Wayside School Is Falling Down

Free Read Wayside School Is Falling Down - by Louis Sachar Joel Schick - Wayside School Is Falling Down, Wayside School Is Falling Down Louis yard teacher starts off tales of unusual students Comic sketches precede every chapter Todd brings a cute adorable plastic puppy who bites back when Joy steals it Cafeteria Mrs Mush serves Mu
  • Title: Wayside School Is Falling Down
  • Author: Louis Sachar Joel Schick
  • ISBN: 9780380731503
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Wayside School Is Falling Down - by Louis Sachar Joel Schick, Wayside School Is Falling Down, Louis Sachar Joel Schick, Wayside School Is Falling Down Louis yard teacher starts off tales of unusual students Comic sketches precede every chapter Todd brings a cute adorable plastic puppy who bites back when Joy steals it Cafeteria Mrs Mush serves Mushroom Surprise that changes Ron When Paul falls out the window Leslie offers her pigtails to pull him back On th floor invisible Allison finds Miss Zarves class Free Read Wayside School Is Falling Down - by Louis Sachar Joel Schick - Wayside School Is Falling Down, Wayside School Is Falling Down Louis yard teacher starts off tales of unusual students Comic sketches precede every chapter Todd brings a cute adorable plastic puppy who bites back when Joy steals it Cafeteria Mrs Mush serves Mu
  • Free Read Wayside School Is Falling Down - by Louis Sachar Joel Schick
    443Louis Sachar Joel Schick
Wayside School Is Falling Down

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  1. Louis Sachar pronounced Sacker , born March 20, 1954, is an American author of children s books.

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  1. Does anyone else remember that heavenly smell of newsprint in school when you fill out your order form for your book club And your moms neatly signed check in your chubby fist, paper clipped to your book mark sized list ready to turn in batts eyes And the excitement when you see piles and piles of books rubber banded together knowing your about to get your hands on your own stack Sorry, got lost in a moment.

  2. This was the first book I ever bought at a school book fair and it will remain one of my favorites I recently decided to read one chapter of it each night to my 6 year old son I loved the sounds of his giggles and howling laughter as I read the stories that made me laugh so hard I couldn t breathe as a child I was afraid that he wouldn t love the stories as much as I had as a child I was also afraid that I wouldn t find the stories as entertaining this time around I was very wrong The delightful [...]

  3. I read this book because my 2nd grader liked it so much and recommended it to me He normally will tell me about books he s read, but since this was the first one he wanted me to read, I thought I d give it a try Plus, I wanted to be able to discuss it knowledgably with him Louis Sachar is a clever writer who, I believe, appeals to all ages His many puns and literal interpretations of figurative sayings were delightful, and my son and I enjoyed talking about our favorite parts Here s one we share [...]

  4. This was one of my favorite books in elementary, and it stands the test of the re read Such an adorable collection of stories that took me right back to my childhood I wasn t as familiar with the characters as I used to be, but that s not much of a surprise Before, I would have been able to offer a brief character synopsis as well as the name of the love interest of any child you mentioned Now, not so much, but the book is still charming and delightful It s surprisingly clever and funny for a ch [...]

  5. I just finished reading this with my daughters the other day We ll begin our review in a moment But may I say, DANG These books hold up I loved them as a kid, but I m pulling so much out of them now as an adult specifically, as a teacher and a parent.My favorite stories were Freedom and the 19 chapters In Freedom, Myron realizes what many of us have at various points that school is essentially a prison He comes to the realization that it doesn t have to be.I love the idea of challenging the sys [...]

  6. Extremely clever book My son wanted to read it badly Thank you, Mr Sachar.I noticed Glee used one of the same jokes I watching the show Season three, Episode two and heard the joke, What is the capitol of Ohio O Then later that same day I read the same joke in the book which is at least twenty years older than the TV show, of course LOLAnyway, definitely recommend this, but it is second in the series, so read the first one first.

  7. So, I remember LOVING this as a kid, and listening to it on audio on repeat Rereading it, though, some chapters are just plain ODD.

  8. Sachar, L 1989 Wayside School Is Falling Down New York Avon Books.0380731509Continuing with the Wayside Series, what s interesting with the second book is that, while the majority of chapters are still character sketches, there is overlap and continuation of conflicts among the chapters The same is true for the third book as well.Students that liked the first book will undoubtedly like the second and third books as well however, usually disappointments about with the fourth book Readers get to [...]

  9. I read it in fifth grade on the last day of school I was really bored when I picked it up I thought to myself Sounds good And it was It s a fun read for grades 2 5

  10. A librarian at the school book fair recommended this to me, in 3rd grade Great recommendation This book is full of fun stories that never got old, no matter how many times I read them.

  11. Often when we hear realistic fiction we think of heavy, thought provoking texts We read realistic fiction to kids to help them think through tough issues like death, divorce, bullying, prejudice, and the like But kids need lighthearted books too, ones that they return to time and again for the sheer pleasure of reading Wayside School is Falling Down is the second of Louis Sachar s three Wayside School books, and the best of the three Each of the thirty stories in this novel centers on a student [...]

  12. 1 Fantasy2 In this wacky school, where the students in Mrs Jewls s class must climb 30 flights of stairs to get to their classroom, all kinds of things are always happening whether its Benjamin whose just moved here from Magadomia who pretends that his name is really Mark Miller so that he doesn t upset his new teacher Mrs Jewls s, or students taking up the whole lesson talking about socks, or Dana whose not quite sure whether or not she likes humans or not, even though she is one These silly st [...]

  13. In the next installment of the Wayside School stories, we are introduced to some new characters such as Mr Kidswatter, the principal, and the new kid, Mark Miller, who s too shy to tell everyone his name is actually Benjamin Nushmutt The reading of it is made better by the illustrations of Joel Schick The kids are really really cute So cute that they could be mistaken for monkeys see the illustration of Myron with the adorable black button eyes and bowtie And I could almost taste those Tootsie R [...]

  14. Thanks again to Cindy for introducing my kids and I to this series We re absolutely loving it We just finished Wayside School is Falling Down reading one story chapter each night I personally liked this book s stories a bit than the first book Each of the stories was a little bit longer than in the first book and they also went even farther along the creativity continuum in terms of using new and intriguing storytelling elements.As withSideways Stories from Wayside School, each chapter with a n [...]

  15. For just a second Allison had understood everything but then she lost it p 147 Calvin has to decide on a tattoo, where and what, a lifetime committment He was sure he had made the right choice At least he was pretty sure p 76 view spoiler A potato above his ankle hide spoiler D.J kobonged his gong Joy chongoed her bongos Paul splacked his castanets Jenny spaghettied her snare drum Calvin and Bebe wammered their cymbals And Joe s triangle went ting p 49 Comic sketches precede every chapter of thi [...]

  16. Totally worth a reread I don t generally laugh out loud when I read books, but this one had me laughing on several occasions It is so clever and funny and made me feel like a kid again I also kind of teared up at the end when all the kids reassured Benjamin Nushmutt that they were all just as weird as him and he had nothing to worry about I read my falling apart copy of this book that my godmother gave me for my ninth birthday When I flipped to the inside of the back cover I found a piece of pap [...]

  17. Those zany Wayside kids are at it again A nugget Who would like the triangle asked Mrs Jewls Joe raised his hand, and Mrs Jewls gave it to him Why is it called a triangle asked Joe I don t know, said Mrs Jewls Maybe because it s shaped like a triangle, suggested John No, that can t be it, said Mrs Jewls Then the tambourine would have to be called a circle Maybe it was invented by a person named Joe Triangle, said Rondi That s probably it, said Mrs Jewls She held up the next instrument It was a g [...]

  18. Not as good as Sideways Stories From Wayside School some of the stories just seemed too in your face, like the one that was written entirely backwards But I did enjoy the story of the nineteenth storey and numerous other surreal episodes like Benjamin Nushmutt being known as Mark Miller or some innocuous name, for most of his time in Wayside School The weirdness factor is still high What I particularly like about this is how Sachar has obviously made use of his experience in an elementary school [...]

  19. one strength of this story is that the kids love to go to school because of their teachers i can relate to that because like school because i have good teachers i would recommend this book to people who like fantasy and laughing during the story i would like to continue this series because Louis sachar, the author, made me laugh and be happy one weakness of this story is that Benjamin mush called himself mark miller because he thought that his classmates would make fun of him but they didn t a l [...]

  20. If you enjoy action, comedy, and lots of laughs then Wayside School is Falling Down is the book for you Wayside School Is Falling Down tells in detail, of the crazy and kooky things that go on in the school and with the students and teachers as well Most of the stories have to do with Mrs.Jewels and her 29 students but don t let that fool you, because you never know what the next story will be about One of my favorite stories in this book was the chapter that was written entirely backwards And [...]

  21. I discovered this book in one of my classes one day, when I was between 4th and 6th grade.I had finished my work for that class early that day, so I went over to the bookcase and saw it laying there.Intigued, I picked it up and started reading it.I was immeadiatly hooked, and since I didn t have time to finnish it durring that class, I snuck it in my booksack, brought it home with me, and read the entire thing that night The next day, I brought it back to school in the same condition as I found [...]

  22. My dream job Elementary school librarian I m practicing for it right now by reading all the books my kids bring home from school The Wayside School series is so funny One chapter had me laughing so hard tears were pouring down my cheeks We ve been reading them outloud to people too Books this funny shouldn t be kept to yourself Visitors to our house beware We may sit you down and read a chapter or two Recommended for the whole family to listen to Second grade and up for independent readingCautio [...]

  23. This was the book I picked up every single time I walked into my primary school library Our school never had any books I liked, this is the one that I just read over and over again I just wish I had bought my own copy as a kid My brother has his own copy and he too can t seem to put it down.

  24. Hilarious Reading this book to the kids has been such a pleasure to rediscover since my own childhood and the kids love it

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