Love Letters

☆ Love Letters É Geraldine Solon - Love Letters, Love Letters Bridal shop manager Chloe Rogers will soon marry Richard Foster so she thinks until suddenly she bumps into her childhood sweetheart Josh Goldman whom she hasn t seen in thirteen years The sparks b
  • Title: Love Letters
  • Author: Geraldine Solon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Love Letters É Geraldine Solon, Love Letters, Geraldine Solon, Love Letters Bridal shop manager Chloe Rogers will soon marry Richard Foster so she thinks until suddenly she bumps into her childhood sweetheart Josh Goldman whom she hasn t seen in thirteen years The sparks between Chloe and Josh fly but Richard provides safety financial security Should she follow her heart or her head The answer comes in a surprise twist While cleaning herBridal shop manag ☆ Love Letters É Geraldine Solon - Love Letters, Love Letters Bridal shop manager Chloe Rogers will soon marry Richard Foster so she thinks until suddenly she bumps into her childhood sweetheart Josh Goldman whom she hasn t seen in thirteen years The sparks b
  • ☆ Love Letters É Geraldine Solon
    368Geraldine Solon
Love Letters

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  1. A light hearted fun read This book will make you happy no matter what It s a story about following your heart Chloe Rogers is set to marry a hard working, handsome banker He s smart, a go getter, and will provide her a comfortable lifestyle But she cannot forget her first love, Josh Goldman, who returns to town to open a surf shop.Meanwhile Chloe finds a set of old love letters written to her bossy, control freak mother Chloe investigates and finds the man her mother jilted 40 years ago While me [...]

  2. Chloe is set to marry Richard, but her former boyfriend, Josh, moves back into town and throws a kink into Chloe s plans She realizes that she still has feelings for Josh, and is torn between the two men she loves.Richard is self involved, money oriented, and not very kind or supportive to Chloe He really irritated me because he treated Chloe so poorly at times Josh is free spririted, and he encourages Chloe to follow her dreams and passions The two men are like night and day.This story became e [...]

  3. I had the pleasure of corresponding with Ms Solon, and found her to be just as charming as her characters Love Letters is truly a story of second chances Love lingers on every page The story is sweet and realistic I could see the characters playing out before me as I read This is a book for anyone who feels love in the blood that rushes through them with every fiber of their being Anyone who has thought about their first love and wondered, What if If you re ready for an easy read that will carry [...]

  4. This is a good story It includes lost first loves and second chances I had a clear picture of each of the characters and felt that the author crafted them well The novel has everything it needs a strained mother daughter relationship, a crazed, jilted lover, a wedding, and a sweet, little dog named Greta.The story was fun The author could have chosen different endings for this story I like the one she chose to write True love s power should never be underestimated.

  5. I loved this book It was so hard to put down I read it in a day I loved how the writing style was easy to read and you got hooked from page 1 I really felt for Chloe She had to chose between 2 loves Not everyone has that chance with their first love again I found myself wanting to yell a few times about the character Richard and the things he does I highly recommend it.

  6. If you want a contemporary adult romance, light and easy to read, with a happy ending, then look no further, for this is a fine example, from an author who is new to the genre.As the plot begins to unfold, the outcome is all but inevitable, but the journey to get there is full of romance, heartbreak, whimsy and a little humour.It is a story of second chances about the rekindling, repairing and ending of relationships but ultimately, of following your heart.At the start, we see Chloe as a very co [...]

  7. Chloe Rogers is getting ready to marry Richard in a few months He might be a workaholic and always on his phone, but he s steady and secure Everything is going okay until Chloe s first love Josh moves back to town Now she s not sure if she should follow her heart, or her head Things become even complicated when she finds a set of love letters written to her mom that seem to indicate she chose her head over her heart What is Chloe to do This is a romance novel in the true sense of the word Sweet [...]

  8. Cover Thoughts I love the balled up paper with I love you written on it I love it because it s cute and because I think it fits the story well A balled up piece of paper usually means it s thrown away, forgotten Those love letters were forgotten as well.First off, I really enjoyed Solon s writing and I look forward to reading by her I enjoyed Chloe, Josh, Suzanne, and even Richard They were all well developed I would have to say that Suzanne was my favorite character She s funny and witty Even [...]

  9. Love Letters was a DNF for me I only read about 30% into it before I decided that it wasn t for me The book starts out fairly strong, though from the beginning I did not like the main character of Chloe Her indecision between a guy that treats her like dirt and her old flame was really annoying Her fiance acted that she wasn t there half the time and when he did acknowledge her, he does so with disdain Chloe s interest in him seems to be solely based on the fact that he has money and that rubbed [...]

  10. I have a hard time with the whole 11 12 year olds falling in love thing I mean it just seems so strange It would have made better sense if it was high school at the least Some things did not make sense the iPhone snapping shut, checking out of a hotel when they were at a cabin, whitewater rafting before breakfast I really didn t follow that whole weekend very well The time line was confusing Did they ever have their couples massage I don t even know horsing down food I own a horse He eats slower [...]

  11. Solon is the next hot writer in romance I absolutely fell in love with this contemporary romance, Love Letters Chloe Rogers thought she had the perfect life and the boyfriend, Richard After all, he just proposed to her well that is until she bumps into her childhood sweetheart, Josh whom she hasn t seen in years Old memories and feelings start to come back to Chloe Only adding to the fire is these love letters she finds that belonged to her mother that she received from a love of hers in 1968 Ch [...]

  12. A sweet story of Chloe a young girl who is just months away from her wedding the story takes us through the ups and downs she meets as she personally struggles with who should she marry Richard the staple, secure and driven man or Josh, her first love who just returned to town In the midst of all her drama, Chloe comes across an envelope of love letters her mother had recieved from a man before her mother married her father The letters show great passion and Chloe worries about making the wrong [...]

  13. Bridal shop manager Chloe Rogers will soon marry Richard Foster 14so she thinks 14until suddenly, she bumps into her childhood sweetheart, Josh Goldman, whom she hasn 19t seen in thirteen years The sparks between Chloe and Josh fly, but Richard provides safety, financial security Should she follow her heart or her head The answer comes in a surprise twist While cleaning her attic, she stumbles upon love letters written to her estranged mother forty years ago from a man she loved When Chloe secre [...]

  14. THis book was pretty decent It was a little cheesy You could predict the ending but it was still fun to read Its about a girl named Chloe who is engaged to a man named Richard, they have dated for two years Her young lover from Jr High showed up and they ran into each other His name is Hosh He moved back from Oregon to California just to get Chloe back Chloe doesnt know that She ends up having to choose Richard or Josh I recommend this book to girls who enjoy a love story It was pretty good I li [...]

  15. I loved this book, we meet Chloe Rogers who is a bridal shop manager who s engaged to Richard who seems a bit materialistic, always on the phone putting Chloe on the back burner As she is planning her wedding her first love Josh comes back into town All Chloe can think is why is he back Has he finally returned to a long ago promise to marry her, that he told her when they were 11 This book I found was great cause as Chloe is making these big decisions she also helps her mother reunited with a fl [...]

  16. Review by JoAnneBook provided by author for reviewThis book was a contemporary romance that quickly captured my attention I didn t want to stop reading even when I had other things to do, like sleep I laughed and cried and found myself hoping that Chloe would wake up before it was too late and ditch Richard to be with Josh I felt a connection to the characters especially Chloe and Nicole and could see the storyline continuing into a series not that I m aware of any plans to do so I would recomme [...]

  17. First of all this is really of a 3.5 I really liked the idea of the Love Letters Spoilers Placing the love letters in the attic from Chloe s mother s past love was a nice hook to the future My only issue with the book was the love triangle It s a personal thing If you re into love triangles this book might be for you Richard and Chloe were all set to be married when a love from her past arrives I kept waiting for Richard to have some really bad qualities, turns out his main problem was he work [...]

  18. Such a cute little romanceThis was your typical boy and girl meet, fall in love, get separated, then meet later in life and realize they re perfect for each There were times when it was a bit cliche and I wanted to slap Chloe for getting on my nerves but otherwise, I loved it Richard was so clearly wrong for her it was a bit obvious, when a man tries to get rid of your dog, that s when you know he s got to go.

  19. I really liked this book It sent me through many emotions A few of the characters were annoying, for example, Richard s mother Suzanne was a little over the top at first, but she definitely grew on me throughout the book This book is a perfect example that it is never too late to fall in love, and sometimes people deserve second chances Very enjoyable

  20. Love Letters, Geraldine Solon my dear friend, a remarkably talented lady who can produce page turners like I ve never seen will be seeing her rise to the top you go GIRL I kept turning the pageske i kept turning the pages in Nicholas Sparks s The Notebook Routing for Chloe to marry Josh Great twist n turns, keeping us guessing on the edge of our seats.

  21. I really liked the story line on this one but I just thought it was poorly written Liked the characters and how the story turned out, just felt as if I were reading a high school paper instead of a published book.

  22. I felt like this book was poorly written and very predictable It would be a good book if you are looking for mind numbing entertainment but not if you are looking for an escape or journey.

  23. Other then some typos I liked the book The main character had me yelling at her for her fickleness I Love sappy Love Stories.

  24. The book is well written, although the love story is too dramatic, which makes it a happily ever after type of romance.

  25. Very very good Not always do I find a book that I enjoy the subplots and secondary characters as much as the main ones Left me smiling.

  26. A predictable love story Happily Ever after is fltaken care of An easy summer read if you are just looking to relax.

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