Sherlock in Love

[PDF] Read ↠ Sherlock in Love : by Sena Jeter Naslund - Sherlock in Love, Sherlock in Love How did Sherlock Homes come into possession of a true Stardivarius Who was the one true love of the great detective s life And what shattering disappointment left the detective with feelings of overwh
  • Title: Sherlock in Love
  • Author: Sena Jeter Naslund
  • ISBN: 9780688178444
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ↠ Sherlock in Love : by Sena Jeter Naslund, Sherlock in Love, Sena Jeter Naslund, Sherlock in Love How did Sherlock Homes come into possession of a true Stardivarius Who was the one true love of the great detective s life And what shattering disappointment left the detective with feelings of overwhelming melancholy As Holme s great friend Dr Watson sets out to answer these questions and recount the thrilling lost adventure of Holmes s attempt to rescue the loHow did Sherlock [PDF] Read ↠ Sherlock in Love : by Sena Jeter Naslund - Sherlock in Love, Sherlock in Love How did Sherlock Homes come into possession of a true Stardivarius Who was the one true love of the great detective s life And what shattering disappointment left the detective with feelings of overwh
  • [PDF] Read ↠ Sherlock in Love : by Sena Jeter Naslund
    489Sena Jeter Naslund
Sherlock in Love

About Author

  1. Sena Jeter Naslund is the New York Times best selling author of five novels, including Ahab s Wife 1999 and Abundance A Novel of Marie Antoinette HarperCollins, 2006 She is currently Distinguished Teaching Professor and Writer in Residence at the University of Louisville and program director of the Spalding University brief residency Master in Fine Arts in Writing Recipient of the Harper Lee Award and the Southeastern Library Association Fiction Award, she is co founder of The Louisville Review and the Fleur de Lis Press She lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

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  1. Sherlock in Love is supposed to be the story of Holmes one great love and how he obtained his Stradivarius violin.Nice idea, reasonable plot, but it would have helped if the author had actually read ACD s original stories In the story The Adventure of the Cardboard Box , Arthur Conan Doyle himself stated that Holmes brought his strad from a pawnbroker in the Edgeware Road That failure to keep to canon gave the book a major strike against it before I even began to read it.I also found it hard to [...]

  2. This is hard to explain But let me just start by saying I think I paid about 50 cents for this at a library book sale and uh, I d say that was a pretty accurate price point Basically, the novel is structured like a Conan Doyle story but a bit topsy turvy Holmes is dead never explained, how exactly and I know it s not Reichenbach falls so sometime after and during the Bee Keeping days so who the hell knows and Watson suddenly has a mood to write up some old stories he must have missed down the l [...]

  3. I had heard great things about Sena Jeter Naslund s Ahab s Wife, and when I went to check it out from the library, I noticed a much shorter book by her, Sherlock in Love Now, I usually delight in pastiches, even in parodies, of famous books Shamela, anyone so I thought, if AW is supposed to be good, SIL should be good too Wrong This books is truly terrible Sandwiched between a somewhat intriguing beginning and a flaccid, unfulfilling end, is a ridiculous plot peppered with even ridiculous chara [...]

  4. No Just no Our good Dr Watson has to unravel the mystery of how Sherlock got his Stradivarius violin He starts out merely to write a definitive biography of his late friend, but finds himself threatened and pages of notes about one of the cases excised This takes him on a merry romp through his memories of some old adventures.Weak points a mysterious lady who is able to winkle her way out of St Giles Hospital for the mildly delusional whenever she likes With a dog Mystical appearance of Marie An [...]

  5. All I have to say about this book is eww I have read every Sherlock Holmes story and novella and cannot begin to imagine where the author thought this story fit in Disappointment would be one thing I read The Final Solution and was disappointed in that But to a true fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle this story borders on sacrilege.

  6. I wish we could give less than 1 star ratings, but since this is the lowest, it ll do The WORST Holmesian tale I ve ever read, including my own childish attempts to wrte one at the age of 12.

  7. I have not read any of the original Sherlock Holmes tales the horror, I know I have also not read anything by Sena Jeter Naslund I decided to read this book because I am attending the Alabama Writers Symposium this month, and Naslund will be a speaker there Why did I pick this and not one of her other books I honestly have no idea Because, like I said previously, I m not a huge Sherlock Holmes fan I just read the blurb and said Sounds interesting, think I ll read it This story is written in Wats [...]

  8. My family includes several avid Sherlock Holmes fans The most avid of them all once told me that he s read many of the Sherlock knock offs written by other others, and that none have done the originals justice Of course, he does keep reading them I meant to stick with the original Sherlocks, but then came across Sena Jeter Naslund s Sherlock in Love SJN invariably rocks my world, and I couldn t resist Thank goodness, because this book was fantastic It almost fulfilled my dream of waking up to fi [...]

  9. Sherlock in Love is an.ting pastiche of Sherlock Holmes I must be of a Holmes purist than I originally thought because I just couldn t gloss over the out of character non canon things and there are many in this book In all honesty, the book on its own isn t terrible However, since it very much involves Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s beloved characters, I do somewhat judge the quality of a work with the original text in mind The constant name dropping of cases i.e original stories at the beginning was [...]

  10. I will give Sena Jeter Naslund credit for mimicking Conan Doyle s style beautifully In terms of writing style, this novel reads like a Sherlock Holmes story, without a doubt However, it lacks the flow of Conan Doyle s stories, and importantly, it lacks character integrity Watson is fairly well portrayed, but Holmes is far beyond a deeper, personal view of the character He is someone else entirely Without the name, I never would have recognized him And the little twists in the story only cement [...]

  11. This is easily the worst Holmes related book I have read so far a place previously held by the ghastly Whitechapel The last stand of Sherlock Holmes.The story is ridiculous and the characterization so thin that even the inclusion of mad King Ludwig II fails to spark a little interest To add insult to the injury, the author throws an unlikely intervention of the woman herself, Irene Adler.At least, it s a short read Straigth to the recycle bin.

  12. I couldn t even finish it I love Sherlock Holmes and was so excited to read this book, but this book was so not what I was expecting At all No I don t even have words for it Just, no.

  13. Sena Jeter Naslund is an interesting author for me I love one of her novels Ahab s Wife , Hated another so much that I couldn t finish it Four Spirits and this one was just slightly better than ok for me Her idea of creating a love lost for Sherlock Holmes is and interesting one I like the idea that Naslund researched her fictional characters well enough that their actions seemed in line with Conan Doyle s characterizations.Sherlock in Love is told in the point of view of Watson after the death [...]

  14. It was difficult for me to take interest in this book as I m not a huge Sherlock fan This book does make me want to check out some of the older Sherlock stories Book club and the author being from Louisville brought me to this book It seems weird to me for Sherlock to have a love interest He seems too intelligent and out there to be distracted by anything including love The twists in this book are interesting, but I feel that at least one of them wasn t needed It s still short enough that if you [...]

  15. I ve enjoyed two of Sena Jeter Naslund s novels Ahab s Wife and Abundance When I saw Sherlock in Love on the library s shelf, I was excited This novel was written before the other two novels I had read, and I had no knowledge of its existence.In Sherlock in Love, Naslund presents us with a previously unpublished Sherlock Holmes mystery Her narrator is Watson, and she assumes his identity convincingly A violinist named Victor, a mad king, and magic tricks all figure into the story But that s not [...]

  16. Dr Watson is lonely He has lost Sherlock and the second Mrs Watson to death and is no longer sure how to spend his life He decides that the best course of action would be to write the biography of the great Sherlock Holmes and puts out an advertisement into the paper seeking any and all information on Sherlock It is then that he is haunted by visions of Sherlock Papers begin to go missing from his notebooks and Sherlock s and he isn t sure what he has opened He must solve this case without the g [...]

  17. i will read anything sena jeter naslund writes sometimes i enjoy her choice of subjects than others i did not expect to enjoy this book as much as i did as i am not well versed in sherlock holmes but as usual she can take any character, real or fictional and weave a beautiful narrative around them her writing is so full of details it is easy for the mind to imagine the setting and the senses almost to feel an active part of the story this book is about love, but even so as you would expect , m [...]

  18. What fun I have not read many Sherlock Holmes books, so I cannot speak thoroughly about the authenticity of the voice, but it certainly felt real I could totally picture Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in these roles, if that counts for anything I appreciated the shifts in voice from section to section, and the jumps in time were managed well, coherent in a way that made me feel at no time disoriented Transitions between times and narrative voice were smooth and clear, as well as the use [...]

  19. Non spoiler review don t do it It s not worth your time or sanity view spoiler Disclaimer I only made it 60 70% of the way through the book I had a habit of peaking ahead at that time This book has been the closest I ve ever been to throwing a book across my room.1 Mycroft is angry at Watson, and we never really learn why.2 Watson gets married A FREAKING GAIN FOR THE FOURTH TIME TO IRENE ADLER WHY JUST WHY.3 THE WHOLE UNORIGINALITY OF THE SISTER THING.4 I could be wrong on this point, but I m no [...]

  20. I am eager to re read this book I like her work so much but the real draw this time is because of the superb BBC Masterpiece series called SHERLOCK that aired a few weeks ago Three episodes wasn t enough So I finished it I love Naslund s writing her ability to weave historical fiction and historical fact in tiny doses so subtle that if you miss it it doesn t matter, but if you get it the book opens up to you in beautiful and brilliant ways The story itself had the real authentic voice of Watson [...]

  21. An interesting twist on the Irene Adler aspect of the Sherlock Holmes stories SJ Naslund does have a good grasp on the AC Doyle originals, and immitates the voice well, but her portrayal of both Holmes and Watson is a little lackluster, and certainly not as good as Laurie R King s inventive and incredible well researched re imagining of the Great Detective However, SJ Naslund does play with the sexual identity of Holmes in some very fun ways, and there are two great plot twists.It s short, so wo [...]

  22. A thoroughly engaging read Naslund s writing evokes the mood and characters of the original AND brings a new addition to the lore Holmes is dead, and Dr Watson in his loneliness decides to write a bio of Holmes Someone seems to be thwarting him, pages from journals are missing, threatening letters appear, he is haunted by Holmes and others As Watson tries to get to the bottom of things he reflects on past adventures, including an unpublished job that ended in failure.

  23. Granted the title is terrible, but the book is better than the title This was readable and interesting, especially for someone familiar with the Sherlock Holmes canon, since references to other characters stories abound I was a bit disappointed that while it initially seems to be Watson s story, he eventually recedes into the background as in a typical SH narrative.

  24. I have read this author before and really enjoyed the way she adapted her style to fit the topic she s writing about In this case, it was Sherlock Holmes and I very much enjoyed the twists and turns of the mystery The story is, as always, told from the point of view of Dr Watson, and it sounds very much like the stories first written by Arthur Conan Doyle A worthy read.

  25. Enjoyable quick read It obviously doesn t adhere to the original stories, but I didn t mind that too much I don t have a problem separating Arthur Conan Doyle from the rest sometimes it s just nice to meet Sherlock again The only real issue I had was the twist at the end Not sure I can get that out of my head now.

  26. I thought that Naslund had the voice of Dr Watson spot on in this story and that the device of weaving references to familiar Sherlockian adventures was well used This very imaginative plot provided a plausible explanation for both Holmes s melancholy and cocaine abuse Overall I enjoyed it despite what were, in my opinion, a few blunders in Bavaria.

  27. I love the original Sherlock Holmes stories, especially because of the interaction between Holmes and Watson This story effectively reflects the same style and tone of those stories and also has the unexpected twists and turns It was a quick read finished in just a few hours and enjoyed it emmensely.

  28. Canonical mistakes, a Mary Sue heroine, and a twist that may require brain bleach I have no problem whatsoever with hooking Holmes up romanticallybut this was, to my mind, disrespectful The author is an excellent writer, but for me, this was an execrable story.

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