Dead Men Don't Ski

[PDF] Unlimited å Dead Men Don't Ski : by Patricia Moyes - Dead Men Don't Ski, Dead Men Don t Ski Inspector Henry Tibbett Mystery
  • Title: Dead Men Don't Ski
  • Author: Patricia Moyes
  • ISBN: 9780805007053
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited å Dead Men Don't Ski : by Patricia Moyes, Dead Men Don't Ski, Patricia Moyes, Dead Men Don t Ski Inspector Henry Tibbett Mystery [PDF] Unlimited å Dead Men Don't Ski : by Patricia Moyes - Dead Men Don't Ski, Dead Men Don t Ski Inspector Henry Tibbett Mystery
  • [PDF] Unlimited å Dead Men Don't Ski : by Patricia Moyes
    135 Patricia Moyes
Dead Men Don't Ski

About Author

  1. Moyes was born in Dublin on 19 January 1923 and was educated at Overstone girls school in Northampton She joined the WAAF in 1939 In 1946 Peter Ustinov hired her as technical assistant on his film School for Secrets She became his personal assistant for the next eight years In 1960 she wrote the screenplay for the film School for Scoundrels starring Ian Carmichael, Terry Thomas, and Alastair Sim She married photographer John Moyes in 1951 they divorced in 1959 She later married James Haszard, a linguist at the International Monetary Fund in The Hague She died at her home on the island of Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands on 2 August 2000.Her mystery novels feature C.I.D Inspector Henry Tibbett One of them, Who Saw Her Die Many Deadly Returns in the US was nominated for an Edgar Allan Poe Award in 1971 She also wrote several juveniles and short stories.Series Inspector Henry Tibbett Mystery

One thought on “Dead Men Don't Ski

  1. There were too many characters to keep straight and also the story line did not hold my interest so I put this one aside I know I ve read some of these books long ago so am familiar with the author I think that the setting and pace were the factors which decided me into not going on with this read.

  2. I heard about this book on the Classic Mysteries podcast and was happy to see it was available at my local library It took me three tries and renewing it twice both times for me to finally get it read Not that it was bad In fact, it s a delightful story, it just took awhile to get into it Henry Tibbet, a well known detective, is going on vacation with his wife to a remote skiing village When his bosses find out, they tell him that there has been a problem with drug smuggling coming out of that p [...]

  3. One of my favorite mystery series I decided to reread some of my favorites by Patricia Moyes and this was my first one.

  4. Behind the railway line, the mountains reared in white splendour by now, the sun had left the village, but lingered on the rosy peaks and on the high snowfields Far up the mountain , where the trees thinned out, just on the dividing line between sunshine and shadow, was a single isolated building This is Bella Vista, the place where the team of Henry Tibbett and his wife, Emmy begin their detective work This mystery novel is the first of Moyes stories about Tibbett and his nose Moyes tales are e [...]

  5. A good read, a good plot, good color and characters, and a good puzzle, with a neat wrapup Moyes kept me guessing throughout at all levels, not just about technical factors such as timing, but about the basic plausibility of various hypotheses I m looking forward to reading .Later I m definitely enjoying this series I ve read about six of the early ones as of this writing Moyes s writing, plotting, and construction get better with time and practice, and I ve been giving them four stars The local [...]

  6. The very first Inspector Henry Tibbett Mystery Henry and his wife Emmy take a vacation at a ski resort in the Italian Alps, where Henry is on the lookout for drug smugglers But a tragic death has already occurred, as one of the ski instructors skied off a treacherous course in bad weather When another hotel guest, disliked and unlikable, is discovered dead on the ski lift, Henry joins forces with the local Italian authorities to probe the mystery Interesting characters and plausible situations m [...]

  7. I just discovered this author when someone brought a bunch of her books to a church rummage sale She write in the tradition of Agatha Christie English mysteries set in remote places with a limited cast of potential suspects The characters were not quite as idiosyncratic as Christie I count this as a plus The writing was decent and the story was interesting although I was able to figure out half of the mystery well before the final revelation I will definitely read by this author.

  8. I really liked this Henry Tibbetts is a British equivalent of police detective , his wife Emmy sometimes helps him reason out cases In this book the first in the series they are on holiday in Santa Chiara in the Italian Alps The book is well written, the plot is tight but you can see some of the clues that are going to lead him to the solution without it being obvious at all , the characters are fairly developed I ll be reading by Moyes

  9. I enjoyed this book, but it wasn t exactly a page turner that I couldn t put down It romanticized skiing in a remote Italian town in the 1950 s what s not to like , but the story centered on a locked door type mystery where the murder could not have been committed the way it appears to have been committed Typically, all of the characters were suspects and the ending was unexpected, but not exactly exciting.

  10. This my third Paricia Moyes mystery this month all borrowed in a batch from a friend and I enjoyed this book than the other two I think it was based upon increasing familiarity with her detective, Inspector Tibbett, rather than any intrinsic difference in the story telling.These are far from my favorite in this genre, but Tibbett is an appealing character and is central to any appeal the books do have.

  11. I read this in the late 1980s early 1990s I remember the hotel they stayed at you had to take a lift to and that this is Italy smack dab at the Swiss border so the Italians are light skinned light haired Little bits and pieces I remember I liked this book so much that I kept reading the series.

  12. Chief Inspector Henry Tibbett is taking a little ski trip to Italy with his wife His superiors think this is an excellent change to look into the increase in drug smuggling that seems to be connected with the little Italian town Henry hardly gets a chance to hit the slopes before one of their fellow guests is murdered Great for fans of English police mysteries with an exciting climax.

  13. I hadn t read Patricia Moyes in a while and this was fun to read, especially since it takes place in 1959 Italy, where part of the country has just been annexed from Austria The mystery behind it was a little complicated and I had to keep going back and re reading parts But overall, it was a fun, light read.

  14. I had the good fortune to receive this in the mail from a friend who shared my taste in British mysteries A great police detective series with each of the books taking place in a novel setting Good mysteries, interesting, if subtle, characterization, and I love the new characters and new settings in each book A sadly forgotten series that deserves the praise it gets These should be reissued

  15. Detective Tibbett is unassuming and trusts his nose to help solve the crime Classic locked door mystery, without the door Really must read it I can t wait to find and read the next in series.

  16. A fun murder mystery from a new who done it author to me, Patricia Moyes Includes Inspector Tibbet, a Hercule Poirot like character ala Agatha Chrisrie , who doggedly tracks down the murderer A fun pick up for us at the cheap table in the Pinedale library a great companion book for backpacking.

  17. A mystery first, last, and foremost Finally I don t know how I missed Moyes books all these years of loving great mysteries, but I m delighted to find them now A carefully and beautifully crafted whodunnit in the classic sense.

  18. 1 of 19 First published in 1958, this was Patricia Moyes first Inspector Tibbett mystery Nicely written, decent character development, I could tell everyone apart , and an o.k story line Good omen of things to come in later books.

  19. I am biased, because of my own love of skiing, but I enjoyed this fun, gently murderous mountain adventure Tibbett and his wife Emmy are one of the most instantly loveable couple of detectives in crime fiction Golden Age style with a little foreign pizzazz.

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