The Emperor's Edge

The Emperor's Edge Best Download || [Lindsay Buroker] - The Emperor's Edge, The Emperor s Edge Don t miss out on the best selling Emperor s Edge series Choice Awards Nominee The adventure starts hereImperial law enforcer Amaranthe Lokdon is good at her job she can deter thieves and pacify
  • Title: The Emperor's Edge
  • Author: Lindsay Buroker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Emperor's Edge Best Download || [Lindsay Buroker], The Emperor's Edge, Lindsay Buroker, The Emperor s Edge Don t miss out on the best selling Emperor s Edge series Choice Awards Nominee The adventure starts hereImperial law enforcer Amaranthe Lokdon is good at her job she can deter thieves and pacify thugs if not with a blade then by toppling an eight foot pile of coffee canisters onto their heads But when ravaged bodies show up on the waterfront an arsDon t miss out on the b The Emperor's Edge Best Download || [Lindsay Buroker] - The Emperor's Edge, The Emperor s Edge Don t miss out on the best selling Emperor s Edge series Choice Awards Nominee The adventure starts hereImperial law enforcer Amaranthe Lokdon is good at her job she can deter thieves and pacify
  • The Emperor's Edge Best Download || [Lindsay Buroker]
    456Lindsay Buroker
The Emperor's Edge

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  1. I m a professional blogger by day and an indie fantasy author by night Evenings belong to the dogs, tennis, and books.

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  1. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths ReviewsAfter all my friends had positive things to say about The Emperor s Edge, I decided to give it a try Any novel that was described as one of the bright stars of fantasy self published fare was something I had to read For those who were wondering, one of my friends used that description Well, after finishing this one, I can understand why so many people adore Lindsay Buroker s steampunk fantasy epic However, the fun, campiness of the tale underwhelmed rath [...]

  2. Remember when I was writing, just yesterday, how a lot of fantasy had started to blur together How I d read some perfectly competent works that just didn t have their own unique voice there wasn t anything wrong with them, per se, there just wasn t enough right This was one of the books I was thinking of.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review [...]

  3. The Emperor s Edge is a fun fantasy book It s about intrepid, law enforcer, Amaranthe Lokdon, who manages to get on the wrong side of the law where she definitely doesn t want to be when she uncovers a plot against the Emperor This turns her world upside down and brings her into contact with all kinds of shady characters I liked Amaranthe She s sort of like a female Dudley Do Right only much smarter and inventive, but with all the same noble intentions And I liked her band of criminals that she [...]

  4. The first three books in this fantasy series are Kindle freebies as of January 3, 2017 Emperors Edge Amaranthe Lokdon is with the kingdom s law force, dedicated to her job, and good at it, but not everyone around her appreciates a woman in the force When a notorious assassin, Sicarius, shows up in the city, and the bodies start to pile up, Amaranthe is assigned to the case, even though no one has ever been able to catch Sicarius those chasing him tend to end up dead Perhaps a little creative th [...]

  5. I can t believe that such a good book is available for free, but there it is The Emperor s Edge is a ripping good adventure set in a fantasy world that reminds me faintly of Ancient Rome, but with a light steampunk flavour and plenty of action.Amaranthe Lokdon, female enforcer, is thrust into adventure than she had ever wanted when she stumbles upon a plot against the young emperor and becomes the target of the plotters On the run, she slowly forms a team of outcasts and create a plan to thwart [...]

  6. The Emperor s Edge had been on my Kindle for almost a year, patiently waiting to be read I bought it on a whim and because it was cheap Don t judge me It turned out to be a nice, quick read, but nothing than that unfortunately.With The Emperor s Edge, Buroker has written an entertaining fantasy novel with an enjoyable squad of outlaws at its centre, weaving a solid plot of mystery and court intrigue with a feminist touch It would have, however, needed a polish to stand out amongst other fantasy [...]

  7. 3.5 Perhaps So this was quite fun and i ll definitely be returning to the series quite soon but there were some definite issue with the writing world building that are hard to overlook Regardless, I enjoyed myself.The Characters were awesome Let s start with Amaranthe, the MC She s quite likable and relatable She s a little too smart and righteous for her own good and I wish I knew of what makes her so noble Even still, she s funny and enjoyable, although her thought ramblings got to be a littl [...]

  8. A decent, light fantasy.It was easy to read and kept the pages turning, and that was all I was looking for this week.Since this is the author s first book, there are various things in the story that aren t as polished or fully developed as they could have been, like the steampunk setting and world building, but I found myself not too preoccupied with figuring them out or trying to make sense of the technology or politics while reading because the story was entertaining and it didn t seem to take [...]

  9. From my blog at clsiewert.wordpress 2015 Three and a half stars.2013 ended with a bang a number of highly recommended books made it to the top of my list and gave a wonderful finish to the year Humans of New York, Zoo City, Alif the Unseen, Shipbreaker, and Stray Souls, in case you are wondering The end of 2014 has been slightly toward median range with books that entertained but missed the wow factor The Emperor s Edge is one of those that just missed the high bar While engaging and enjoyable, [...]

  10. Re read count Very ManySo I was trying to think of how I first found out about this series, but I can t remember All I know is that I was going through an obsessive assassin phase at the time what, that s not normal and I came across this book somehow And it was awesome.And yeah, I m sure it has its share of problems, but this was one of my very first indie series loves and I REALLY love it So if there are any faults, I am completely blind to it as I am apt to be sometimes when love is involved [...]

  11. Another instance of an awesome book having a less than awesome cover Though this fault at least in my opinion it s a fault doesn t seem to hurt Lindsay Buroker s sales at all, as the Emperor s Edge and it s continuing series are fantastically popular and deservedly so I ve been told by a trusting reading friend to pick up this series for a while now She told me that if I loved the Sam Vimes books in the incredible Disc World series by the inimitable Sir Terry Pratchett that I would love this I [...]

  12. 4.25 stars First off, thanks a million to Megan for recommending this hidden gem to me Where do I begin This book is not perfect by no means, it s just so damn fun to read The world building was relatively lacking, occasionally a random holiday, event, or country would be mentioned and I would have no clue the importance of it, but that never bothered me because I was constantly thrilled and guessing what was coming next Honestly, when books like this are so entertaining, the world building gets [...]

  13. I enjoy immensely a good fantasy read and this is one very easy to like There s everything, the nice world building, interesting story line, a strong heroine, an intriguing assasin hero, great secondary charaters, witty dialogue what s not to like I m jumping on the next EDIT I forgot to say that the romance is absent here there s a tentative attraction from heroine s part, but that s it

  14. This book was recommended by my wife, and it s easy to see why The Emperor s Edge is clearly written for women, not so much because of its strong female protagonist, but because the details that are embellished upon cater to heterosexual women Having just finished the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson, I am in a good position to elaborate on what I mean, before continuing with my mostly positive review.In Mistborn, a street urchin named Vin is recruited for a caper and trained to play the par [...]

  15. The two outstanding features are the voice, and Amaranthe, one of the most fun heroines I ve met this year Initially a low ranking enforcer cop for an empire that doesn t encourage women to take up weapons, Amaranthe finds herself turfed summarily out, but before long she is up to her neck in plots, action, chases, along the way introducing the reader to a colorful cast of characters whom you hope will survive long enough to bond into a team.The world is painted in broad strokes, which is suffic [...]

  16. Rating 4.5 stars I know i m a b tch for not giving it 5, but deal with it For those of you who haven t read this cool book, please read I m a b tch for various reasons, one stated above, another one, i ll whatever the hell i want and it ll be short.1 The book is awesome I loved it I almost went to bed late to start the next book, emphasis on the almost I need sleep.2The characters were a CLAH bunch Cackle Like A Hen An unseemly group of individuals, all here for different reasons.3The plot, was [...]

  17. This This was SO FUN fun, I tell you Please read this Everyone Unless you re a 14 year old who really likes SJM s writing style that has nothing to do with anything except for pecs and whiney heroines, then you really won t love this book about an empowering female who has a witty, fun personality.I really needed a break from the dreadfully boring, unrealistic world of YA fantasies And thank GOD I found The Emperor s Edge How is such a wonderful book FREE I m a lucky girl The characters are all [...]

  18. My impression A high fantasy novel with steampunk elements, featuring an intrepid female protagonist and a stone faced, ninja like assassin who simply have to work together and can t help liking each other and what can go wrong Add to that a handful of colourful secondary characters an elderly professor, drowning his sorrows in wine, a handsome and vain swordsman, a surly street rat dabbing in magic, a young and idealistic emperor who, living in a splendid isolation, is being slowly poisoned b [...]

  19. I really struggled with the rating for this book I have my own little criteria for how many stars I give to books, but I wanted to add 1 to this book because it was free But, in the end, I had to be true to my system I was able to put down this book the action frequently lulled but I sure wanted to return to spend time with this little band of characters The heroine, Amaranthe, is quite unlike your typical heroine She is not snarky She does not kick butt She is just honorable And true And decent [...]

  20. When I first started this book I was wondering if it would be one I would finish but then within 50 pages it really got interesting I wish the emperor was in on who the good guys and bad guys are How are the bad guys supposed to support themselves The magic part is very minimal, there is a huge beast and some wards but that s about it But so far a really good book.

  21. Liviu Suciu previously reviewed Lindsay Buroker s novel Encrypted on FBC, which is how I became interested in the author s work So when I heard about The Emperor s Edge, a fantasy steampunk hybrid, I immediately bought a copy on.The Emperor s Edge is set in the capital city of the Turgonian Empire, which is ruled by science and refutes magic as an unworthy practice It is also facing tension across its borders from the country of Nuria where magic is given free rein Into this backdrop, reader are [...]

  22. This first instalment in The Emperor s Edge series is entertaining and fun but is quite lacking in terms of world building It isn t clear what kind of world the characters evolve in as there are elements of fantasy, magic and steampunk, with some kind of caste system thrown in Somehow the setting also made me think of Ancient Rome This was a bit unsettling at first but it didn t bother me that much after the main characters where introduced and I really got into the story.The characters are the [...]

  23. I saw this recommended somewhere, and when I checked it was free and at time of writing still is, so I recommend snapping it up , so I gave it a go, and I m very glad I did.Our heroine, Amaranthe, is at the start of a book an enforcer what her world calls a police officer A chance encounter with her Emperor, however, has a most chaotic effect on her life, and soon she s organising a distinctly rag tag bunch of misfits I m sure this ought to be an OMT to foil a plot against the Emperor, only part [...]

  24. I really enjoyed this book I loved Amaranthe She s competent and clever, but not so powerful that she doesn t fail at things or need help from people I also liked the team she put together through extortion, bribery and manipulation that ended up actually being a team And I like her relationship with the assassin Sicarius that may or may not end up romantic, but is definitely one of equals something I think she needs The counterfeiting plot to ruin the Empire struck me as a little too pat, thoug [...]

  25. Fast paced and fun steampunk ish novel featuring a ragtag group of misfits trying and failing and trying again to overthrow an evil plot against the emperor And it s FREE Some of the plot devices veered toward ridiculous and completely unbelivable, but the breakneck pace keeps the reader from thinking about it too much And I can t believe I m writing this, but it could ve used explanations and descriptions.I deliberated over giving it a 3 or a 4 star rating, but in the end the fun factor of the [...]

  26. Amaranth is an Imperial Enforcer in a world where women are not considered capable of the job She is routinely passed over for promotions and finds herself doing crowd control and cleaning up rather than investigating crimes So when she is recruited for a special assignment to trap and kill the notorious assassin Sicarius, she thinks she is finally getting some long overdue recognition But what she discovers is deep seated corruption, and collusion between powerful business people and those entr [...]

  27. Did you notice 5 stars I love it I wish I had read it sooner Love the action, the storyline, the funny remarks, the characters, the heroes Amazing new series to me that I recommend to all my friends, specially to those ones that love Six of Crows.The girl in me is really really happy to start the next one right know I love to read Yay Thank you Lindsay Broker and friends.

  28. I really wish I could give this book a higher rating The plot is amazing I love the characters I read this book in a little over a day because the tension is so high Butis is a secular, adult fantasy The morals aren t exactly great There are A LOT of sexual innuendos And a bunch of blatant references to sex One character has no sense of modesty, so there are some instances of nudity and almost nudity For all that, the book didn t contain any graphic descriptions nor were any bedroom scenes shown [...]

  29. I wish I had reviewed this one closer to actually finishing Short take I thoroughly enjoyed the story The heroine was a great example of organization and empathy and a willingness to improvise overcoming great obstacles This was wonderfully contrasted to her pal, Sicarius, who has a much direct approach to things Seeing them interact and leverage each other for their complementary strengths was entertaining Seeing them develop an appreciation for each other that may turn to the romantic in futu [...]

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