Free Download Liquor - by Poppy Z. Brite - Liquor, Liquor New Orleans natives Rickey and G man are lifetime friends and down and out line cooks desperate to make a quick buck When Rickey concocts the idea of opening a restaurant in their alcohol loving homet
  • Title: Liquor
  • Author: Poppy Z. Brite
  • ISBN: 9781400050079
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download Liquor - by Poppy Z. Brite, Liquor, Poppy Z. Brite, Liquor New Orleans natives Rickey and G man are lifetime friends and down and out line cooks desperate to make a quick buck When Rickey concocts the idea of opening a restaurant in their alcohol loving hometown where every dish packs a spirited punch they know they re on their way to the bank With some wheeling and dealing a slew of great recipes and a few lucky breaks RickNew Orleans natives Free Download Liquor - by Poppy Z. Brite - Liquor, Liquor New Orleans natives Rickey and G man are lifetime friends and down and out line cooks desperate to make a quick buck When Rickey concocts the idea of opening a restaurant in their alcohol loving homet
  • Free Download Liquor - by Poppy Z. Brite
    325Poppy Z. Brite

About Author

  1. Poppy Z Brite born Melissa Ann Brite, now going by Billy Martin is an American author born in New Orleans, Louisiana.Born a biological female, Brite has written and talked much about his gender dysphoria gender identity issues He self identifies almost completely as a homosexual male rather than female, and as of 2011 has started taking testosterone injections His male name is Billy Martin.He lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Athens, Georgia prior to returning to New Orleans in 1993 He loves UNC basketball and is a sometime season ticket holder for the NBA, but he saves his greatest affection for his hometown football team, the New Orleans Saints.Brite and husband Chris DeBarr, a chef, run a de facto cat rescue and have, at any given time, between fifteen and twenty cats Photos of the various felines are available on the Cats page of Brite s website They have been known to have a few dogs and perhaps a snake as well in the menagerie They are no longer together.During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Brite at first opted to stay at home, but he eventually abandoned New Orleans and his cats and relocated 80 miles away to his mother s home in Mississippi He used his blog to update his fans regarding the situation, including the unknown status of his house and many of his pets, and in October 2005 became one of the first 70,000 New Orleanians to begin repopulating the city.In the following months, Brite has been an outspoken and sometimes harsh critic of those who are leaving New Orleans for good He was quoted in the New York Times and elsewhere as saying, in reference to those considering leaving, If you re ever lucky enough to belong somewhere, if a place takes you in and you take it into yourself, you don t desert it just because it can kill you There are things valuable than life.

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  1. PZB goes from writing cult teen horror novels to writing about chefs in New Orleans We d passed around Drawing Blood in high school like it was treasure, savoring the angst and the blood and the angsty sex and the artsy blood and gore, and then I was 30 years old and in a tourist shop in New Orleans and her new series was featured on a prominent table PZB featured in a gift shop full of mainly southern tourists Never mind that Anne Rice is writing about Jesus in the first person Is this an alter [...]

  2. This was my first PZB book, and I must try another soon I ve never read a book about the restaurant life , and it was a great change to my typical reads.

  3. I ll admit to having been a fan of PZB s gore filled goth horrors in my angsty teen years and, whilst that familiarity is what drew me to this book initially, I feel that the author has changed, almost as if she like me as a reader has grown up In Lost Souls and Drawing Blood, we saw rich, moody, characters and were drawn into Missing Mile almost as if by enchantment Those stories for me were categorised by their graphic violence and gore, which was stomach churning at times They were shocking, [...]

  4. Yeah, I ve been pretty meh about the writer these days nothing to do with his lifestyle choices, just so you know it s of a personal thing so I m not sure what made me pick these books up again, but damn I still love me some PZB I always love foodie novels, and the thing that made the publishers drop them too niche is exactly why I love these novels so There s food, restaurant culture, New Orleans culture, crime and mystery, and of course, the relationship between Rickey and G man So I m guessi [...]

  5. Very good gay fiction about a couple who are line cooks in New Orleans and are approached by a financier interested in helping them open a restaurant I especially enjoyed reading this while in New Orleans.

  6. Liquor may not be perfect but like any great drink with ingredients that shouldn t go together but do, you simply enjoy the ride and ignore the aftertaste The mix of fantastic New Orleans setting, great foodie descriptions, an intimate knowledge of the underbelly of the cooking scene, and some interesting characters combine to create a fun book with a hefty dose of classic New Orleans style On the downside, the characters are flat and predictable, from beginning to end, and the mystery is so obv [...]

  7. 4.75 Stars because I dont give 5 stars very often I am so glad that I found this gem of a book PZB wrote something truly unique and special with this novel I haven t read anything else by this author but I truly fell in love with Ricky and G Man And foodie novels who knew that was a thing They are amazing why haven t I read or heard of This book description of food was perfect as though I was with Ricky and G Man in the kitchen tasting their ideas with them in Liquor PZB really captures the New [...]

  8. The story begins in a pre Katrina New Orleans with two out of work line cooks sitting in a tree while getting drunk So far, this book is a big departure from Brite s earlier work So far no explicit sex or gore just lots of great descriptions of New Orlean s and food and life as a line cook a job I m glad I never tried out.The two out of work drunkards concoct a business idea that might actually work out, a liquor based gourmet restaurant The book mainly concerns these two, their offbeat acquaint [...]

  9. Two New Orleans gay chefs live the dream and open up their own restaurant There s also a vague crime danger plot, but mostly this is just a book about food This book made me want to eat things I don t even like I needed this today It s fun and soaked in restaurant culture, with a generally interesting M M long term relationship around the edges A light weight escapist good time.

  10. Fun book The main thread of the story was just OK and a bit predictable, but what really shined was the clear love the author has for New Orleans and the food culture there The bio says she is married to a chef, but she must have at least waited on tables or worked in kitchens somehow because there s stuff in here that I don t think someone could just research The relationship between Ricky and G man is nice and established, with just enough backstory you can get the sense of them.Would definite [...]

  11. Poppy Z Brite was one of the names I was aware of when I first tried the gay fiction MM romance genre back around 4 5 years ago His books were always been on the list on the recommended for you feature So I have been wanting this one for such a long time, only to buy it just now using Kobo discount code since the ebook price is than 10.I wholeheartedly enjoyed this it was of gay fiction, with a dash of suspense, not a romance Rickey and G Man were an established couple who worked in restaurant [...]

  12. Attention foodies This is your kind of book Liquor is about two friends partners that are tired of working for someone else as cooks in New Orleans When they get fired from Tequilatown , the franchise y, crappy food restaurant owned by the country singer Jesse Honeycombe, Can you say Jimmy Buffet s Margaritaville they come up with an idea to start their own restaurant.It s not going to be just any restaurant It s going to be called Liquor And all of their dishes will contain you guessed it Liquo [...]

  13. I ve been following Poppy Brite s blog docbritevejournal since not long after Katrina hit New Orleans, but this is the first of her books I ve actually picked up.I read it in a day, but I had a hard time putting my finger on what was so gripping about it The writing is passable, certainly not outstanding Some of the characters are rather flat But Brite captures a place and a mood and a time so vividly that it s hard to stop reading.The book is about two New Orleans cooks who decide, sort of, to [...]

  14. Prior to Liquor the only books from Brite I had read were in the horror genre So I wasn t really sure what to expect But, being a foodie and being appreciative of Brite s writing style, I thought I would give it a whirl.I am very glad I did Brite does an outstanding job of creating characters that have depth, ones you care about, and even those you despise Plus, all the foodie details in the book gave me lots of ideas for future forays into the kitchen.This reads like a cross between Kitchen Con [...]

  15. I read this several months after returning home from a Hurricane Katrina induced exile Maybe it was the heightened emotions of that time period, but I found myself alternately laughing out loud, nodding vigorously, and even wiping away tears while reading this book It s like A Confederacy of Dunces if you re from New Orleans, or have lived there, you ll get it You ll recognize ya Mam an ems You ll say, uh huh, I know these people Know that guy Yeah, know that guy too Oh gawd, I know that place A [...]

  16. I loved this tale of two line cooks who live their dream amid a cast of colourful characters in the Big Easy It totally immerses you in the atmosphere of New Orleans and the culture of restaurants and food preparation There is a little touch of romance and some mystery thrown in Great writing I love Rickey and G Man and will definitely read of their adventures More for fans of general fiction novels than m m romance, although the first book in the series The Value of X is much romantic, being [...]

  17. This book was lovely, and I know that isn t a great adjective in fact, myriad people would be loathe to hear their work described as lovely but this book really was lovely I say that because this book is the coziest piece of fiction by Poppy that I ve ever read A couple of books before this, I read Exquisite Corpse and nearly burnt the book after finishing it, such strong distaste for the subject matter I felt So yeah, reading about Liquor, Rickey, and G Man was a nice break from the dark, putri [...]

  18. The story begins in a Pre Katrina New Orleans with two out of work line cooks getting drunk sitting in a tree.They concoct a business idea that might actually work out Aliquor bases gourmet restaurant T he story is mainly about them and their off beat acquantances and the problems and trails of starting a business from the ground up I t was a good read.

  19. I really like the direction of Poppy Z Brite s recent novels dark fiction, as opposed to horror The NOLA backdrop, characters to which you can relate, and the food centric story are all win in my book Can t wait to read the other books she s written with these same main characters.

  20. Ooh this was good I kept expecting something terrible to happen having read a couple of his books when I was younger but this was fun and thrilling and it was great to read a story that was taking place in the city I was born in Can t wait to read the rest of the series

  21. The charm of these books lies mostly in the brilliant characterization and the wonderful recreation of New Orleans The good is great too.

  22. I started reading this series backwards and read he third book in the series, Soul Kitchen , about a year ago Recently I picked up this one and the following book prime because I loved the intersection of New Orleans culture, foodie culture, and the great characters This book was pleasing in the same way that a new episode of a Netflix series you really like is of everything I wanted I smashed it in a day which should tell you how easy a read it is What I particularly love is Brite s unselfcons [...]

  23. Read this on a plane and it is a fine example of that sort of book easy to read, pretty light, but enough to it to keep me going for the hours in flight Two young guys from the now mostly lost Ninth Ward of New Orleans Hardly from the lap of luxury, they grow up together and become chefs and lovers The book chronicles their efforts to open a restaurant Liquor There s a bit of a mystery thrown in Strong on food and also on characters There s a couple that I ll probably read, too.

  24. I really enjoyed this book I don t know if it s because NOLA was such an important character or because the Ricky G Man relationship was so refreshing or because the story of two really hard workers achieving their dream is just such a great theme or because the side characters were so wonderfully colorful or because people s insanity is so riveting At any rate, I had a hard time putting this book down when I needed to, despite the fact that it s wildly different from anything I ve read in ages. [...]

  25. Fun, but forgettable story taking place in the New Orleans culinary scene Possibly the most 2004 edgy thing I ve read since 2004 The main couple are kind of bland, with interchangeable personalities And the villain is cartoonish and clearly only there to provide some sort of conflict But I like all the attention to detail in the setting and the food descriptions, plus the ruthless Guy Fiere stand in that mentors the main characters as they open their own restaurant.

  26. I ve tried so hard with this book I really wanted to love it I mean, New Orleans, food, booze, a charming gay couple, what s not to love But I ve started it several times over the last decade or and never finished it Finally gave up and am returning my sister s copy to her Apparently this is the second book in a series, though Maybe someday I ll go back and try the first book.

  27. It s about New Orleans restaurants, the writer likes food and talks about it without letting the plot thickens The plot is as thin as mille feuille This book is like a stew in a slow cooker, that you stir and stir around forever no thanks , lost my appetite.

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