The Odyssey, Book 1-12

[PDF] Download ☆ The Odyssey, Book 1-12 : by Homer William Bedell Stanford W. Stanford - The Odyssey, Book 1-12, The Odyssey Book A substantial introduction covers many of the questions that lie behind the poem including a thorough summary of Homeric grammar the text is elucidated with full annotations indexes and bibliography
  • Title: The Odyssey, Book 1-12
  • Author: Homer William Bedell Stanford W. Stanford
  • ISBN: 9781853995026
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ☆ The Odyssey, Book 1-12 : by Homer William Bedell Stanford W. Stanford, The Odyssey, Book 1-12, Homer William Bedell Stanford W. Stanford, The Odyssey Book A substantial introduction covers many of the questions that lie behind the poem including a thorough summary of Homeric grammar the text is elucidated with full annotations indexes and bibliography [PDF] Download ☆ The Odyssey, Book 1-12 : by Homer William Bedell Stanford W. Stanford - The Odyssey, Book 1-12, The Odyssey Book A substantial introduction covers many of the questions that lie behind the poem including a thorough summary of Homeric grammar the text is elucidated with full annotations indexes and bibliography
  • [PDF] Download ☆ The Odyssey, Book 1-12 : by Homer William Bedell Stanford W. Stanford
    119Homer William Bedell Stanford W. Stanford
The Odyssey, Book 1-12

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  1. In the Western classical tradition, Homer Greek is considered the author of The Iliad and The Odyssey, and is revered as the greatest of ancient Greek epic poets These epics lie at the beginning of the Western canon of literature, and have had an enormous influence on the history of literature.When he lived is unknown Herodotus estimates that Homer lived 400 years before his own time, which would place him at around 850 BCE, while other ancient sources claim that he lived much nearer to the supposed time of the Trojan War, in the early 12th century BCE Most modern researchers place Homer in the 7th or 8th centuries BCE.The formative influence of the Homeric epics in shaping Greek culture was widely recognized, and Homer was described as the teacher of Greece Homer s works, which are about fifty percent speeches, provided models in persuasive speaking and writing that were emulated throughout the ancient and medieval Greek worlds Fragments of Homer account for nearly half of all identifiable Greek literary papyrus finds.

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  1. I can t read Classical Greek, but it was fun to be able to look at it from time to time and try to pick out pieces here and there I was surprised how much I enjoyed Murray s translation which is not one I recall hearing about before but is absolutely first rate in terms of clarity, readability, and Homeric gravitas.

  2. Wonderful piece of literature This is definitely one of my favorite things to read in high school and in college.Odysseus has a hard time trying to get home, but he never gives up even after being stuck on the island with Calypso, he still dreamed of seeing his wife and his homeland.I wish people nowadays could have this strength, loyalty and morals The world would be a better place with people like him.

  3. this book was really good I enjoyed it because it was interesting of all the things of the gods and their stories I enjoyed reading it because it had alot of adventure, and it also had challenges The book was sometimes confusing at parts, but it got me confused because i was absent and when i came back i didnt get the story But after all this the book was really good it had alot of good parts and sad parts.

  4. I listened to the audiobooksere were 24 books in all Excellent story, the whole thing I truly enjoyed it Reading about Greek mythology has always been a favorite of mine They are classic tales that will be around forever.

  5. Foundation readinghave re read both the Iliad and the Odyssey multiple times We also read it some of it in Greek, but I m lousy at languages and really struggled.

  6. Loved the detail, the prose, and the chance to delve into a bit of ancient Greek fiction One of the inspirations to our modern fantasy.

  7. I read selections from the Odyssey in college for a Humanities class, but this is the first time I am reading the entire book I did not remember that it actually begins with the story of Telemachus, Odysseus son, pining for his father and agonizing over the depredations of the suitors for Penelope I also did not remember that most of the adventures of Odysseus are not in the story s real time, but are recalled by him after he has escaped from Calypso He may be brave and he certainly loves his ho [...]

  8. 9th grade Read for school Translated by Robert Fitzgerald We didn t read the whole thing though we read a much condensed version It was about 75 pages in our English textbook So idk It is obviously a really famous piece of literature and it s well written and you know But I just thought it was ok Ok Bye.

  9. Here we are once again, with the poet imploring the Muse to sing her song about the adventures ensuing the the fall of Troy Having just finished rereading The Iliad which told of the rage of Achilles and the Trojan War, I find The Odyssey a much congenial book, seemingly modern in structure and outlook, even as it tells of events before the beginning of history as we know it It tells the journey of Odysseus on his way hhome from Troy, a journey that takes him ten years Odysseus is a man who, ac [...]

  10. The Odyssey was a great book Sometimes it had me confused because I didn t understand what they were trying to say ,but in the end I understood some what everything The only thing that matters is that Odysseus went home with his son and wife This book was awesome it teaches us how things are hard in life One day we will go threw hard times ,others times they will be easy I loved how Odysseus in the end showed the suitors of with the bow went he shot it Also when his wife didn t believe it was hi [...]

  11. An experience I read Part I and Part II ofThe Odyssey while I was in school, attending a class in ancient Greek The excitement came to me when I tried to read a portion of the original Greek text across from the English translation Realizing that the Greek was as close as I would ever get to an unadulterated experience of the epic, made an indelible impression on me Yes, it was tedious at times nonetheless, knowing that the words and the story had the power to reach across thousands of years to [...]

  12. I had never read this classic, and thanks to the audio version I got through it Just listening to the names was overwhelming, I can t imagine how hard reading them would have been As this is epic Greek poetry, some of the repetition can be forgiven Many people are familiar with the struggles of Odysseus even if they haven t read the tale.Summary Homer s masterpiecce tells the story of Odysseus, the ideal Greek hero, as he travels home to Ithaca after the Trojan War a journey of many years and co [...]

  13. this is a wonderful and amazing piece of literature I absolutely loved this book Be warned though, if you don t like the writing style old English or are not prepared to take annotations this is NOT the book for you The essence of adventure shall never let you down and the cleverness of the characters is something to behold Being 11 can be quite annoying, no one ever takes you seriously So, with all do respect, please don t ignore this review To sum up this evaluation, the novel was quite stupen [...]

  14. I didn t really like this book that much The language was weird and I wasn t into it I found most of it really confusing and weird Like the sirens part, I didn t really get that part To me the best part of the book was when Odysseus and his men escaped the Cyclops s cave They really had to think of a way to get out of there with out him noticing There was a lot of action threw out the whole book It was an okay book, but not something I would recommend I found the ending boring and I just wanted [...]

  15. Well, it took Odysseus 19 years to get home after the Trojan War, and it took me one year to read this book after the birth of my twins Not my favorite read ever, but it was good and easy to read Biggest issue for me was reading it after long breaks because the names were difficult to keep straight sometimes I have to say, with all the build up for his return and getting his revenge on the suitors, the ending was quite abrupt.

  16. If I could go back in time to my 9th grade self, I would make it a point not to read this awful story For crying out loud, even the play was bad Not only then could I not understand what was going on, but 10 years later I can t figure it out If you re into Roman themes, for the love of all things sane, watch the movie Gladiator or even 300 just to humor yourself.

  17. A great work of fiction done by are forerunners A true piece of wonder and a reminder of the failings of men The chink in most men s armor are women and the Greeks explore that Along with the urge most men feel for adventure and the never ending search for wonder Of course danger is always what makes it all worth it

  18. The only reason I think this book was okay is because it was written well on a technical level However, I don t really respect the story itself It s about a highly immoral man who expects his wife to have been moral and faithful to him for the many years that he was gone During eight of those years, he was busy sleeping with some terrible goddess Talk about messed up values.

  19. I Read The Odyssey, i find it to be an interesting book It has different events that happen that help pull the reader into the story The use of different creatures really help keep the reader on edge Like a lot of books it gets strung out and boring after a few chapters of bad events happening But i do like this book because of the age and what it consists of.

  20. Books 1 to 12 of the Odyssey comprise mainly of Ulysses journey back home I never got a chance to read this book in school so I was curious about the story I must admit that I do have mixed reviews of it as at times it was monotonous An interesting read to say the least.

  21. it was cool because i liked it when he battles the cyclops but not the fact he acts cocky,but the way his men died and how he was the only one alive and also returning home disquised as a begger was a cool story,but not my favoriote

  22. This book would be really good if it was in modern reading I was confused a lot, but I had to read it over and over just to get it It wasn t much fun reading it and trying really hard to understand it.

  23. THE ODYSSEY is the prototypical journey tale of world literature After ten years fighting and helping the Greeks win the Trojan War, Odysseus, King of Ithaka, offends the sea god Poseidon and is doomed to another ten years of wandering before being

  24. an incredible journey, but lacked a lot of imagery and descriptive language, it s like a list of events than a story, and if i had to read the line rosy fingered dawn one time i d eat the book

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