The Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy

[PDF] The Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy | by ☆ Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall - The Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy, The Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy The story of the Bounty will be told as long as men sail the sea The storytelling genius of the authors finds here a canvas filled with color action and adventure Readers will realize as did the aut
  • Title: The Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy
  • Author: Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall
  • ISBN: 9781568525372
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] The Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy | by ☆ Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall, The Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy, Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall, The Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy The story of the Bounty will be told as long as men sail the sea The storytelling genius of the authors finds here a canvas filled with color action and adventure Readers will realize as did the authors that so large a drama could not be confined to the compass of an ordinary book Nordoff and Hall chose to tell the story of the Bounty in three acts Mutiny on the [PDF] The Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy | by ☆ Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall - The Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy, The Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy The story of the Bounty will be told as long as men sail the sea The storytelling genius of the authors finds here a canvas filled with color action and adventure Readers will realize as did the aut
  • [PDF] The Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy | by ☆ Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall
    249Charles Bernard Nordhoff James Norman Hall
The Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy

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  1. This describes the 20th century novelist, most famous for Mutiny on the Bounty For the 19th century journalist and author, see Charles Nordhoff.Charles Bernard Nordhoff was an English born American novelist and traveler.

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  1. I love sea stories and this one is one of the best.I first read Mutiny on the Bounty when I was in the Navy The Captain of the destroyer I was stationed on saw me walking around with the book and told me that in naval history circles, the Bounty mutiny was much researched and discussed because it was an anomaly in that Captain Bligh was much less ruthless than most Captains of the Line at that time Naval historians are still trying to figure out why Bligh and the Bounty and not other ships of th [...]

  2. This review is for book one, I ll review the others as I read them The Mutiny on the Bounty 4 starsWhen I started this I was slightly worried because a it s written by two authors and I though it might be jarring when it switched from one to the other b N C Wyeth s illustrations had several top less ladies and c the books didn t seem very happy I knew almost for certain how it would end But I really enjoyed it A the writing is seamless from one to the other I truly could not tell who was writing [...]

  3. Now this is historical fiction the way it should be written The high seas and mutiny and south sea islands The famous Bounty incident and aftermath is written with such a flair for the real life characters, it s almost impossible to put down I resorted to reading under the covers with a flashlight even though my childhood days are long ago The first part of the trilogy focuses upon the mutiny and what led up to it The second part shows us the incredible voyage of Captain Bligh and his little row [...]

  4. This book comes really, really close to receiving five stars from me As I have said in other reviews of mine, I only award a book five stars if it is legitimately astounding and inexhaustibly rewarding This fine tale comes very close to that status indeed Do not let the four stars mislead you, they ought to be very nearly five Granted, I read the first book only I could not find the first book independent of the trilogy, so my review will only concern episode one of this trilogy This is really h [...]

  5. The three books are pretty distinct The first, Mutiny on the Bounty, is narrated by Byam, the fictional midshipman played by Franchot Tone in the film the Bligh of the book is if anything even monstrous than the Bligh of the film, and the confusion of the mutiny itself a ten minute spurt of late night impulse which had long lasting effects better conveyed The Tahitians are referred to invariably as Indians , but otherwise treated as a dignified culture which the English sailors disrupt by their [...]

  6. Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall Old Saybrook, CT Konecky Konecky, 1940 Jacket Illustration Detail from Richarde Parkes Bonington, Dunkerque from the Sea 691 pages 1 Mutiny on the Bounty 2 Men Against the Sea 3 ,Pitcairn s Island 1 Mutiny of the Bound A novel based on a true story in 1787.I m on page 148 now This appears to be a novel for young adults Reminds me of Kidnapped A fairly easy read, and fairly interesting.The plot The novel is told from the point of [...]

  7. At daybreak, on the twenty eighth of November 1789, His Majesty s the H.M.S Bounty set sail and began to journey across the Pacific Ocean Her mission was a simple one To set anchor at the island of Tahiti and acquire upwards of one thousand breadfruit trees then, to return to England for transplant.The crew consisted of forty five men of varying ages and walks of life In command was Lieutenant William Bligh, while Fletcher Christian, masters mate his second in command, was a respectable sailor a [...]

  8. Based on archival information about actual events, these three books work together to tell the tale of an infamous mutiny and everything that followed The first tale resolves what happened with the mutineers and others that stayed on the Bounty after the incident It reveals what happened to Captain Bligh when he was put to sea with a number of his faithful The second book focuses on the incredible journey of Bligh the others in a small open boat through hostile territory The final book reveals w [...]

  9. Events of history, with the usual literary license, taken from three different points of view, to get a complete view of the whole.Mutiny on the Bounty tells the tale of the mutiny itself and what happened to those who stayed on Tahiti when eventually Captain Bligh returned to England and the search for the mutineers was on It is told from the point of view of one of the young midshipmen, innocent of mutiny, who was forced to remain with the ship because there was not room in the launch Even th [...]

  10. Accounts of each of the phases of the historic mutiny on the British ship Bounty in 1787 The first part of the trilogy is an account of the actual circumstances of the mutiny against Cap t William Bligh led by Fletcher Christian The authors set the scene carefully The second account, Men Against the Sea relates the journey of the 19 men set off the Bounty in the small boat Bligh led them with an iron hand and skillfully navigated than 3600 miles across the south sea in an open boat to safety in [...]

  11. There have been many great adventures in the vast ocean The HMS Bounty sails for breadfruit plants in The Bounty Trilogy by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall Captain Bligh, an important character in this book, represents the element of characterization The authors successfully pictured him as an irrational leader abusing his power aboard the ship This creates tension in the plot since the members of the crew must adapt to the poor conditions created by him Imagery is a powerful literary ele [...]

  12. I just finished the first of the stories, Mutiny on the Bounty, and enjoyed it I can t say that the South Pacific islands hold any charm for me, but the tale of the famous mutiny, told from the perspective of a fictional midshipman, was fascinating The courtmartial had me on the edge of my seat as I waited for the outcome with respect to the main character s companions It was a sad story, but it was a good sad story After I take a break, I ll go back and read the following tales, Men Against the [...]

  13. Great book series I really liked these stories in how they related to one of the most famous naval insurrections in history The Bounty was really good from how they dealt with the voyage to Tahiti and the mutiny, you are meant to be sympathetic to the mutineers but in a way I still sided with Bligh because of the men being irresponsible in their duty Men Against the Sea was terrific in which the courage of the loyal Bounty crewman faced terrible dangers on their voyage home with their loyalty be [...]

  14. These three books are amazing if you are interested in things having to do with maritime history It is based on true events and written from original documents The first book, The Mutiny on the Bounty, takes you from England to Tahiti and halfway back before some of the crew turn on Captain Bligh he had it coming The second book, Men Against the Sea, is how Captain Bligh amazingly got himself and his faithful men from the middle of the ocean to a Dutch colony The third book, Pitcairns Island, is [...]

  15. Mutiny on the Bounty is one of the most satisfying novels I ve read in a long time I read it while camping on the west coast near Ucluelet Reading by flashlight with the surf thundering onto the beach nearby and moonlight filtering through the cedar treesrfect setting Based on the real events of the late 18th century Bounty mutiny, it s completely convincing The characterization is masterful and each character s weaknesses help to build the suspense to fever pitch I m now waiting for my husband [...]

  16. This wonderful book helped me pass a hot and humid summer spent in the fields and woods of Southern Ohio I was just a boy back then, lost in the seventies like everybody else Daydreams of Tahiti and the South Pacific were the perfect counter balance to briar choked woods and lazy streams We had a dogwood tree in my Grandfather s largest field I read many books under it s sparse shade I was a Huck Finn who wanted to be a Tom Sawyer Anyway, read the trilogy if you get the chance The second book, M [...]

  17. Though I m not usually much interested in seafaring stories, many years ago I read and enjoyed this account of the mutiny aboard the Bounty I still vividly remember the account of the suffering and survival of Captain Bligh and those who were with him on a small boat for forty some days after the mutiny And I found equally thrilling, and occasionally thought provoking, the account of Fletcher Christian and his leadership and moral struggles Quite a good read

  18. A fictionalized account based on fact with titles Mutiny on the Bounty, Men Against the Sea where captain and loyal crew sail their set adrift lifeboat in hopes of survival and Pitcairn Island the final resting spot for the mutineers The saga is a non stop adventure that addresses arrogance, liberty of a sort, lust, courage, misjudgment and justice in the case of the mutineers complicated by the addition of alcohol and women What could you want

  19. Had this on my shelf for years from my Grinnell College days co author Hall is was an alumnus from down the road, who in his research on this classic ended up preceding Marlon Brando as a permanent resident of Tahiti.This should be read in conjunction with Tony Horwitz Blue Latitudes.A Fletcher Christian descendant just died Here is his obituary nytimes 2013 08 24 wor

  20. The Mutiny on the Bounty is truly one of my favorite books of all time You ve seen the films, you think you know the story, but the book goes so far beyond that The part about Bligh s navigating them to Timor in that little boat is than remarkable The part about the mutineers on Pitcairn is fascinating, and not hard to see how things went so horribly awry there I don t know why I love sea stories but I do and this is the best.

  21. A book I read when I was 12 or 13 and that really helped to get me reading A bit of everything for a young person a bit of Rousseauian paradise and free love the need for rebellion the need for leadership and stoicism and the tragic fates that sometimes meet our best hopes and intentions return return A bit of a boy s book, though No doubt.

  22. Fantastic re read of this classic I enjoyed the Mutiny the best, Pitcairn the least but all are fascinating and capture well the sense of adventure, of exotic life and the mistakes of character that lead to such misery in the lives of people a very special series especially fun to read as I trekked along the Kunene River

  23. One of my favorite books of all time I read this as a child and I still enjoy reading it every so often If you decide to read Mutiny on the Bounty, go for the trilogy, as it depicts the mutiny from all angles A great book for children, who can learn all about the cruelties of the world and be schooled for life Also learning about tenesmus will keep the little ones in line.

  24. I read this as individual books Pitcairn s Island was my favorite Nordoff and Hall did a lot of research and added their special writing skills They were masters of story telling For years I wanted to travel to Pitcairn Island but it wasn t to be From what I have read, it is possible to take special tours to this historical place.

  25. What a book Grandpa gave this to Dad one Christmas in the late 60 s Dad had sailed through there in the war I dont really know if he ever read it, But I sure did What a book.Captain Bligh has been recognised as a great sailor in bringing his cast aside crew home Acknowledged as the greatest sailing event in an open hull boat ever I think it still holds the Guiness World Record.

  26. The first book was really good It was written as a narration of the mutiny and the resulting trial in England The second one covered the story of how Bligh managed to survive with his loyal crew on the life boat The third book covered what happened to the mutineers The second and third book went downhill in quality from the first.

  27. This was the best nautical book I ve read, which is saying a lot Each book is from a different point of view, which helps to give differect perspectives on the main characters I couldn t put it down.

  28. this is my favorite book ever, read it about every six years longer in print.t few pages are slow then wow you arepulled into the story.r read such realism as the misadventures onPitcairn s Island

  29. I read this so long ago that it s hard to remember exactly It was when I was in junior high school I borrowed it from my Dad s extensive shelves I remember liking it and finding the fact that it was a true story very interesting, but I also remember it being a bit of a slog.

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