Lardo in the care of Alice Suddenly, the whole town is wondering how you leave a recipe to a cat Everyone wants to be the next big pi [...]

  21. Pie by Sarah WeeksSummary Alice s Aunt Polly is famous for her pies She s won the coveted Blueberry 13 years in a row The secret lies in her world famous pie crust Alice adores Aunt Polly, not just for her delicious peach pie, but because Aunt Polly gives Alice the love she craves from her mother When Aunt Polly suddenly passes away, leaving her famous recipe to Lardo her beloved cat , Alice s world is turned upside down as the whole community goes pie crazy in an effort to replace Aunt Polly as [...]

  22. Unfortunately Alice s beloved aunt Polly, the queen of pie suddenly passes Every one is talking about her secret pie recipe now They say that Polly left her secret recipe with her very, very fat cat Lardo Alice soon learns that the cat will move in with her, but people are becoming jealous They want that pie recipe so bad, and they will go through almost anything to get it Alice soon meets a boy named Charlie Charlie becomes friends with Meg and they crack the case of the missing and mysterious [...]

  23. Way too arch and cute for me, and I would have felt the same as a child, I think Alice is sort of bumbling, there s no discernable reason for this book to be set in the 1950s, I didn t get the point of the epilogue and why is that set in 1995 , and it just isn t that hard to make pretty good pie It s all sort of cartoony, the villains, all the townspeople making inedible pie, the logistically nonsensical Blueberry award, the idea that a girl and her mother would get rich from writing and perform [...]

  24. This book made me happy AND it s about pie.Eleven year old Alice is very close to her Aunt Polly, the best pie maker in the town of Ipswitch Polly loves baking pies so much that she refuses to charge money for them, preferring to give them away to make people happy Alice is happy just sitting in the bakery, being near her Aunt Polly, and she s devastated when Polly dies unexpectedly Her last words are Thank you very much What follows is a fun mystery involving Polly s will, which leaves her famo [...]

  25. Right now I m reading Pie by Sarah Weeks I love this book because the main character Polly A.K.A pie making legend, dies and leaves all her respites to a cat Well not just any cat her extraordinarily fat, remarkably disagreeable cat Lardo and makes him in charge of her only Neisse Alice If I was Alice I would probably be pretty mad because her only and favorite aunt polly passes away and gives all her famous pie recipes to a cat I mean how do you give a fat cat a pie recipe If I hade the chance [...]

  26. One cup sinister, one cup sweet, with a heaping tablespoon of zany Set in the 1950 s Pie is a classic cooking caper with a baker s dozen scrumptious pie recipes tossed in for good measure Alice s dear Aunt Polly passes away, leaving her pro bono pie workshop unmanned, and bequeathing her Blueberry Award winning crust recipe to her fat cat Lardo which doesn t make a whiff of sense Now everybody in Ipswitch, PA is angling to inherit Aunt Polly s Pie Queen title and get filthy rich while they re at [...]

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