Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp

[PDF] Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp | by ã C.D. Payne - Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp, Youth in Revolt The Journals of Nick Twisp Six months in the life of the world s most dangerous teenager Youth in Revolt is the journals of Nick Twisp California s most precocious diarist whose ongoing struggles to make sense out of high sch
  • Title: Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp
  • Author: C.D. Payne
  • ISBN: 9780385481960
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp | by ã C.D. Payne, Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp, C.D. Payne, Youth in Revolt The Journals of Nick Twisp Six months in the life of the world s most dangerous teenager Youth in Revolt is the journals of Nick Twisp California s most precocious diarist whose ongoing struggles to make sense out of high school deal with his divorced parents and lose his virginity result in his transformation from an unassuming fourteen year old to a modern youth in open revo [PDF] Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp | by ã C.D. Payne - Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp, Youth in Revolt The Journals of Nick Twisp Six months in the life of the world s most dangerous teenager Youth in Revolt is the journals of Nick Twisp California s most precocious diarist whose ongoing struggles to make sense out of high sch
  • [PDF] Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp | by ã C.D. Payne
    285C.D. Payne
Youth in Revolt: The Journals of Nick Twisp

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  1. Author and showman C.D Payne was born in Akron, Ohio in 1949 making him a contemporary of Richard Gere and Meryl Streep He spent his early years in West Virginia and southern Ohio, moving back to Akron while still a mere tot.He went to public schools in Akron, and then graduated from Harvard College, where he majored in history and participated in the annual spring riot In 1971 he moved to California During the next 25 years, he held over 50 jobs including newspaper editor, book publisher s assistant, proofreader, trailer park handyman, and catalog writer.Since 2004 he has been the proprietor of the Eyelusion Museum, a mobile discovery museum in a restored and polished 1964 Airstream trailer His latest mobile sideshow is a 1950s miniature town shown below called Zippy Town It can been seen at the Santa Rosa Handcar Regatta and other events.He is married and lives in Sonoma County.

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  1. Nick, she said, when I had finished, six months ago you were just another brownnosing honor student What happened What happened was Nick fell in love lust with Sheeni, and would do anything, ANYTHING to be by her side get into her pants Anything may or may not include lying, cheating, screwing over his friends, trickery, forgery, transvestism, doping another s drinks, grand theft auto, vandalism, becoming a fugitive from justice, and so many offenses it would take nearly 500 pages to tell you a [...]

  2. this book will ALWAYS be in my top five there s no doubt that reading it at age 17 solidified my appreciation for this profane, hilarious, perverted, often ridiculous and grotesque piece of work nick twisp s rampant hyperpolysyllabicsesquapadalianism had me reaching for the dictionary than once, but in the end the rich vocabulary and originality in his storytelling kept me hooked even though the story loses steam towards the end.

  3. This was THE book that cliche changed the way I read books.This book was MY book For years I begged people to read it because I wanted them to feel the obsession It is extremely important that all teenagers adults read this book The characters are totally absurd and amazing, and this hefty 500 pager puts many age appropriate high school reading list books to complete and utter shame This book destroys The Perks of being a Wallflower and others that were a hit back in the late nineties Read this [...]

  4. Oh, no No Absolutely not, this book is not for me and I refuse to read 400 pages of this crap especially not when reviews allude to it being 400 pages of the same sort of thing Constant boners and mocking your middle aged mother s appearance are not funny But Rachel Didn t you like Portnoy s Complaint Yeah But Alexander Portnoy wasn t like lol, my mother has blue veins He was like lol, my girlfriend is ignorant and can t spell Both mocks are mean spirited, but at least one of them is mocking a [...]

  5. Fate This book and I were destined to be together.We were first brought together when I was just 13 years old, rummaging through the discount shelves at Barnes and Noble in Indianapolis The cover drew me in, and I sat my tween butt down on the floor and started reading I made it about twenty or so pages in, feeling my face flush at reading about S E X in a public place, and likely matching the color of the lower half of the title letters when my mom found me hidden in the aisle She asked if I wa [...]

  6. Not your average coming of age novel, C.D Payne s trilogy of short novels about the travails of young journaler Nick Twisp has a comic wit and intricate plot twists that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.This boy meets girl plot centers on Nick, a bookish, sex crazed 14 year old, and Sheeni Saunders, a Francophile sociopath who juggles men and has a taste for expensive clothing and jewelry Keeping them apart are Sheeni s ultra religious parents and four hundred miles of California coast line, [...]

  7. Wow, this book is amazing It s definitely different and it is so great I loved mostly every minute of Youth In Revolt You will laugh, you will cry, there will be lots of moments where you will cringe, others you will cry out in surprise Youth in Revolt is definitely not a book for the faint hearted But in saying that it truly is worth a read.Just a quick warning that I would say this book should be read by 16 year olds and over There are several scenes that aren t entirely appropriate I managed [...]

  8. This is really a peculiar read.It s the journal of Nick Twisp, a manipulative, cynical, sex obsessed youth whose erstwhile I m using that word because the author likes it so much good behavior is succombing to the adolescent prime imperative of losing one s virginity He hones in on his new amour Shinee, who is willing, experienced and cooperative, though enigmatically distant and drifting Things get in the way, obstacles made of arbitrary parental actions and decisions, space, timing, his constr [...]

  9. It didn t work for me While I understand that teenage boys think about sex every minute of every day the main character of Nick is a grating personality that takes the fun out of sex If his plotting only backfired on himself, I might have enjoyed it but the weasel victimizes his friends, his annoying parents, and completely innocent people While I laugh and love annoying jerkish characters in many Adult Swim offerings see Aqua Teen Hunger Force Frisky Dingo , those shows are so outlandish that [...]

  10. I knew that Youth in Revolt is a movie but I didn t realize it was based on a book until I saw the audiobook available at my library I have never watched the movie but was excited to try a slightly different book than I m used to I have to say I really enjoyed it The book is a collection of journal entries written by the lead character Nick Twisp I thought this book was pretty hilarious even though the entries written by a hormone crazed, fourteen year old boy were a little over the top But who [...]

  11. If there is one thing ONE THING that you can take away from this book, it is this BOYS WILL LITERALLY GO TO ANY LENGTHS TO GET IN YOUR PANTS.We are talking federal laws here, people.And I loved every second of it.We first get a glimpse of Nick s dry, at times wicked humor, from the opening sentence WEDNESDAY, July 18 My name is Nick Someday, if I grow up to be a gangster, perhaps I will be known as Nick the Prick This may cause some embarrassment to my family, but when your don gives you your ma [...]

  12. Youth in Revolt is unlike any other YA novel It s crude, honest, and hysterical Payne has painted a wonderful picture of a young boy coming to terms with himself What sets Youth in Revolt apart from other novels in the genre beside its frank descriptions of an adolescent boy s mind is an element of absurdity Payne weaves a playfulness into his characters and their actions that makes for a story so interesting you can t help but read to the end.Though the novel deals with boys around the age of f [...]

  13. A modern day Confederacy of Dunces, and equally worthy of praise Nick Twisp is a younger, leaner, sex addicted Ignatius J Reilly The book is composed of Twisp s highly literate especially for a 14 year old journal entries, only Twisp uses all of his cunning linguistics pun intended to espouse on masturbation and the pursuit of intercourse and what a pursuit it is Considering the quest to conquer virginity pretty much sums up the subject matter, you would think that Youth in Revolt might be a tad [...]

  14. Another 14 year old boy s love song to his penis Yes, there are hilarious parts There are also mean spirited, self aggrandizing parts The adolescent male voice rings achingly, annoyingly, gratingly true here Sometimes I was embarrassed to be giggling at what I was giggling at, and to make me feel like that is quite a feat Parts made me want to crawl under my bed and never ever come out Not recommended for mothers of teenage boys, though perhaps it s the hold your nose and drink type of medicine [...]

  15. The friend who recommended this to me is a guy He likes coming of age guy stuff mainly movies and books He LOVED the movie Rush, and when I said I d seen it but didn t like it, his answer was something to the effect of Maybe you had to be a teenage boy to appreciate it When he recommended this book and told me how much he loved it, he added You might have needed to have been a teenaged male to appreciate this book Twenty or so pages in, and I can see why you d probably need to be a teenage boy t [...]

  16. Buntowniczej m odo ci nie uda o si przetrwa pr by czasu Mog aby to by satyra, ale nie jest Mog aby to by czarna komedia, ale nie jest Mog aby to by klasyczna parodia, ale nie jest C.D Payne wykorzystuje wszystkie te elementy, ale brakuje im wyrazisto ci, brakuje konkretnego kopa Nick Twisp ma potencja , potrafi rozbawi , jednak cz ciej wywo uje naturalne obrzydzenie, bo jego przygody i seksualne perypetie po prostu utraci y kontrowersyjny smak wraz z nadej ciem nowego tysi clecia Dzisiaj powie C [...]

  17. Please don t pay attention to the time I m posting this review yes, it s nearly 3 am, and yes, I just finished the book 20 minutes ago, but I also had about 4 cups of iced coffee this evening, starting at 8 pm I m now convinced sleep is for suckers and anyway tonight was a fine night to finish the book and write the review.First, some background This is the story, epistolary style, of a 14 year old boy by the name of Nick Twisp His parents are divorced, he doesn t get along with either of them a [...]

  18. This book took me a full month to read, but I forced myself to slog through it in light of the Michael Cera movie adaptation And that I paid for it and it s been sitting on my shelf for months I think the main problem I had with the book was the deplorable behavior of the main character, Nick Twisp.Nick is a 14 year old boy who really only cares about himself, sex, and computers He meets a girl on a family vacation and falls in love with her, and everything falls apart from there His parents are [...]

  19. My name is Nick Someday, if I grow up to be a gangster, Perhaps I will be known as Nick the Prick.This may cause some embarressment for my family, but when your don gives you your mafia sobriquet you dont ask questions.So begins the tale of poor, sex deprived Nick Twisp From that first line I was hooked completely Nicks sense of humor and sarcasim are things to be admired Nick s troubled life and quest to get laid has got to be one of the most entertaining things Ive ever read Youth In Revolt co [...]

  20. I m a bit conflicted about this book.It s clearly a brilliant piece of work Nick Twisp is a nearly pitch perfect representation of the self centered sociopathy and absurd arrogance of the intelligent teenager, taken to the nth degree What American Psycho s Patrick Bateman was to disaffected yuppies, Nick Twisp is to arrogant, neurotic high school aged boys.The only problem is, I hate Nick so much that I can t face rereading the book very easily He s such a great anti hero, and such a potentially [...]

  21. God, this book was like soo painful to get through It took me like 3 weeks to finally finish it If you didn t know, this book is HUGE It s like 500 pages I took it with me to SF, as my old book, thinking maybe I ll make a dent in it if it s the only thing I bring plus the awesome Jodi book But no, I kept putting it off and finished the Jodi book in like 3 days Anyway, I forced myself to finish it and while I feel successful in finishing something that was painful, it just brought nothing new to [...]

  22. Curious about the movie of the same name, I figured I d give the audio book of Youth in Revolt a chance.Maybe it s the audio book format, but the story of Nick Twisp wasn t one that had me hurrying back or eager to continue to follow his exploits in the next books in the series Nick is your average 14 year old teenager who is obsessed with sex and will do anything to try and rid himself to gain a girlfriend During a summer vacation, he meets Sheeni Saunders, who he spends a week with and falls h [...]

  23. Oh to be 15 and awkward again Wait, no, actually, I d prefer the opposite Being a teenager is awkward, confusing, strange Parents don t seem to understand how your needs change as you get older They don t seem to have any idea what kind of life you really lead If you weren t born privileged, gorgeous, or a combination of both, chances are, the pretty guy or girl at the lake isn t going to fall madly for you unless you have a few tricks up your sleeve.This is a book for the nice guys who are tire [...]

  24. 14 year old Nick Twisp is a swirling cesspool of hormones, humor, and angst His divorced parents land somewhere on the Running with Scissors scale self obsessed, womanizing father overbearing yet somehow oblivious mother, but neither are abusive like in Burroughs memoir Nick s best friend Lefty provides a much needed outlet for Nick s ramblings, but Lefty lacks Nick s precocious intelligence, as well as his love of literature Nick spends most of the book pining after a cute, smart girl You see, [...]

  25. A little of Youth in Revolt s narrator, 14 year old Nick Twisp, goes a long way, so it s a calculated risk for author Payne to set his main character s hyper articulate, sex obsessed voice loose over 500 mammoth pages It pays off, though, as Youth in Revolt ultimately proves itself to be adolescent turmoil told on an epic and epically funny scale While the overarching story deals with Nick s pursuit of the beautiful and elusive and sadistic, in the way only beautiful and elusive women can be She [...]

  26. Youth in Revolt The Journals of Nick Twisp By Brianna WiemannYouth in Revolt The Journals of Nick Twisp is an hilarious coming of age novel about growing up Nick Twisp, a thirteen, turning fourteen year old, writes in his journal everyday, and throughout his writings, he takes us on an six month adventure of his life, revolting through being an youth Nick questions things like sexual desire, girls, whether or not he likes his stepdad, going through puberty, and life in general It s a very funny [...]

  27. This was another book that had its memory kind of ruined for me when I met the author not the author s fault unfortunate circumstances If that hadn t happened, it could well be a five star.I know that at the time I read this, I was thoughly convinced it was the most hilarious and entertaining novel I d ever read in my life though it is another long one with a somewhat anticlimactic hah hah hah ending It s certainly up there with the classics of teenage angst lit, and Nick Twisp is so much than [...]

  28. Nichole MarcyYA HumorC.D Payne s Youth in Revolt will have readers snorting and giggling like an insane 14 year old throughout the entire book Nick Twisp is the hero of his own diary and Sheeni is his leading lady He pines for her the moment he meets her, and as his diary progresses, he manages to to get kicked out of his school, burn down Berkley, and dress like an elderly woman, Carlotta All in the name of love He spends most of the time bouncing back and forth between his father s house, wher [...]

  29. Nothing short of the new standard to which all life and literature in the universe should be compared Seriously, it is hard to write something that feels authentic to a youth adult audience and have it funny This one nails both and has been the inspiration for countless immitation Movie is slated to come out in 2009 The setup 14 year old Nick Twisp keeps a journal of his morbid, rabid, and putrid thoughts, schemes, and commentary on family, friends, and the love of his life, Sheeni Soon one thin [...]

  30. There is no 14 year old who speaks in such an elaborately Baroque manner, no matter how much of a linguistic genius he may be Also, there is no teenage girl who speaks in the same ornate fashion If those two did exist, perhaps they would actually be some kind of multi colored tentacular alien masquerading as a human I could go with that However, since they remained teenagers throughout the book their ridiculous affectations simply annoyed the bejeezus out of me.

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